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Lemoore Union Elementary School District - 2

Lemoore Union Elementary School District elects trustees by area. Maya Neal and Joette Sperlich are running in Area 2.

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    Myeisha 'Maya' Neal

  • Joette Sperlich

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Biographical Information

Were you pleased with how district officials spent new Local Control Funding Formula dollars this past school year? How would you like to see the new dollars spent this year?

School districts across the state are adjusting to the new Common Core standards. Is the district doing enough to prepare teachers and students for the new standards? What, if anything, would you change about how schools transition to this new way of teaching?

In your opinion, what are the district's top three challenges? How would you address each of these issues?

Do you favor or oppose Proposition 55, which would extend by 12 years the temporary income tax increase enacted in 2012 to support schools and colleges?

Is technology in education important? Is the district doing enough to get devices into the hands of kids? If so, how would you help improve access to technology, especially for low-income or other at-risk students?

Why are you the best candidate to serve on the school board? (Text or YouTube video.)

Age 38
Residence Lemoore, CA
Family Spouse: Edward Neal Married with Children
Education AA degree from West Hills College in Psychology; BA from Fresno Pacific University in Business Administration with Emphasis in Organizational Leadership
Occupation Mother; Community Relations Specialist
Public service experience Vice-President Elect of Lemoore Kiwanis Club; Lemoore Police Department Volunteer in Policing; Relay-4-Life Lemoore Team Captain; Lemoore Community Action Board Chair; Past West Hills Community College Student Government Association Vice President; Past Lemoore Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Committee Chair; Past West Hills Community College Planning and Governance Committee Member; Past Student of Free Enterprises Volunteer; Past American Cancer Society Volunteer; Past Lemoore Chamber of Commerce Volunteer, Lemoore Elementary School District Volunteer.
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Overall, I was pleased with how our Local Control Funding Formula dollars spent. Having reviewed our district's Local Control Accountability Plan, I would like to see more funding put towards stakeholder engagement, intervention for middle school pupils, afterschool sports and other extra-curricular activities, and professional development for all instructional staff in English language arts, math, and or English language development.
I am not positive that the district is doing enough to prepare teachers and students for the new standards. Equally, I am not positive that the state has aided as much as required to produce success within our district. More parent involvement in planning and decision-making would help schools transition to this new way of teaching on the district and state levels.
The district’s top three challenges rests within its Common Core curriculum, limited income vs. non-limited income student individual performance, and mentoring programs such as Edward Neal's proposed Boys and Girls Club. As a parent elected to the board, I would seek resolution to the unfortunate disconnect between parents and children caused by Common Core curriculum. Students and parents have lost a critical portion of educational dialog that existed under pervious curriculum. To improve individual performance, I would encourage the district to create more diversity amongst instructional staff to address student individual performance. Lastly, I will continue to advocate for Lemoore's Boys and Girls Club much needed within the district..
I voted in support of Proposition 30 in 2012 in support of all levels of education. I am likely to vote for Proposition 55 in November.
Our district has done a great job incorporating technology in the classroom and in the home. Each student in the Lemoore Elementary School has access to Chrome Books in the classroom. Middle school students bring their tablets home. Additionally, most if not all classrooms are equipped with necessary technology to move our children forward in the digital age. One way that would improve access to technology is to create a training, which allows parents an opportunity learn the Chrome Books their children are bringing in the home. This would restore a great deal of educational dialog between parents and students.
I am the best candidate because I am a Proud Parent of three children currently attending Lemoore area schools. I truly have OUR CHILDREN AT HEART as I commit myself, and family to public service. I bring a fresh perspective, youth, and great attention to detail to the board. I am a very optimist person with a solution driven personality. My work as a community relations specialist affords me the skill to work well with others, and assist with the district's forward movement. My experience affords me the ability to understand the needs of teachers, students and parents. Moreover, with your vote, I will represent teachers, students and parents respectively and conjointly within the Lemoore Elementary School District.
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