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Sanger City Council District 3

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    Daniel Martinez

  • Tony Pacheco

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Biographical Information

In your opinion, what are the city's top three challenges? How would you address each of these issues?

The drought has affected communities throughout the Valley, especially those that depend on agriculture. What steps, if any, should the city take to diversify its economy? What steps would you propose?

Gangs have committed crimes and taken lives in communities throughout the Valley. What strategies would you propose the city undertake to keep kids away from gangs, and to help those in gangs give up the gang life?

Why are you the best candidate to serve on the city council? (Text or YouTube video.)

Age 44
Residence Sanger, CA
Family Wife - Lee Martinez, Married 18 Years, Two Daughters - Ages 13, 9
Education Sanger High Graduate, California State University, Fresno Bachelor's Degree - Natural Sciences
Occupation Supervising Environmental Inspector
Public service experience Eight years serving on City Planning Commission, Current Vice Chair of Planning Commission, Charter Member of Sanger Lions Club
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Keeping our neighborhoods safe is an issue for our city and is one of my priorities. I will ensure that our police and fire departments have the tools and staff needed to conduct their jobs effectively, efficiently, and safely. My commitment to public safety is reflected by my campaign receiving the endorsement of the Sanger Police Officers Association. I will also call for responsible, accountable, and transparent use of Sanger's Measure S public safety tax. Sanger is in need of secure and well paying jobs. Our city's industrial park, along with our proximity to Highway 180 makes Sanger an attractive location for distribution centers and manufacturing businesses. A combination of tax incentives, minimal local bureaucratic red tape, and effective marketing can set Sanger apart from other cities seeking the same businesses. Improving and maintaining city infrastructure is also a challenge. Recent low city water pressure issues is not only an inconvenience, but poses a public safety issue impacting water pressure for city fire hydrants. Additionally, roads have began to deteriorate due to lack of maintenance. I would stop the current "kicking the can down the road" mentality in regards to repairs and review residential development fees to ensure growth is paying their fair share. We need to ensure our infrastructure is sound in order to support new residential, commercial, and industrial growth.
The San Joaquin Valley is home to the most fertile farmland in the world. Agriculture will remain the top industry in this area for years to come. While the city should always promote mechanisms and support policies to ensure that this industry has access to water, we should always seek ways to diversify our economy. Sanger needs to take advantage of its location to the Sierras and its National Forests, and utilize our city's designation as, "The Nation's Christmas Tree City". We have the potential to be a tourist destination throughout all seasons in the year. Sanger can accomplish this by, first and foremost, recruiting a hotel. If tourists have a place to stay, additional services such as restaurants and entertainment will follow. Additionally, besides diversifying into a service based economy, Sanger's proximity to major highways allows itself to be an ideal location for a distribution center and other manufacturing businesses. Establishing enterprise zones and offering additional incentives will entice businesses to consider Sanger. The city also needs to help promote and partner with local job training offices to ensure that Sanger residents will be in the best position to apply for these jobs.
The biggest key in combating a gang problem is our city needs to maintain a strong relationship with the Sanger Unified School District. In a partnership with our school district, the City can assist in providing resources in gang prevention activities. An example of this could have the city setting up, and the school district promoting, recreation nights at local parks. The city should make every effort to have these rec nights in locations where kids are most vulnerable to joining the gang lifestyle. Providing city police officers to interact with the kids in a positive way will resonate with young, impressionable children. I wholeheartedly believe that having the school district's involvement is a crucial component in keeping kids away from gangs. Our youth need to know education is the key to success and the city needs to help relay that message. To escape the gang life, kids need to know that there are opportunities and assistance for them. Working with the school district to provide opportunities for kids to get a high school diploma or GED is an important step. The city can then assist with contacting local business organizations willing to provide job experience for at risk youth. An education, a job , coupled with additional services, such as housing placement assistance, are key elements to helping those wishing to leave the gang life.
As a lifelong resident of Sanger, a Sanger High graduate and a father of two young daughters, I have always had a strong and unwavering commitment to our community. With over eight years of experience on the Sanger Planning Commission, I have the knowledge, leadership and commitment to serve with honesty and integrity. As a working father, I understand the everyday challenges of raising a family along with the expectation that city government be and act responsible with our hard earned tax dollars. As your councilman, I will work hard for you, ensuring that city government enriches our lives, and provides us a safe and nice place to raise a family. I will always have our community's best interest at heart. I would be honored to have your vote.
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