US House of Representatives, District 4

The 4th Congressional District is a solidly Republican district that encompasses much of western Arizona, as well as Payson and portions of San Tan Valley and Florence. Congressional representatives make $174,000 annually and serve two-year terms.

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What makes you the best person for the job?

How would you evaluate President Donald Trump’s priorities and performance so far?

Border security, especially a wall of some sort, and immigration reforms, in particular for those who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, have received a lot of attention. Would you require addressing either of these matters as a precondition to working on the other? Explain.

The national debt now tops $20 trillion. Can you give examples of the kinds of specific changes you are advocating to significantly address this issue?

f you are elected to the next Congress, who would you like to represent your party for top leadership in 2019? (Speaker, Majority Leader, Minority Leader) Explain.

Do you think the nation’s health care system should move closer to offering Medicare for all or back to what existed just before the Affordable Care Act? Explain.

Do you think human-caused climate change is a real and significant issue? What, if anything, should be done about it?

Do you think the Mueller investigation is a political witch hunt or a serious examination of election security and the rule of law? Explain.

Has the president properly imposed tariffs to protect U.S. jobs and national security? Explain.

What, if anything, should be done to address school security and gun violence more broadly? Explain.

What are some of the biggest contributing factors to the U.S. economy’s performance over the past year? What would you do to keep or change this?

On balance, do you think NAFTA has helped or hurt Arizona? Explain

Can you identify a significant policy area where you have broken with most in your party? Explain.

How much, if at all, does personal character and reputation matter for seeking public office?

What living politician do you consider your biggest role model? Explain.

Age 66
Family Married to Abby for 38 years; three grown children: Sophie, Noel and Louisa
Twitter @Brill4Congress
Campaign Phone (928) 515-1150
I believe that I’m the best candidate for Congress in part because I have direct experience working as an entrepreneur, a teacher and a medical doctor. In particular my ten years at the VA have taught me a great deal about how our government can better serve our veterans and by extension everyone who needs more secure health care. Just as I worked hard to be a responsible resource and listener to my patients, I can promise the people of CD4 that I will be available to you, listening and applying your ideas to building sensible solutions.
The President is the most divisive leader this country has ever produced. Instead of bringing us together, he relishes pushing us apart. His attacks on allies, trade partners, even American businesses trying to do the right thing serves no beneficial purpose to any interest other than his own. Like the millions more Americans who voted for someone else, I had hoped for better. As a member of Congress I will work as a check to the president’s power, as the Constitution requires.
I understand that issue horse-trading is an inevitable factor in pulling together coalitions to move the ball forward. But a precondition, like trading a wall to get a deal on DACA, is a strategy for preventing progress on the real problem, and I won’t take part in it.
The decades-old Republican “cut-and-spend” tax strategy considers only expenditures. There are two sides to the ledger, and it’s time we deal with the revenue side. We should repeal the ’17 tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires who never needed them, and make the cuts benefiting lower- and middle-earners permanent. No growing family responds to more expenses by taking a pay cut, and we shouldn’t either.
I will look toward choosing new leadership in the House, and I will not support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. It’s time the next generation of Democrats leads our party.
The politics of our country do not currently allow us to do what works best, primarily because special interests and ideology have so much influence over many elected officials. These same people and groups have conspired to sabotage the ACA without providing a alternative. One of my first acts in Congress will be proposing legislation to allow anyone to voluntarily buy into Medicare, and have it compete with the private sector.
Human-assisted climate change is both real and a more significant issue than most of us realize. What we can most effectively do about it is to stop subsidizing fossil-fuel technology and unleash our renewable-energy industries to clean up our energy mix. This will provide good, local, long-term jobs, expand and diversify our economy, and return the US to leadership in the energy field.
Our country’s security agencies have made it clear there was Russian interference in the 2016 election. It’s hard for me to understand how anyone could think otherwise, or how it could be anything less than a very serious threat to our national security. Playing politics with this issue and undermining the trust of the American people in the agencies working hard to defend and protect us is beyond the pale.
The president has the power to impose tariffs and they have been properly imposed, but that does not make them wise or right. The US Chamber of Commerce estimates that Arizona alone will lose $266 million annually in sales as a result, affecting as many as 772,800 Arizona jobs. Weakening our economy, putting people out of work and forcing businesses to lay people off does not make us more secure. It does the opposite.
This is a very difficult issue, obviously, and we can’t pretend that there is any easy solution. I will not be a vote to repeal the Second Amendment, and I don’t think any responsible person should be deprived of a gun. But as a doctor I recognize that gun violence is a huge public-health issue we must address. As a start I think we have to do all we can to keep high-risk weapons out of the hands of high-risk people, and we should clearly prohibit any technology that turns a legal weapon into an illegal one.
The main factors that I see supporting our current economic good times are the long period of low interest rates that’s now ending, the recovery of demand after the recession, and the massive government debt we’ve been building up. I think the most important things we can do to secure the gains of the past decade is to invest in ourselves by repairing and improving our physical infrastructure, expanding our rural broadband infrastructure, and bringing solar and other renewables to the center of our energy mix. We should also work to build up our financial-system oversight to prevent the kind of overheating that took us down ten years ago.
NAFTA has been a boon to Arizona business, particularly in CD4. Arizona benefits from $106 million annually in trade with Canada and Mexico that supports 772,800 jobs here. If that’s not helping, what is?
There are competing ideas within the party on some issues, but we certainly agree far more than we disagree. That said, District 4 has more registered Republicans than Democrats, and in Congress my responsibility will be to represent all of us to the best of my ability. My position on preserving the Second Amendment and undertaking sensible, widely agreed-on steps to improve gun safety will put me at odds with a significant portion of Democrats in other Districts.
I think personal character and reputation are essential to building the trust of the people of the District and every negotiating partner I will encounter in Congress. That kind of trust is the core of leadership.
I admire Senator Bernie Sanders for his integrity and commitment to working Americans, climate change, income inequity and education; McCain for his commitment to veterans, elections integrity, working across the aisle, independent statesmanship and willingness to publicly admit when he’s violated his own principles.
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Age 66
Family Mother in Austin, daughter and grandson in Galveston, TX.
Campaign Phone (623) 202-9335
“A vote for Barry Goldwater is a vote for fun.” --painted on the side of the Merry Pranksters' bus, 1964. The best candidate for Congress is a regular worker. Mos def we should impose term limits. I am not now, nor have I ever been a Democrat nor a Republican. I am the Peace candidate. Mine is a no-gift campaign: electoral reform begins here and now.
The “Insane Clown President” is a creature void of form. He has already caused extreme and irreparable harm to this country and to the world. Frankly, I expected that by now, in Woody Guthrie’s parlance, he would’ve blowed away.

Never mind the damn wall. Expedite the orderly flow of commerce and tourism at ports of entry with adequate staffing. Acknowledge the inherent worth and dignity of immigrants, and issue permits and visas as needed. DACA has been an imperfect band-aid toward inevitable amnesty. It's high time to work with our other American neighbors to to the south to enhance quality of life so this "promised land" al norte will not look so attractive in comparison. End the so-called war on drugs.
Reduce Pentagon spending by half (Thomas Jefferson did), and then cut it some more. Shut down overseas bases; get out of Africa! Tax the churches, for God's sake. Eliminate the lucrative subsidies for the likes of extractive industries, and by all means, put an end to the 1872 Mining Act giveaway: we don't need to be letting all these multinationals reap resources royalty-free from our public lands. Jefferson was a proto-Antifascist in that he served the common good, not the interests of the state.
Embedded in this question as a sub-text is the assumption that the Green Party will win hearty representation in Congress (sooner rather than later). In fact, we do have at last count 32 GP candidates across the land.

A friend who works at the Capitol informed me that Congressional staffers by-and-large are way underpaid. If there's a law against paying them a living wage, I shall find a workaround with "scholarships" or whatnot.

[During the recent special election in CD8, Hiral Tiperneni proposed a choice in healthcare that on first blush sounded reasonable: we would all be provided something like Medicare-for-all, and those who chose to keep their private coverage would be able to switch over later. This would allow the massive insurance industry to ease out of the picture gradually. The flaw in the scenario is trying to compromise with insurers.] We must make a clean start with universal single payer, shut down the parasitic health insurance industry. Obama, and Hillary before him, insisted that single payer was not on the table. Now it is.

No way should we go back to capping coverage, or denying people medical care for pre-existing conditions.

Climate change is a dire threat to public health and global security. Without hesitation, we must transition from fossil fuels to renewables. I just learned that jet fuel for international flights is not taxed. (Have you heard the like?) I'm all aboard with the moratorium on airport and seaport construction.
The FEC needs to be revamped top to bottom. Mueller’s honorable investigation will help restore some confidence that election skulduggery can be rooted out. It's not the Russian fb meddling that I'm worried about. It's the Democratic and Republican apparatchiks with their oligarchic benefactors! Too much money sloshing around in a candidate's favor is, to me, unequivocally disqualifying. U.S. elections should be publicly financed in order to establish a semblance of fairness.
This rash and pugnacious president is keeping us distracted with tabloid-type tweets and policy red herrings. In government, as in business, he is not trustworthy.
Armed police in schools cannot counter the scourge. The root cause is our complacent illiteracy and poverty of spirit. A dog-eat-dog corporatist hierarchical attitude has permeated our culture. Militarist show of force has become a default tactic in dealing with symptoms of discontent. [I remember the weekend before the loco shot Gabby Giffords in Tucson, there was extensive media glamorization of a parking lot shooter in the East Valley. Footage of a gargantuan SWAT vehicle emblazoned with a "Tempe" banner was played ad infinitum on tv, and the Republic front page printed this absurdist drill.] Dig this: I witnessed a H.S. coach in Scottsdale cussing at his runners, and threatening to kill them. As for gun violence, broadly, of course we need universal background checks and gun safety training. Believe it or not, Spike Lee’s “Chi-raq” actually came to Arizona. In this movie, likening Chicago to Iraq, community resilience and reconciliation are the first steps in addressing violence.
In our country, small business is always touted as the biggest factor in economic well-being. Conglomerations in media and energy and pharma, etc. are the biggest threats. I look to the best interest of the worker and the environment. Income disparity will have to fade. Cooperative models must be encouraged. To keep the economy from collapsing under the debt and deficit pressures, we must immediately rein in the rampant military spending here and around the world. First priority in ensuring that we even have an economy is a concerted switch from fossil fuels/greenhouse gases to renewable energy production.
Free trade is not free. NAFTA did not protect workers, who have paid dearly with lost jobs and slackened environmental controls. Now it looks as if PM May's soft Brexit will resemble NAFTA in allowing the flow of capital and goods, but not people. The global immigration phenomenon can be traced to the brutality imposed on the vulnerable by the wealthy. These wealthy, by the way, are responsible for the emissions and wastes that are polluting our air and seas.
Not.The Green Party's core values are sensible guidelines for humane and "joyful interpenetration for all".* (*--from Gary Snyder's poem "For All.") We strive to elect, at all levels, candidates with empathy, to grow our garden ("overgrow the government"). These are our Ten Key Values: peace & nonviolence, environmental wisdom, grassroots participation, justice & opportunity, feminism & gender equality, future focus, workers' rights & cooperative economies, decentralization, reverence for diversity, personal & global responsibility.

None on offer comes to mind. We need a new menu.