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Tulare Local Health Care District - Area 2

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    Michael G. Jamaica

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Age 66
Residence Tulare, CA
Family Wife Lupe, Daughter Adriana, Son David
Education Tulare Union High School (Graduate)
Occupation Retired UPS Driver
Public service experience Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Facebook/Social media Elect Mike Jamaica to Tulare Hospital Board
Accountability & Transparency: 1. Regaining the confidence of the people who reside in the hospital district. I would accomplish by demanding that the administration and my fellow board members be honest and transparent in all actions associated with the operation of the hospital.

Amend Agreement with HealthCare Conglomerate Associates (HCCA): 2. The Tulare Regional Medical Center-HCCA Contract must be amended. A contract that removes authority from an elected board is unacceptable. A contract that pays the Chief Executive Officer in excess of $250,000 per month is unacceptable. A contract that pays the Chief Financial Officer $39,000 per month is unacceptable. Not only are these salaries excessive, the hospital can not survive financially if saddled with this burden I would first attempt to negotiate amendments to the contract, I would explore the possibility of buying out the contract and would explore legal options.

Bring a 1 Star Hospital Back to an Acceptable Rating; 3. The hospital must provide the community with quality care. For this to happen, the construction project must be completed, additional quality doctors must ve recruited and retained. We must be successful in accomplishing items number one and number two if we are to accomplish item number three.
I believe I am well qualified to serve as a hospital board member. I am a lifelong member of the community, I am aware of what the community expects from their hospital and the hospital is not currently meeting these expectations. My thirty five years working for a national service company required me to deal Tulare area residents on a daily basis. Tulareans know me well and I have their trust.