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N.C. House (District 73)

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    William Stinson

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    Lee Zachary

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Biographical Information

What are your top 2 priorities for action in the General Assembly? (40 words maximum)

Should the NC legislature take action to raise the state minimum wage and also promote pay equity across race and gender for the same job – or should these be left to businesses? (30 words maximum)

What is the best way to handle the redistricting process after the 2020 Census? (30 words maximum)

What are 2 priority actions for the state to improve K-12 public education? (30 words maximum)

Should NC municipalities have the authority to create police-community review boards with subpoena, investigative and disciplinary powers? (briefly respond in 15 words maximum)

Explain your position on off-shore drilling for North Carolina. (briefly respond in 15 words maximum)

Experience (35 words max) 9th generation native of NC, studied Mechanical Engineering and Economics at NCSU, Yadkin Soil & Water Conservation District Technician 1988-1995, Small Business Owner 1995-2003, Farmer 1982-Present. Devoted Husband, Father, & Community Servant.
3 favorite endorsements for this election Yadkin County Democratic Party, 5th District Democratic Executive Committee
The primary reason I entered this race is to fight against the inadequate funding of education by the North Carolina General Assembly. The second reason is to fight for independent, non-partisan redistricting of NC Senate, NC House, and Congressional Districts.
I suggest incentivizing employers via the tax code to pay workers fairly and equitably. Example, employers who rely on part-time minimum wage workers without benefits should pay a significantly higher tax rate.
An independent redistricting committee should be established to draw districts so that voters have the chance to choose their representatives rather than representatives choosing their voters via gerrymandering
Fully fund the necessary teacher and teacher assistant positions to meet class size requirements. Restore longevity pay for veteran teachers and restore pay grade increases for teachers with advanced degrees.
Yes, this would help with transparency and community involvement in law enforcement.
The coastline is one of NC's greatest assets and we should not endanger it with off-shore drilling.
Experience (35 words max) Practiced law in Yadkinville for 43 years. US Navy during Vietnam on Minesweeper. Married to Judge Valerie Zachary, NC Court of Appeals; 3 daughters, two wonderful grandchildren.
Continue to improve education system for all children and attract companies with high-paying jobs. High-paying jobs are attracted to areas with inexpensive utilities, reasonable taxation schemes, good educational programs from kindergarten through college and a great transportation system.
Businesses have to decide what they can and will pay. We do need a uniform system for setting a minimum wage. The cost of living varies across the state. Minimum wage should also.
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Make more technology available to the school for more individualized instructional programs and make parents take more responsibility for their kids.
Sure. Municipalities are employers and need to investigate and know the facts before taking action and all parties are entitled to fair hearings.
Opposed to it.