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U.S. House of Representatives (District 1)

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    Roger W. Allison

  • G. K. Butterfield

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What are your top 2 priorities for action in Congress? (40 words max)

What will you do to support North Carolina students’ access to an affordable college education and relief from college debts? (30 words max)

To address school shootings, what specific policies, if any, do you support, such as do you support arming trained teachers or banning assault-style weapons? (30 words max)

What top 2 or 3 changes are needed for federal immigration policy? (30 words max)

Should government take action to raise the minimum wage and establish pay equity across race and gender for the same job – or should these be left to businesses? (briefly respond in 15 words maximum)

Should federal review under the Voting Rights Act be restored for changes to NC election law? Why or why not? (briefly respond in 15 words maximum)

Experience (35 words max) Founded eight healthcare and technology startups, initiatives and businesses of which 3 were sold, 1 IPO and the last has a $42M evaluation. I have been asked by CD1 citizens to create jobs and prosperity.
3 favorite endorsements for this election Frederick Douglass Foundation. Received NumbersUSA “True Reformer” designation.
1. Economic Prosperity–Re-instate able-bodied welfare recipient work requirement, lesson regulations and install Tax Act Economic Empowerment Zones; 2. Healthcare Insurance Affordability–ACA premiums are $969-$2300/mo-more than family rent or mortgage. I will introduce Concierge w/major medical reducing premiums 50%.
I support employer “loan payment” benefits as well as workplace savings programs (e.g., CFNC) and qualified tuition programs like NC 529 enabling families to proactively save for their children’s education.
1. Enable training of current teacher or employee with conceal and carry; Outsource any gap to armed protectors; 2. Comprehensive mental health reform legislation; 3. Fix flawed terrorist list and background check system.
1. Replace visa lottery with merit-based program; 2. End chain migration except for immediate family, but enable a petition-based exception process; 3. Create legal status to protect DACA designee deportation.
Equal minimum wage should be raised AND tax-free; however, business retraining could net $15-40/hour jobs.
No. The 15A, VRA and related amendments amply protect examiner-free state voter disenfranchisement by race.
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