Arizona Senate, District 8

Arizona's 30 state senators each represent a unique district of voters. Republicans have held the majority in recent years, although most recently by only a handful of votes.The job pays $24,000 a year, plus mileage and per-diem during session.

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What makes you the best person for the job? (for YouTube VIDEO only)

Do you support or oppose an independent examination of whether private prisons save taxpayers money?

What can the state do to reduce the number of children in foster care?

Do you support the Legislature’s decision to expand KidsCare, the state’s child health program? Why or why not?

The Groundwater Management Act applies to the state’s metropolitan counties, and ensures a 100-year water supply as a condition of development. Does rural Arizona need similar protections, why or why not?

Should Arizona help build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico? If so, how should it fund such it?

Which state agency or agencies do you believe are underfunded and why? Which state agency or agencies do you believe are bloated and why?

Do lobbyists have too much influence over the lawmaking process? If so, what should be done to rein them in?

Should the Legislature continue to hold key budget debates in the middle of the night, as has been the custom in recent years?

What is your opinion on the tuition charged by Arizona’s public universities? What, if anything, should the Legislature do about it?

Does the state need additional regulations on abortions? If yes, how would you regulate them?

Many Arizona municipalities say the state has usurped local rule by prohibiting or limiting ordinances on vacation rentals, plastic grocery bags, minimum wage and paid sick leave. Do you support limits on municipalities' ability to govern themselves? Why or why not?

Should Arizona legalize marijuana? Why or why not?

Should the Legislature do anything to try to prevent mass shootings? If so, what?

Gov. Doug Ducey said Prop. 123 was the first step for school funding. Do you see a need for additional steps? What should they be?

Should the Legislature make additional funding for schools a priority?

What reforms would you suggest to improve Arizona's education system?

Do you support expanding the empowerment scholarship account program to all Arizona students?

Gov. Doug Ducey has promised to cut taxes every year. Would you support additional tax cuts? If so, which taxes and why?

Do you support Gov. Doug Ducey’s goal of reducing the state income-tax to as close to zero as possible? If so, how would you achieve that goal? Would you support an increase to other taxes to offset income tax cuts?

What is the greatest threat to Arizona’s future, and how would you address it?

Do you support your party's nominee for president, why or why not?

What is the best piece of political advice you ever received?

What is your favorite book (besides a spiritual text)?

What favorite movie has meaning for you?

What is your favorite place in Arizona?

Which Arizona political figure past or present do you most admire and why?

Age 66
Family Husband - Jim McGuire, Children - Jamie and Jesse, Grandchildren - Roger and Clay
Twitter @SenBarbMcGuire
Campaign Phone (520) 363-5002
For the voters of District 8, I am "The Right Choice, The Right Voice”. Having served two terms in the House and two terms in the Senate, I am an experienced and accomplished legislator who needs no training to make my way around the place. Born and raised in my district, I know well my constituents and their needs. I have been endorsed time and time again by those I serve, as well as local and federal leaders, law enforcement, the medical community, teachers, firefighters, social workers and more. I have developed the relationships necessary to effectively advocate for the people I represent. I recently championed one of the largest grants in Arizona history: $43.3 million for medical research and disease prevention. Our future and that of our children and grandchildren depend on the representation we receive. We can not allow the budget to continually be balanced on the backs of working families. I will continue working to keep government off our backs and out of our pocket books.
Support. Public expenditures should be transparent and accountable. There is always room for improvement which will help retain jobs in this industry.
The Department of Child Safety must place more emphasis on keeping children’s homes safe in the first place. Implementing a variety of prevention, permanency planning and family support strategies will be a major step in reducing the number of children in foster care. Arizona needs to review our foster care laws and craft legislation that will make sure we have a well functioning child welfare system with a strong infrastructure, accountability and adequate resources. Front-end prevention programs, strong courts and child welfare systems, and family intervention programs will shorten the stay and go a long way to fixing the system and keeping kids safe.
Absolutely. In the State Senate, I fought to successfully reauthorize and expand KidsCare, over the objection of many more ideological members. It is essential that we provide access to quality health care to our society’s most vulnerable — a child’s health should not be compromised if his or her parents have low income, especially when the program involves no cost to state’s taxpayers.

Yes. We must ensure that our rural communities are not left behind. I have sponsored legislation to prohibit metropolitan areas from siphoning water resources from rural areas. We must protect agriculture and people’s ground water rights in Legislative District 8 both in and out of the Pinal Active Management area.
We need to better protect our borders keeping out those who would do harm or have committed crimes. We must work also towards a solution that respects rule of law, without endangering Arizona businesses and the billions in commerce that pass through our borders. Anyone who says a wall will solve all our problems is a lazy political hack.
As anyone who drives in District 8 can attest, the Department of Transportation does not have the funding it needs to keep our roads in good condition. We need to do better to protect our parents’ and grandparents’ investment in our transportation system. Given the scandals coming out of the majority party in the House last session, it appears that the state motor pool is bloated. Elected officials should not have state vehicles at their disposal. Period.
The only people who influence my lawmaking process are my constituents. While lobbyists are a valuable information resource, I always remember that they are being paid to take their clients’ position, so I always independently verify that information. In order to protect against corruption, it is essential that we institute a gift ban so that gifts cannot influence members, and we must hold those lobbyists accountable if they knowingly provide inaccurate information.

No. Rushing things through in the middle of the night has always resulted in the need to correct careless mistakes that create unintended damaging consequences. There needs to be opportunity for not only bipartisian input but public input as well. Only in that way will we create a budget that is sound and represents the state and the citizens who live in it.
Tuition is way too high, and part of the blame lies at the feet of the current legislative majority which has continuously slashed university funding over the past seven years. They are our best economic development tool to create jobs and businesses in Arizona, so investment in them now brings huge returns in the future. But they must be affordable to Arizona students. Our constitution says that tuition must be “as nearly free as possible”. Today’s tuition fails that test. For the sake of our kids’ and our economy’s future, the Legislature must stop cutting and start investing in our universities.
No. Politicians have no business coming between a woman, her doctor, her family and her faith.
No. Hindsight has shown that local control in these situations is best. Government governs best when it is closest to its constituents. Politicians in Phoenix shouldn’t overrule decisions by local officials who are closer to their citizens. Legislators hate it when the Feds tell them what to do — why should it be any different when legislators tell supervisors and council members what to do?
This will be up to the voters. On the one hand, marijuana has demonstrated benefits for PTSD, glaucoma, and other issues, and legalization may shut down dangerous criminal gangs. On the other hand, if the voters approve it, we must be very careful to enact regulations to keep it out of the hands of children and protect our communities from negative side effects.
It is critical that we address our country’s mental health crisis, particularly among our youth. We must invest in treatment. Guns do not kill people, people kill people.
We must fully fund education. This means: 1) Restoring all cuts that have been made to K-12 education throughout the past 10 years, including investing in deferred maintenance for school facilities and new computers and textbooks for our kids. 2) Raise per-pupil spending toward the national average. 3) Equitable salaries for teachers inclusive of fair and well-deserved raises.
Absolutely. Access to quality education is vital to our state’s success. Without an educated workforce, we will continue to lose quality jobs to other states. Without an excellent education system, our kids and families lose their chance to improve their lives. This year, I led the charge to restore K-12 education funding to help Arizona children compete in today’s economy.
Greatly increase funding for K-12 and higher education then hold administrators accountable for results.
The ESAs should be available to all Arizona students only if our public schools are not harmed. More than 80% of Arizona parents currently choose public district schools for their kids. We owe it to them to maintain a well-functioning fully funded public school system.
While I do not support additional taxes on the citizens of Arizona, I do support adequate investment in public safety, infrastructure, and other necessary components of our society to function and flourish. I do not support special interest giveaways that hurt all of us in order to benefit a few well-connected people.
I have advocated for a reduction in state income taxes since first elected in 2006. More money in our pockets will help contribute to future economic stability. But it must be structured to help most Arizonans benefit, not simply the rich. I do not support tax cuts that hurt most of us so that a few wealthy people increase their cash hoard. That’s simply not fair.
Anyone who has seen the pictures of Lake Mead and Lake Powell recently know that we face a clear danger of a water shortage. We must increase water conservation and harvesting efforts and make sure that any future development does not sacrifice water for our current farmers and residents. We should be aggressively working with our neighbors to find new water sources and maximize the ones we already have.
I certainly do not support the republican party’s nominee that the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin reportedly supports. I really don’t think an arrogant New York billionaire has any idea of what it’s really like to live like the rest of us.
The only opinion that matters is your constituents’ opinion.
The world is my home.
The Untold History of the United States.
I have many and that is why Arizona has always been and will always be my home.
Rose Mofford and Polly Rosenbaum. They were powerful women who reached across party lines to make common-sense laws that helped all Arizonans.
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