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State Center Community College District Area 3

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    Ted Miller

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Biographical Information

The district has undergone a major leadership shift, with a new superintendent and two new college presidents taking over this year. What part would you play in ensuring these leaders are taking the district down the right path?

Many majors and programs within the district are impacted. The Fresno City College nursing program, for example, has hundreds of potential students on a waitlist. How would you address this?

In your opinion, what should be the primary focus for the recently passed $485 million bond?

How important is it to you to use a bidding process for awarding contracts from this bond?

Do you favor or oppose Proposition 55, which would extend by 12 years the temporary income tax increase enacted in 2012 to support schools and colleges?

Why should voters pick you over your opponent? (Text or video)

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Age 62
Residence Caruthers, CA
Education Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, USC 1979 Masters, Busniness Administration, 1996
Occupation Retired Engineer, Technology Management, Pilot
Facebook/Social media
Law school Heavens no.
My focus as a trustee would be to work to create and maintain jobs in the Fresno area and to reduce the cost of a college education. The State Center Community College District needs to use taxpayer dollars to provide vocational and transferrable college credits while minimizing the burden of college debt.
I will work to insure that the Nursing School’s classified employees, faculty and administrators have the right resources to accept all qualified Nursing School candidates from within the State Center Community College District. Educating nurses from within the Central Valley is the best way to address the shortage of nurses.
The simple answer is the most complex. Manage the investment to bring the most economic benefit to the Central Valley. The voters in the Central Valley have decided to spend $485 million to improve the community college facilities. We need to spend that money in a way that generates the most economic benefit. Hire Central Valley workers. Train Central Valley students for good jobs. Keep down the cost of a college education or technical training so we don’t burden students with excessive debt.
I think it is important to use a bidding process for awarding contracts to deliver the highest value for the voters. Our region has had problems with No-bid contracts and I want to maintain the voter’s trust in our decisions regarding how Bond funds are spent.
I’m in favor of Prop 55. Prop 55 would extend an income tax on people making more than $250K; 89% goes to K-12 schools, and 11% goes to Community Colleges. Passing Prop 55 does not increase taxes on people making less than $250K/year.
When I graduated from high school I attended my local community college and took Freshman Composition from a great instructor. I went on to earn an Engineering degree and an MBA from USC. I think like an engineer and can analyze finances like an MBA. I will work for the voters in Trustee Area 3 to improve the programs at the State Center Community College District and to keep down the cost of a college or vocational education.