Mesa City Council, District 3

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    Francisco Heredia

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    Mark Yarbrough

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Age 37
Family Carmen-wife Israel-son Pablo-son Andrea-daughter
Education Arizona State University- BA Political Science Arizona State University- Masters in Public Administration
Work history FieldCorps LLC- Owner/Partner Maricopa County Recorder- Community Relations Director Mi Familia Vota- National Field Director U.S. Census Bureau- Partnership Specialist AHHCCS- KidsCare Outreach Manager Arizona Attorney General's Office
Previous public office Current Councilmember for District 3 City of Mesa
Twitter @frankieheredia
Campaign Phone (602) 410-5044
My story is about hard work, education, and working together with people to get things done. This is what local government does for its residents, get things done. Since being appointed as your Councilmember I have been working toward building strong neighborhoods, ensuring that our core services such as our public safety departments have the tools and resources necessary to do their job, and pushing for economic development/job opportunities for West Mesa. My personal involvement and professional experience has all been around the intersection of community and government, ensuring that we create feedback loops of information and engagement to solve problems. My hope is to continue to fortify relationships and work together with all members of our community to enhance on the work already done and keep on building a better Mesa for us and our future generations.
I am a native Arizonan, born in raised in the Somerton, Arizona area where my parents settled in the 1970's. I moved to the valley, living in East Valley for the last 18 years.
I have lived in Mesa for close to 4 years now but in the East Valley for over 18 years.
I am 35 years old, will be 36 in October of this year.
My professional experience has revolved around the intersection of community and government, working for both the Maricopa County Recorder Office and the United States Census Bureau. I also spent time as the National Field Director of Mi Familia Vota and One Arizona where I promoted citizenship and civic participation in Arizona and across the country. In addition I had the opportunity to work as the KidsCare Outreach Coordinator for the Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System and as a prevention specialist at an East Valley elementary school for Chicanos Por la Causa.I am a proud Sun Devil graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master's of Public Administration from Arizona State University. I own a consulting firm, assisting clients with grant writing, planning and strategy.
I support the investment we are making, for the following reasons: Financial- as we look at cost and the way to pay for this, we also measure the return of both direct and indirect revenues we project to get, which are tremendous. Opportunity-the learning that will be happening here will consist of the future technologies that people and businesses will be using. To have the opportunity to leverage further business growth and become a hub for this work is exciting. Value and Tone- this is one of many investments we are making in Mesa, enhancing on the work that has been done and improving for future generations is critical. My belief that a city is not only in the business of getting an ROI but building the structures and opportunities for current and future residents and I believe this is something we are doing with this investment and others. With any investment you make we still have a lot of work to do and we will work at this to make it successful for all of us.
Generally supported of ongoing developments that can revitalize the downtown core. Our downtown already has some great bones/infrastructure to work with just need to enhance on this. While being supported of these development, w also need to keep on engaging community and businesses on this to ensure that we all work together to make downtown and the surrounding communities, especially leveraging what we can in West Mesa a success.
Public safety is an essential part of the services that we provide to our community, it is also one of the largest budget items in our city. Having diverse sources of funding is key for current and projected growth that we have in Mesa. This is no easy task due to not having a primary property tax, Mesa does a good job currently to find various resources but we need more which is why I support Question 2 on the November ballot that will be a one quarter of one percent sales tax for dedicated to our public safety personnel. This is one solution to this issue that we will keep on working at as a council to ensure that we keep our community safe and prosperous.
Pension costs due put a strain on a city such as Mesa that continues to grow and request further services. When possible we need to ensure we are paying debt down when we see gains but we also have to be proactive in investing in ourselves to increase our sales tax revenue base (which we have one of the lowest in the valley), create more jobs, and use technology to find efficiencies to save money in all departments. Ensuring that we invest in opportunities that will leverage sales tax revenues, have people who live in Mesa stay and work in Mesa are important for future revenue growth.
Budget- ensuring that we keep on monitoring costs and preparing for the next possible recession now rather than later is important. Growth- Mesa keeps on growing, so providing comprehensive community, work, and play options while still managing cost will be critical in the next several years. Development- Mesa is at a tipping point of many developments on housing, commercial and others throughout the city. My priority is to ensure that we build options for all members of our community to live, work and play here. Ongoing Community Engagement- from police issues to neighborhood issues, we need to engage further our residents in the process by meeting them where they are at and having constructive dialogue to solve issues. How we make these and many other items happen, by being proactive in working together with residents, businesses, staff, and other stakeholders to set us up for the future.
Age 46
Family I have been married for 22 years and have 4 children, raised our niece and nephew, and recently completed the adoption of a 4 year old we were fostering.
Education Mesa Community College.
Work history A have been employed for a private telecom company for over 20 years.
Previous public office Chairman, Mesa Parks advisory board Chairman, Keep the Cubs campaign President, Mesa Little League
Campaign Phone (480) 459-8770
I am running for City Council because the decisions made in city hall impact our community, families, friends and businesses. My desire is to be part of making well informed decisions that will strengthen our community. My priorities include our families, schools, and our community. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own neighborhood and it’s our government’s job to make sure that the community is safe and has the amenities available to all residents to enjoy spending time in Mesa. Being a Mesa native, I will fight to make sure my hometown is safe, well maintained, and a source of pride for our friends and family.
I am a Arizona native, born at the old Mesa General Hospital in 1974.

Arizona is a beautiful state, and although it is very hot at times, the majority of days are full of sunshine and opportunities to get out and enjoy our state. From our state parks to our many amenities within Mesa, there is always something to do and that makes Arizona a great state to call home.
I am a Mesa native, born at the old Mesa General Hospital in 1974.

Mesa is my hometown and a source of pride for me. I have raised my family and continue to live and invest time in our community. It is important we continue to move Mesa forward by making sure or core services (police, streets, etc) are maintained and funded. We need to make sure our city as amenities that serve our community and that provide opportunities for safe activities for individuals and families.
I am 44 years old.
I have a strong background in organization and technical skills. I have been employed with a local telecom company for over 20 years, currently serving as their Chief Technical Officer. My responsibilities include managing a team of network engineers and maintaining our massive public and private networks which stretch from New York to Los Angeles.
I believe it would provide some opportunity to developers, however I do not support providing public funds to bring the campus to Mesa.

I do not believe it provides a greater opportunity for education to our Mesa residents - I believe the distance to the ASU campus in Tempe was not likely a factor in someone not attending ASU. It will provide a limited amount of foot traffic in the area however students will return to Tempe where they live and where their friends are to socialize. The ROI doesn't make sense for Mesa residents.

I spoke against the city using enterprise funds to bypass the 2016 vote denying the funding to provide for the ASU project. Regardless of whether the project is wrong or right, once something is put in front of voters, their voice should be the final deciding factor. I was quoted in both the Arizona Republic and East Valley Tribune articles regarding my concerns of simply throwing out the majority voice of the voters in Mesa.
Develop projects are typically good for a community. That said, you have to look at each project and decide whether or not it is right for that particular area. I believe you should always keep and celebrate our past and value historic properties. Input from the community and the benefits or each project should dictate whether or not a project should proceed.
Public safety is a core responsibility of city government. It is currently funded our of the general fund, which in turn is funded through sales taxes from our community. I believe the best source of funding is a dedicated sales tax which is currently on the 2018 ballot -- I fully support funding our public safety with a dedicate sales tax.
Public safety pension's need to be funded. Our city budget is huge, but not out of the ordinary for cities that are similar in size to Mesa. We need to look at revenue streams that we can improve on, which will help control debt. We also need to work to pay down bond debt, which we pay a tremendous amount of interest on. We need to minimize what we issue bonds for and make sure there is a dedicated source to repay those debts. We need to also stop pulling from the enterprise fund to fund projects (ASU). Those 'extra' funds would go a long way in helping us control our mounting debt.
Mesa is a great city, full or great people. We face many of the challenges that similar cities face, such as aging streets, water lines, and other infrastructure. We need a long term plan to replace older areas, which reduce costs simply by not having to pay for repairs. It really comes down to being conservative with our revenue resources and making sure we are making our core city services a priority. Our opportunities in Mesa are great, we have several great parks and amenities as well as two cactus league teams who call Mesa their Spring home. Our weather 90% of the time is beautiful -- we should market our city to employers and small businesses so they can also enjoy what Mesa has to offer.