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Measure L - City of Fresno – Charter Amendment

Ballot Measure L proposes an amendment to the City of Fresno Charter that would allow for electronic submission of bids for certain City projects subject to competitive bidding. Existing Law: The Charter specifically requires hard copies of formal bids to be delivered in a sealed envelope to City Hall prior to the bid deadline. The Charter does not allow for electronic submission. The Charter also requires notice inviting bids to be published in a newspaper of general circulation.Proposed Change: The Charter Amendment will give bidders the option to submit formal bid documents electronically. Bidders may still choose to submit hard copies. The City reserves the right to specify bids be filed only in hard copy or electronically for any procurement. The Charter Amendment will also allow notice inviting bids to be advertised online.Effect: If adopted, the amendment will allow an additional means of noticing and receiving bids by electronic submission.This Measure was placed on the ballot by the City of Fresno.

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