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    Alexis Hermosillo

  • Lana Mook

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Family Grandfather, Richard Ramirez; Grandmother, Bertha Gonzales Ramirez; Mother, Patricia Ramirez Hermosillo; Father, Adan Hermosillo; Sisters, Ashley, Adaricia and Aniessa.
Education Doctor of Education (Ed.D. - In Progress): Organizational Leadership/Organizational Development; Master of Mass Communication (Journalism); Bachelor of Arts: Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance / Minor: Spanish
Work history I have a diverse resume across multiple levels of government and non-profit organizations.
Campaign Phone (623) 335-7191
Passion. Vision. Leadership.
Born and raised in El Mirage, Arizona.
Born and raised.
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I am pursing my doctoral degree in organizational leadership through Grand Canyon University. I have a diverse resume across multiple levels of government and non-profit organizations.
The City Manager reports directly to the mayor and council, top city officials report directly to the City Manager. It is appropriate for mayor and council to review, approve or reject a City Manager’s recommendation in all hiring procedures.
In speaking with community members in El Mirage, some of the issues that have come up include the need for improved lighting in some neighborhoods, re-engineering some roadway passages for safety and ease of access, and the need to consider access points into communities, businesses, and residential areas during the planning process to better accommodate traffic flow.

I would like to explore opportunities to expand the informational infrastructure in El Mirage and consider opportunities to become a Smart City, propelling us into the future, while supporting and honoring our rich history through public space improvements.
One of the challenges for El Mirage is that we are landlocked, but I also see this as an opportunity for us to be creative in how we utilize the technologies and resources that are available to us to improve our economic opportunities, rethink our housing options, and reconsider what it means to be successful as a community today and far into the future.
Age 72
Family Widow raising 3 teenage grandchildren
Education HS
Work history Medical office and OR management for private medical practices 35 years
Previous public office None
Campaign Phone (602) 528-3684
It has been my pleasure to serve as the Mayor of El Mirage for the past eight years. When I took over, I inherited a city that was mired in turmoil. Local leaders were fighting with other West Valley cities, the budget was in shambles, and regional relations were strained so badly that El Mirage actually threatened to sue Luke Air Force Base. We were a city on the brink of disaster. Since then, I am proud to say that we turned things around. Together, we have been able to change the perception of El Mirage for its residents and for the entire West Valley. I have worked tirelessly to champion Luke Air Force Base and insure the city’s support for its mission and the F-35. Locally, we have righted El Mirage’s fiscal ship through a commitment to smart budgeting and financial discipline. Our Council has also made significant improvements to our transportation network increasing connectivity and reducing congestion. I believe my experience and ability to deliver results set me apar
I moved to Arizona in 1982

I moved to El Mirage in 2006

After retiring from nearly three decades in management, training and patient relations in the health care industry, I have devoted much time to volunteering in El Mirage, pursuing my commitment to do everything I can to improve our community.

I co-founded People of El Mirage (POEM), a civic-based community organization focused on helping those in need, as well as informing the public on local issues. POEM supports Luke Air Force Base, raises funds for local Cub Scouts and participates in numerous food/clothing drives. Other organizations I volunteered with over the years include Phoenix Suns Charities, The Girl Scouts of America, Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl Fire Prevention Programs, and the Greater Phoenix American Bowling Association.

I currently serve on the Executive Committee of the Arizona League of Cities and Towns; the Executive and Regional Committees of the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG); the Board of the Western Maricopa Coalition (WESTMARC); and the Board of t
El Mirage is a council–manager government form of government which means we run El Mirage much like a publicly traded corporation. As such, the Mayor and Council should handle policy functions, budgeting, dictate the overall vision, and hire the City Manager. The City Manager is tasked with managing the administrative functions, executing our vision, and hiring and firing of officials such as the police and fire chiefs.

As Mayor, I have continued to try to keep moving the city in the right direction and not return to the dark days that nearly destroyed our city a decade ago. We cannot and should not micromanage our city employees, break our hiring protocol, or dip into reserves to hire staff outside our approved budget.

Not only is it fiscally irresponsible, but it also risks exposing the city to liability issues because of questionable hiring actions. We must rely on the City Manager and professional staff to do their jobs.

Yes. We have listened to the residents and delivered on the things that have been promised to the voters – the fire station, the police station, and the YMCA. We recently opened the new El Mirage City Hall which serves as a community meeting place as well as home to our city’s Administration, City Council Chambers, Development & Community Services, Engineering, Finance, HR, IT, and support areas. In addition, we have improved our quality of life by improving parks, partnering with Maricopa County Flood Control District to build Basin Park, and implementing bulk trash pickup.

We have also made significant improvements to our transportation network increasing connectivity and reducing congestion. Work is underway on improvements to Northern Parkway, the Grand Avenue Frontage Road, and improvements to Dysart Road. We have improved our transportation and pedestrian experiences along the El Mirage road corridor including Thunderbird road and installed our first HAWK (High intensity A
Our greatest opportunities and challenges lie in our ability to attract jobs and economic development to El Mirage and the West Valley. We must work with our value partners to get this done.

One example is maintaining our strong relationship with Luke Air Force Base. Luke Air Force Base provides critical support to our national security and is a key driver of our local economy. I will continue to work with our regional partners to create better solutions for transportation in the West Valley. As our population continues to grow, traffic counts and congestion will continue to grow as well. I hope to continue productive and cooperative dialogue with other municipalities across the region to find solutions that make the entire West Valley a better place to live.