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N.C. Senate (District 3)

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    C. (Chuck) Earley Jr

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    Erica D. Smith

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Biographical Information

What are your top 2 priorities for action in the General Assembly? (40 words maximum)

Should the NC legislature take action to raise the state minimum wage and also promote pay equity across race and gender for the same job – or should these be left to businesses? (30 words maximum)

What is the best way to handle the redistricting process after the 2020 Census? (30 words maximum)

What are 2 priority actions for the state to improve K-12 public education? (30 words maximum)

Should NC municipalities have the authority to create police-community review boards with subpoena, investigative and disciplinary powers? (briefly respond in 15 words maximum)

Explain your position on off-shore drilling for North Carolina. (briefly respond in 15 words maximum)

Experience (35 words max) Working with the public for 35 years
3 favorite endorsements for this election Hopefully God, My wife, My children and hopefully the people lives that I have saved and I have taken care of and the children I have birthed.
This 3rd district is a hot mess. So many things that need to be done like education, Heroin drug trafficking, infrastructure, teacher housing and get in today's community colleges and high schools of our education. Complete overhaul of our infrastructure.
Good education and good jobs in these communities will take care of these Issues. These counties are very poor And been Left Behind for so many years.
I think we need Worry about a census. We need better leadership, Better education, Let teachers be teachers, Fix our infrastructure in these areas. Where do you begin.
Work with DPI and take the restraints off teachers. Let them be educators. Our teachers in North Carolina are very intelligent. Let's let them be teachers. Education starts with the parent.
I do not know.
I’m sick and tired our military to fight foreign war on oil. I'm all about all types.
Experience (35 words max) From grassroots activist, to campaign volunteer; precinct chair to county party chair; from school board member to NC State Senator since 2015
3 favorite endorsements for this election All endorsements received are favorites.
My top two priorities for action in the General Assembly:

1. Continue to file bills for and promote a state-wide school construction bond, 2. Advance equality, equity, protection and opportunity for women of all demographics.
The legislature should implement an incremental wage increase to advance a livable wage. This wage increase should be indexed with cost of living and inflation increases and perhaps other financial indices.
Establish a nonpartisan independent redistricting commission with 3 members each- Democrat, Republican and Unaffiliated. Gov. receives 2 additional appointments and approves 11-member commission.
Changing funding formulas to a student-centered funding model that provides more adequate resources for students and promoting accountability for all students that equally weights growth with performance.
Yes, if the local government organization establishes this as the will of constituents.
OPPOSED!. As an engineer I believe in science,& preventing global warming & geothermal instability.