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Guilford County Commissioner (District 3)

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  • Justin Conrad

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    Tracy Lamothe

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What are your top 2 or 3 priorities for action on the Commission? (40 words maximum)

What policies should the county pursue to improve the affordability of housing? (30 words maximum)

What policies should be pursued to promote job development and equal employment opportunities? (30 words maximum)

What is your stance on the county’s current or future collaboration with federal immigration enforcement? (30 words maximum)

How will you ensure community transparency and accountability for the Sheriff's Department? (30 words maximum)

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Experience (35 words max) 20 years as a volunteer on several different board of directors; 30 years experience as an accountant; 16 years working in the food industry; City Academy Graduate 2017; Current Treasurer for Deep Roots Market
3 favorite endorsements for this election Replacements Ltd.
Number one: fully fund the school budget. There are several parts to this, safety, operating expenses, Capital and maintenance for buildings. 2nd, accountability for the sheriff's department. 3rd is the opioid epidemic. More places for rehabilitation are needed.
While Greensboro received $2,161,061 and High Point received $932,192 in CBDG18 funding, the county did not receive any funds. I would look into opportunities for Guilford County to participate in this initiative.
Improving the school system will not only increase the skilled labor force but increase the number of businesses coming to the county. That should be our first priority. Secondly increasing our MWOB from 4% to 30%
I would expect our law enforcement to comply with the immigration laws as they need to, but not to spend our local taxes on a federal issue.
I would like to see our Sheriff's department accredited just as our EMS, 911 service and the police departments and fire departments are in the county. I believe transparency is achieved through accreditation.