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N.C. House (District 101)

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    Carolyn Logan

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    Steve Mauney

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What are your top 2 priorities for action in the General Assembly? (40 words maximum)

Should the NC legislature take action to raise the state minimum wage and also promote pay equity across race and gender for the same job – or should these be left to businesses? (30 words maximum)

What is the best way to handle the redistricting process after the 2020 Census? (30 words maximum)

What are 2 priority actions for the state to improve K-12 public education? (30 words maximum)

Should NC municipalities have the authority to create police-community review boards with subpoena, investigative and disciplinary powers? (briefly respond in 15 words maximum)

Explain your position on off-shore drilling for North Carolina. (briefly respond in 15 words maximum)

Experience (35 words max) I am a retired NC State Trooper, serving NC for 31 years. I served three terms as president for the Black Women's Caucus and as vice-chair as Mecklenburg County Citizens Criminal Justice Advisory Committee.
3 favorite endorsements for this election Planned Parenthood--South Atlantic, Equality NC
1. Even though the General Assembly increased the average salaries of teachers and law enforcement, I think we can do better. 2. We need to help cities and municipalities with affordable housing, and increase mental health services for veterans.
We should increase the minimum wage and promote pay equity across race and gender for the same job. The government must act as a watchdog on behalf of the average worker.
We must put the task of redrawing lines into the hands of a non-partisan commission, no matter which party controls the General Assembly.
1-We need to decrease class sizes. Teachers cannot teach effectively and manage a class of 35-40 students.

2-Increase pay for our teachers, attracting and retaining the best and the brightest.
Municipalities should create police-community review boards, and then present their findings to the proper authorities.
I am completely against offshore drilling for NC. We have far too much to lose economically--tourism--and environmentally.
Experience (35 words max) Public Service/ Public Safety Retired after being a Paramedic for 30 years. 22 years at MEDIC, Retired as Chief Of Operations at Iredell County EMS.
Coming from a EMS background, I will address the legislative needs of a long overlooked but vital entity of Public Safety. From Health and safety needs of our first responders to retirement equity. Creating a more efficient work and financial outlook.

Term Limits across the board.

YES of course. All of our citizens should earn a true living wage, and without discrimination.
Unbiased bi-partisan committee with General Assembly oversight
I really don't know enough about the details of the problems, But ,It really bothered me when teacher assistants were cut. I go into the discussions with an open mind.
Not a Fan. I worked during the Deep Water Horizon clean up.