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U.S. House of Representatives (District 11)

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    Clifton B. Ingram, Jr.

  • Mark Meadows

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    Phillip G. Price

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What are your top 2 priorities for action in Congress? (40 words max)

What will you do to support North Carolina students’ access to an affordable college education and relief from college debts? (30 words max)

To address school shootings, what specific policies, if any, do you support, such as do you support arming trained teachers or banning assault-style weapons? (30 words max)

What top 2 or 3 changes are needed for federal immigration policy? (30 words max)

Should government take action to raise the minimum wage and establish pay equity across race and gender for the same job – or should these be left to businesses? (briefly respond in 15 words maximum)

Should federal review under the Voting Rights Act be restored for changes to NC election law? Why or why not? (briefly respond in 15 words maximum)

Experience (35 words max) Conceived 200 years after our country in 1976 - Born in the U.S.A the day after Jimmy Carter was inaugurated, presently retaining all U.S.citizenship rights including the right to vote and/or run for office.
First, we make neckties unfashionable. They are noose like, and cut off circulation to the brain. Secondly, a joint session will be in order, and I would roll up a big one to share with both parties in D.C.
The current educational system seems antiquated, costly, apathetic, and overly time-consuming for our youth. We need updated, accelerated, inexpensive, “online” programs, and/or debt forgiveness, for high demand areas of importance.
Neither banning assault guns, nor arming teachers is the answer. The school system should become more “inclusive,” less “exclusive;” more “individual oriented,” less “curriculum oriented;” more “caring,” and less “militant.”
We need to make legal immigration easier. We are a nation of immigrants and we need them. We should spend federal money updating our technology, instead of building a wall.
The government should stay out of peoples’ business; free market works, if you let it.
Taxpayers allocating their tax money independent of party would be an adequate check and balance.
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Experience (35 words max) Small Business Owner, Musician, Woodworker, Episcopalian, Husband, Father, Sportsman, 34 year Resident of NC11, Honest, Just, Forward Thinking, Caring, Hardworking, Strong Leader, Fighting for Families, Environmentalist, Rural Resident, A Working Man for Working People!
Pass a Medicare for All bill. This would save American’s money and raise wages as employers will not pay insurance premiums. Overturning Citizens United must be done to stop the Big Money Corruption that is poisoning our Democracy.
Tuition-free trade schools & community colleges allow students to earn higher wages and to raise the revenue base. This revenue then pays for tuition-free 4 yr schools, healthcare, and debt reduction.
I support commonsense policy shifts: expand background checks; protect the mentally ill with history of violence from gun ownership; combat gun trafficking; improve data integration of the background check system.
1. Initiate path-to-citizenship legislation on DACA recipients/others fitting that criteria. 2. Expand guest worker visa programs. 3. Strengthen employer penalties for hiring undocumented workers. 4. Increase numbers of immigration judges.
Our economy suffers from race and gender wage inequality. Anti-discrimination laws help us all.
YES! The VRA must be restored because the NCGA is working hard to suppress voting.