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Pender County Board of Commissioners (District 2)

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    Carol Ann Johnson

  • David Piepmeyer

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What are your top 2 or 3 priorities for action on the Commission? (40 words max)

What policies should the county pursue to improve the affordability of housing? (30 words max)

What policies should be pursued to promote job development and equal employment opportunities? (30 words max)

What is your stance on the county’s current or future collaboration with federal immigration enforcement? (30 words max)

How will you ensure community transparency and accountability for the Sheriff's Department? (30 words max)

Experience (35 words max) I have thirty-five years of experience in the public school system and hold advanced degrees in education and instructional technology. My background in education includes teaching, administration, grant writing and curriculum design.
3 favorite endorsements for this election Equality NC
I will take a progressive and education-friendly approach to provide our citizens with good paying jobs. I will work to recruit and retain the best teachers by offering competitive supplements. I will work to protect our local environment.
Our long term economic development strategy should include an attractive range of housing options. Mixed income housing is essential in rural communities.
I will promote job growth strategies such as infrastructure development, job training, affordable locations for start-up companies, diverse hiring practices and fair employment processes throughout the entire employer-employee relationship.
I believe in protecting the civil liberties of all people who come to our county.
Police and sheriff departments would publish transparency reports to help police departments work collaboratively and democratically with all of the communities they serve, increasing accountability, fairness, and public safety.
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