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    Marilynn Baker

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    Lori Goins Clark

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    Leah H. Crowley

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    Lida Calvert Hayes

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    Rebecca Nussbaum

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What are your top 2 or 3 priorities for action on the Board of Education? (40 words maximum)

What policies, if any, are needed to ensure equal access to learning for undocumented students and other students who face possible discrimination from students, school personnel, or others? (30 words maximum)

Explain your position on allowing trained teachers to be armed in classrooms. (briefly respond in 15 words maximum)

Experience (35 words max) I taught full-time in the Bryan School at UNCG in the late 1990s and 2000s, and part-time in the 2010s. I graduated from East Forsyth, FTCC (AAS), Guilford College (BS), UNCG (MBA) and Regent (PhD).
3 favorite endorsements for this election FCAE/NCAE
Significantly improve elementary school reading and math proficiency scores (20 percent of our schools are failing and 25 percent are rated D). We need to explore options such as public Montessori-style magnet elementary schools in high poverty neighborhoods.
All children need an education. Unfortunately, some face discrimination, including bullying & ostracism. Educators need diversity (inadvertent bias) training to more effectively identify & deal with discrimination.
Experts in education and law enforcement do not recommend arming teachers; I respect their opinion.
Experience (35 words max) Active leadership role in my child's school/PTA, graduate of district, parental viewpoint, substitute teacher lens, teaching family heritage, Better Angels organizer, President Republican Women, missions work, love of language, reading, athletics, community liaison work.
3 favorite endorsements for this election FCAE
The most pressing issue and my top priority is teacher pay and retention, increasing our locally-funded supplement. As well, continued achievement gaps and addressing the social/ emotional issues of students which affect daily learning and achievement are concerns.
Our job, as mandated by the state of NC, is to give all children who enter our school buildings a free and excellent education. We should enforce current policies which prohibit discrimination of any kind.
We should explore ALL possibilities, including arming teachers who are willing to be trained.
Experience (35 words max) I have volunteered as a tutor, PTA president, coach, and committee member/chair for 13 years. Getting feedback from teachers, students, administrators, and parents has given me great insight for improving our schools.
3 favorite endorsements for this election 1. The over 300 neighbors and friends, from various political party affiliations, who asked for my yard sign 2. My four children, all public school students (grades 12, 10, 9, and 6) 3. The teachers and administrators who encouraged me to run
1. Improve proficiency in reading and math 2. Attract and retain the best teachers 3. Improve the condition of facilities
I am not aware of this being an issue. It is our duty to make sure that ALL students have access to equitable educational opportunities.
Teachers should be armed to educate students. Security officers should be armed to protect students.
Experience (35 words max) 1. Top Business Women in North Carolina 2. Head of Buildings and Ground Committee for WS/FC Board. 3. Appointed by Governor to 2 State Boards 4. Substitute Teacher
3 favorite endorsements for this election Karin Head (Owner of Real-Estate Company); John R. Bost (former Mayor of Clemmons); Lori Shore-Smith, Councilman, Tobaccoville
1. Safety is of utmost importance. 2. Bringing graduation rates up to at least 90% or higher. 3. Third grade Reading level is flat---needs to greatly improve. 4. More assistance for failing schools in our district.
All students deserve an equal education. Examine hiring practices, because an Educator that harbors politically-motivated ill will toward undocumented children has no place in the classroom. Professional development for Educators should include anti-discrimination curricula.
I hope we don’t come to this. I am open to discuss this very complex issue.
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Experience (35 words max) Over a decade of experience creating and implementing arts-integrated programming for public schools. Work experience in higher education. Teaching artist experience.
1. Making certain our schools are fully funded including raising teacher supplemental pay. 2. Improving schools for all learners. Implementing innovative models of teaching that help our children enjoy learning. 3. Closing the achievement gap.
Implement unconscious bias training for our teachers and staff; create a peer-mentoring program to help heighten understanding and create allies with older students; utilize restorative justice in our schools.
Teachers are there to teach. We must trust our professional law enforcement to protect.