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Sanger Unified School District Area 3

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    James D. Karle

  • G.Brandon Vang

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Biographical Information

Were you pleased with how district officials spent new Local Control Funding Formula dollars this past school year? How would you like to see the new dollars spent this year?

School districts across the state are adjusting to the new Common Core standards. Is the district doing enough to prepare teachers and students for the new standards? What, if anything, would you change about how schools transition to this new way of teaching?

In your opinion, what are the district's top three challenges? How would you address each of these issues?

Do you favor or oppose Proposition 55, which would extend by 12 years the temporary income tax increase enacted in 2012 to support schools and colleges?

Is technology in education important? Is the district doing enough to get devices into the hands of kids? If so, how would you help improve access to technology, especially for low-income or other at-risk students?

Why are you the best candidate to serve on the school board? (Text or YouTube video.)

Age 66
Residence Sanger
Family Married to Linda 4 children Vanessa, Kristen Allyson and Jayme
Education BS Plant Science, Fresno State
Occupation Farmer
Public service experience 16 years
Yes Our district continues to expand options and opportunities. New dollars have been spent to expand pre-school access, afterschool programs, early literacy programs, technology access and social emotional supports for students.
Yes Sanger has built its philosophy around continuous improvements and that means continuous learning for all so that students have access to a quality education. Our professional development surveys show that teacher capacity around California Standards is growing around their understanding of the new standards. The only change I would ask for is more implementation time from the state and department of education. Time to learn and implement changes would be something I believe all school districts need.
Not just for Sanger, but for almost all districts, I believe English language Learner achievement, special education achievement and mathematics achievement are the three biggest transitional challenges with regard to the new state assessments.
I don't favor increased or prolonged taxes, but when it comes to our schools and our children I support any endeavor that benefits the opportunities to provide them a quality education. Proposition 55 allows our schools to continue to work at funding levels that allow them to make a difference.
Yes Our community has indicated that technology access is an area we need to expand. Our district has put a great deal of investment into expanded 1:1 ipads and increased infrastructure networks so students have access to technology as a tool to support student learning.
In the 16 years I have served on the Sanger Unified School Board we have implemented many positive changes to give our students an education that will allow them to move into the jobs of their choice or any level of higher education they wish to achieve. Sanger Unified is a great school district and I feel that I am a board member that can contribute to Sanger's future education success.
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