United States Representative, District 2

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    Brendan Mullen (Dem) Small Business Owner

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    Joseph Wayne Ruiz (L) Youth Supervisor - Family & Children's Center

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    Jackie Walorski (Rep) small business owner

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Campaign Phone (574) 440-5124
Phone 574 440-5124
Incumbent No
Age 38
Family I am the proud son of Pete and Mary Lou Mullen of South Bend. My wife Suzanne and I are blessed with our daughter Lilly and are expecting another girl in August.
Religion I am Catholic.
Education (college, if applicable, and degree earned) I graduated from John Adams High School in South Bend and the United States Military Academy at West Point.
Occupation/main source of income Small Business Owner
Growing up in South Bend, I learned the importance of family, fellowship, public service and hard work. Public service is deeply rooted within me and after graduating from West Point I had the chance to serve as a US Army Officer. I believe in the freedom, promise and greatness of our nation, and I started a small business to create good jobs here where they belong. I am running for Congress to give Indiana a strong, independent voice and to get our economy back on track.
Today in DC, we see failed politicians push a failed agenda that doesn’t represent Hoosier values. Instead of finger pointing and plans to privatize Social Security and end Medicare as we know it, we need to focus on what matters: cutting down on runaway spending and getting Hoosiers back to work. Instead of career politicians who spend their time playing the same old games that work only for the special interests, we need someone who’ll fight for what's right, who’ll fight for the middle class.
Address Mishawaka, IN.
Campaign Phone (574) 286-6958
Address 534 W. 9th Street Mishawaka, IN 46544
Phone (574) 286-6958
Incumbent N/A in this race
Age 31
Family Wife: Mikki Ruiz, Daughter: Camryn Alexah Ruiz, Son: Jensen Miles Ruiz
Religion Christian - Currently Attends The Vinyard Church in Mishawaka, IN.
Education (college, if applicable, and degree earned) B.S. Business Management - Indiana Wesleyan University
Occupation/main source of income Direct Care Staff - Family & Children's Center (Youth Services)
Previous public offices sought/held N/A
For the past six years I have worked with the at-risk youth in Mishawaka. While working with these children and their families has been an extremely rewarding experience I have decided that it is time to try and serve in a different capacity. I want to go to Washington to say No to our government who is constantly overspending, overreaching and over-involving themselves in almost every aspect our lives. Washington needs an independent voice with immunity to party politics. I will be that voice.
Unlike my opponents, I have an incentive to succeed. If a Republican or a Democrat gets elected and go back on their promises, those parties will run a new candidate two years from now with new promises to break. However, there are no Libertarian Party representatives currently in Congress. If I am elected and I go back on my word it’s possible that the people will never take a chance on a Libertarian again. I have no room to fail and every reason to succeed on behalf of District 2.
Campaign Phone (574) 536-6559
Address 59555 County Rd 3 Elkhart, IN 46517
Phone 574-536-6559
Age 53
Family Dean Swihart, husband
Religion Evangelical
Education (college, if applicable, and degree earned) Taylor University 1985 BA Communications
Occupation/main source of income Husband employed as K-6 teacher
Previous public offices sought/held Indiana House District #21, 2004-2010
I am an independent voice who will represent Hoosier common sense values in Washington. After serving in the Indiana State Legislature for 3 terms, I have a proven bipartisan voting record for supporting legislation to benefit Indiana families, from economic development to veterans benefits. I believe the same approach can be used in Washington, and I am committed to reaching across the aisle to find solutions to create jobs and improve our economy.
I am a lifelong Hoosier and have devoted my life to public service. I have been serving the public since my first job as a reporter for WSBT, and even did mission work in Romania to help orphan children. I was a state legislator for 3 consecutive terms, and have spent years reaching out to our communities to hear their concerns and help find solutions to their problems, and I plan to do the same in Congress. I'm a proven leader and have demonstrated bipartisan abilities to solve problems.

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