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Craven County Board of Education (District 2)

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  • Frances Boomer

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    H.R. Orr

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What are your top 2 or 3 priorities for action on the Board of Education? (40 words max)

What policies, if any, are needed to ensure equal access to learning for undocumented students and other students who face possible discrimination from students, school personnel, or others? (30 words max)

Explain your position on allowing trained teachers to be armed in classrooms. (briefly respond in 15 words maximum)

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Experience (35 words max) I have more than 30 years experience in manufacturing and 16 years of law enforcement. West Craven High School 2001, 2002, 2003 as School Resource Officer Deputy, trained as First Responder and Rapid Deployment Training.
I will work to ensure that we pay attention to detail and will work hard to ensure that we are looking at all the needs whether it is staffing, classroom or security. I want to be certain that the students of Craven County Schools are our first priority.
My passion is with the students and their education. It is important to always remember the purpose of the board of education and the district is to make the best decisions for the benefit of our students.
Uniform, trained officers should only be allowed to be armed and teachers should focus on educating.