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Buncombe County Commissioner (District 2)

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    Amanda Edwards

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    Glenda P. Weinert

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Biographical Information

What are your top 2 or 3 priorities for action on the Commission? (40 words maximum)

What policies should the county pursue to improve the affordability of housing? (30 words maximum)

What policies should be pursued to promote job development and equal employment opportunities? (30 words maximum)

What is your stance on the county’s current or future collaboration with federal immigration enforcement? (30 words maximum)

How will you ensure community transparency and accountability for the Sheriff's Department? (30 words maximum)

Experience (35 words max) Graduated UNC-Asheville, Communications, and UT-Knoxville, Masters of Public Administration (county government management). Past Executive Director, WNC Red Cross, and Literacy Council Daughter of kindergarten teacher, wife of elementary school principal, mother of middle school student.
3 favorite endorsements for this election WNC Labor Unions/SMART Union (Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, Transportation)
1.Restore trust and accountability through vigilant fiscal oversight, responsible decision-making, and prudent supervision (County Manager). 2.Listen to residents. 3.Work with everyone willing to roll up their sleeves to make Buncombe a better place to live & work.
Partner with Habitat for Humanity, Givens Estates, MHO. Common-sense zoning and plans for housing where it’s well-suited and affordable. Establish affordable housing land banks. Be open to other ideas.
Attract mid-size service and product companies (relocation and expansion); advance trade apprenticeship programs; in County government itself: ensure fairness in bidding process; end "who you know" hiring practices
I support our Sheriff's policy of saying "no" to collaborating with ICE to arrest immigrants whose only crime is being here without documentation. We desperately need better, humane immigration policies.
I'm running to restore trust and accountability; I likewise expect integrity and accountability from our Sheriff. Commission's duty is to hire an experienced county manager who's committed to the same.
Experience (35 words max) Education: BS in Accounting, MBA, DBA. I’ve owned and operated small businesses in Buncombe County for 20 years. I’m an adjunct instructor for A-B Tech and UNC-Asheville, and I’ve served on several non-profit boards.
3 favorite endorsements for this election • Mike Fryar -Buncombe County Commissioner, District 2 • Robert Pressley -Buncombe County Commissioner, District 3
I’d like to help return integrity and operational common sense to the decision-making of the Commission, ensuring that policies and procedures are followed. Being a good steward of Buncombe County taxpayer dollars should be our priority.

We need to review and evaluate current building codes and regulations to look for cost savings that would directly reduce housing costs.
More jobs will be created if the government will get out of the way and allow free enterprise to operate.
Elected officials are sworn to uphold the US Constitution and therefore must follow US immigration laws, policies and procedures. Enforcement of immigration laws falls to the office of the Sheriff.
The Sheriff is a duly-elected official. The County does not have operation oversight of this office. The Commission oversees the budget of the Sheriff’s office.