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U.S. House of Representatives (District 7)

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    David W. Fallin

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    Kyle Horton

  • David Rouzer

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Biographical Information

What are your top 2 priorities for action in Congress? (40 words max)

What will you do to support North Carolina students’ access to an affordable college education and relief from college debts? (30 words max)

To address school shootings, what specific policies, if any, do you support, such as do you support arming trained teachers or banning assault-style weapons? (30 words max)

What top 2 or 3 changes are needed for federal immigration policy? (30 words max)

Should government take action to raise the minimum wage and establish pay equity across race and gender for the same job – or should these be left to businesses? (briefly respond in 15 words maximum)

Should federal review under the Voting Rights Act be restored for changes to NC election law? Why or why not? (briefly respond in 15 words maximum)

Experience (35 words max) Self-employed, taxpaying citizen
3 favorite endorsements for this election Tom Tancredo; support of teachers, farmers, small business owners
Cut spending and debt

Secure borders

Stop illegal immigration
Nothing (state issue)
Local issue
More security at borders.
Constitution authority cannot set wages.
Experience (35 words max) Dr. Kyle Horton is a doctor with a business degree who comes from working-class and military service roots. She has legislative experience with healthcare, clean water, and Veterans’ advocacy. She’s on call for North Carolina.
3 favorite endorsements for this election Sierra Club, National Organization for Women (NOW), NC State AFL-CIO
My top priority is to expand Medicare and Medicaid to ensure quality healthcare for all Americans. I will prioritize healthy, safe environments by cleaning up drinking water and investing in infrastructure that creates jobs for a more sustainable energy future.
I support making vocational, technical and 2-year community college free, lowering interest rates to make 4-year college debt free, and cracking down on predatory lending schemes and for-profit “university” scams.
I support arming teachers not with guns but with supplies, social workers, and services, while closing loopholes enabling the mentally ill and terrorists to acquire weapons designed for combat, not communities.
We need to immediately end the inhumane family separation policy, reunite those already separated, streamline the process for asylum seekers, protect Dreamers, and enact comprehensive path-to-citizenship reform for law-abiding immigrants.
I support a living wage and pay equity, and believe government-led reform is the right path.
I support an updated Voting Rights Act because without free and fair voting, Democracy dies.
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