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Mecklenburg County Commissioner (District 6)

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    Bill James

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    Susan Rodriguez McDowell

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What are your top 2 or 3 priorities for action on the Commission? (40 words maximum)

What policies should the county pursue to improve the affordability of housing? (30 words maximum)

What policies should be pursued to promote job development and equal employment opportunities? (30 words maximum)

What is your stance on the county’s current or future collaboration with federal immigration enforcement? (30 words maximum)

How will you ensure community transparency and accountability for the Sheriff's Department? (30 words maximum)

Experience (35 words max) 15 years of 'big 4' CPA experience in their audit division and national Financial Services practice (plus a few years as a County Commissioner and chair of Mecklenburg County's Audit Review Committee).
1. Managing the Revaluation process that will start 1-1-2019 2. Trying to insure that the rate set during revaluation is no higher than 'revenue neutral'. Without a Revenue Neutral rate, taxes will go up significantly for most homeowners. I am opposed to this.
The County isn't in the 'housing business', the City is. Affordable Housing has been traditionally handled by The City of Charlotte and the Charlotte Housing Authority. Mecklenburg County has never had a direct role
We have approved a variety of ED agreements. Most I disagree with. Some have value such as the Amazon Center which will supply over 1,000 entry level jobs (about $28K) in West Charlotte.
I agree with current agreement with ICE & the Sheriff's Department, though the Commission doesn't decide about this (the Sheriff does). Without that agreement, ICE would be doing Courthouse and other raids.
I find the Sheriff's department accountability transparent enough. Whether the Commission does or not, it is the Sheriff that gets to decide what he alone decides is disclosable under State law.
Experience (35 words max) I am a former operations manager with a master's degree, mom of 3, wife, sister, daughter, small business owner, first time candidate who believes we can do better.
3 favorite endorsements for this election 1. CMAE - Charlotte Mecklenburg Assoc of Educators, 2. EqualityNC, 3. MeckPAC
Building a cooperative team, the current commission is dysfunctional. Always prioritizing integration will lead to progress in areas like public education and upward mobility. Focusing on moving people not cars around future growth while protecting green spaces.
Preserving vulnerable neighborhoods is one key priority. Requiring all housing bond projects to set aside 30% of the units for those earning under 30% of median income would be another. Raising the minimum wage.
Reducing hurdles (cost) for post high school education and internet access for all should be two of our priorities. An educated work force attracts businesses to our community and promotes a progressive economy.
The immigrant community should not be subjected to ICE when engaging with the county and with law enforcement - this practice makes us all less safe. I am very thankful our sheriff-elect does not support 287g.
The commission’s leverage lies in it’s control of the budget. There should be an active and robust citizens advisory board with adequate access to the department. Safety for all must be the number one goal.