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Henderson County Board of Commissioners (District 4)

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    Rebecca McCall

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What are your top 2 or 3 priorities for action on the Commission? (40 words max)

What policies should the county pursue to improve the affordability of housing? (30 words max)

What policies should be pursued to promote job development and equal employment opportunities? (30 words max)

What is your stance on the county’s current or future collaboration with federal immigration enforcement? (30 words max)

How will you ensure community transparency and accountability for the Sheriff's Department? (30 words max)

Experience (35 words max) I have 40 years of experience in business management with the last 25 working for two Fortune 500 companies (GE and Hubbell). I received excellent training through both including Six Sigma Certification.
3 favorite endorsements for this election * Henderson County Republican Party * Retired Henderson County Sheriff, George Erwin * Current (Retiring) Commissioner, Tommy Thompson
* Improve communication from Commissioner Board * Maintain conservative approach to budget control * Preserve our natural environment for future generations
Consideration of incentives to developers who are focused on establishing affordable, single home, developments on property that is not appropriate for farming or industry.
Continue to offer incentives to industries that wish to expand current operations or establish new operations and will provide jobs that offer above average wages, education and training, and attractive benefits.
I support the federal immigration laws, especially regarding the capture of illegal fugitives wanted for crimes; but I would support an initiative to assist with work visas for illegals who prove to be good citizens
Budget records are accessible for all county departments through the county website. Records of actual expenditures are available to any citizen upon request (possible process fee may apply).