Arizona Senate, District 1

Arizona's 30 state senators each represent a unique district of voters. Republicans have held the majority in recent years, although most recently by only a handful of votes.The job pays $24,000 a year, plus mileage and per-diem during session.

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    Jo Craycraft

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    Karen Fann

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Why are you the best person for the job?

Do you support the teacher pay-raise plan passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Doug Ducey? Why or why not?

State funding for Arizona schools remains below pre-recession levels. How should the state address funding for its schools in next year’s budget? How would you pay for any increases?

Does Arizona do enough to require accountability and transparency for charter schools?

Would you support stricter gun laws, including raising the minimum age to 21 for all gun purchases, banning bump stocks and universal background checks on gun sales between private parties?

What should Arizona do to prevent mass shootings in schools?

As a legislator, would you be inclined to support additional tax cuts for individuals or businesses? If so, which taxes would you like to see reduced?

Should recreational marijuana use be legalized in Arizona? Why or why not?

Has Arizona taken the right approach by increasing restrictions on abortion providers and clinics? Why or why not?

What should Arizona be doing to prepare for a potential water-shortage declaration on the Colorado River?

Would you support a statewide law that bans discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in public accommodations, such as restaurants and other businesses? Why or why not?

Would you support a statewide law to allow business owners and others to deny services to customers based on religious beliefs? Why or why not?

In terms of the economy, how can the Legislature best encourage sustainable growth that benefits people of all income levels?

Do you support further expanding the Empowerment Scholarship Account program, which provides state funding for private-school education?

What is your position on Proposition 305, the ballot measure that would repeal the Legislature’s 2017 expansion of the voucher program?

What role should Arizona play in helping the federal government secure the border with Mexico?

Has the Legislature done enough to address concerns about sexual harassment among its membership?

Is there an issue not mentioned about that you feel hasn’t received enough attention at the Capitol? How would you address it?

What is the greatest threat to Arizona’s future, and how would you address it?

Last spring, lawmakers – at the direction of the governor’s office – opted to not authorize the state’s expenditure of $56 million in federal aid for child-care costs for the working poor. Should the state accept the $56 million? Why or why not?

Family members who take in their relative’s children when the kids are removed from their parents’ home get a sliver of the money paid to foster parents, about $45 a month, compared to $650. What responsibility, if any, does the state have to these family members? Should they be paid the same as foster parents?

Age 67
Family 96yr old Mother, Sister, Brother, 10 nieces and nephews, 10 great nieces and nephews, 1great,great niece and 1 Black Lab.
Twitter @craycraft4az
Campaign Phone (928) 379-3754
My extensive education and career in law enforcement along with my life experiences have given me the knowledge and confidence to represent the people in Legislative District 1 as a strong and effective State Senator. I will be a leader with heart and, as a Clean Elections candidate, I will represent the people’s interests, not big money interests. As a retired FBI Agent, I still live the Bureau’s motto of Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity. I will work with honesty and integrity for a fair and balanced government to benefit all people.
I support the action of the legislature and governor to provide additional funding for public education. Any additional money for public education is a step in the right direction. However, it is a very small amount relative to the financial crisis in which public education exists. In the next session, I will help provide a sustainable monetary source so public education can be fully funded and our students can get the excellent education they deserve.
The financial crisis facing public education needs to be addressed in next year’s budget by first reviewing the current tax laws, which give credits, loopholes, and tax breaks to corporations. There are over 300 such laws, and these laws are not being reviewed. It is estimated that over #13 billion is not going into the state general fund because of corporation tax credits and tax breaks. Reviewing and fairly changing these laws to bring in $2 billion to the state general fund would fully fund public education.
Arizona does not require enough accountability and transparency for public charter schools. I will work to change the public charter school’s laws to require complete transparency and accountability. Since public charter schools were created in 1984, many of these schools have changed and become for profit enterprises. It is time to change the laws so public charter schools cannot hide behind limited liability corporations and the laws are equitable for public traditional schools and public charter schools.
I would support common-sense gun laws that would include requiring universal background checks on all gun sales, banning bump stocks, and raising the minimum age to 21 for all gun purchases.
Creating common-sense gun laws in Arizona is a first step in ensuring safety to students. Providing on-site school counselors to aid, monitor and educate the students - a position possible with fully funded public education- would be another important step. I would also like to see Arizona develop education programs in the schools specifically addressing students’ communication and establishing a state-run confidential phone number for reporting threats or bullying in the schools. I would support enacting Red Flag Laws in Arizona that allow family, friends and law enforcement to bring a case to the courts when a gun owner is a threat to himself, herself, or others in order to have the guns removed temporarily.
As a State legislator I’m not inclined to support additional tax cuts for individuals or businesses. I believe that our poorest Arizonians may be currently taxed at a higher percentage. I would support individual tax cuts so all are fairly taxed.
Recreational marijuana use should be legalized if that is what the voters decide, but not until conflicts with federal law are resolved. The Federal Controlled Substances Act lists marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug along with heroin and LSD. This makes it unlawful to grow, transport or possess marijuana. First time offenders are charged with a misdemeanor with a possible one year sentence and a $1000 fine. This Federal law outweighs any state law we may have in Arizona. If the federal law changes, taxing adult, legal use of recreational marijuana would bring much needed money into the state’s general fund, which could be used for public education, improving infrastructure and other areas of need. Increasing tax revenue for these purposes would be a good reason to legalize recreational use of marijuana.
Arizona’s increased restrictions on abortion providers has not been the right approach. These restrictions have been a tactic to disenfranchise womens’ reproductive rights and require undue procedures at abortion clinics. A woman’s right to choose and the Supreme Court case of Roe v Wade need to be protected by Arizona.
Arizona needs to provide leadership by conducing a comprehensive study of all water providers statewide. Only after review and understanding the current water levels can the facts be examined. Controlling water demand and increasing recharge is needed. This would include aggressive water conservation incentives in old construction, and in new construction, mandatory conservation such as drought tolerant landscape, rainwater harvesting and water conserving appliances and equipment. Changing the behavior of Arizonians to understand the value of our water in an arid environment is crucial in preparing for a potential water shortage. Our leadership in Arizona must look at all ways to provide good clean and sustainable water to the people.
I would support a statewide law that bans discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in public accommodations, such as restaurants and other businesses. No form of discrimination is acceptable and creating a law that prevents discrimination is the right thing to do.
I would oppose a statewide law that allows business owners and others to deny services to customers based on religious beliefs. This is a form of discrimination and discrimination in any form is unacceptable.
The best way for the Legislature to encourage sustainable growth to benefit people of all income levels is to invest in Public education. Having an excellent education system assures a work force that will bring business to our state. Also, businesses will be able to provide their employees’ children with a quality education which makes a move to Arizona more attractive to business owners. Our Legislature can also invest in renewable energy research and construction. Arizona should be the leader in solar energy. Lastly, no more tax cuts to corporations.
I am profoundly against further expanding the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program. These vouchers, which provide state taxpayer money for private school education, rob our public schools of their much needed funding.
I am voting NO on Proposition 305, which is a vote to repeal the legislature’s 2017 unconscionable expansion of the voucher program. The Legislature’s vote to take more money from an already strapped public school system to pay for the wealthy to attend private schools was unjust and unreasonable.
The Federal Government has jurisdiction in securing the border with Mexico. Arizona’s National Guard troops should not be used to secure the border with Mexico.
The Legislator has not done enough to address concerns about sexual harassment among its membership. Sexual harassment needs to be addressed with specific guidelines and consequences among the legislative membership.
In the next Legislative session I believe the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) should be ratified by Arizona and a law created that completely bans texting while driving a moving vehicle. The ERA ratification would be a historic moment of equality for women and banning texting while driving is a much needed safety measure for all Arizonians.
The crisis in public school education is the greatest threat to Arizona’s future. It handicaps our children. I will address this by working to fully fund our public schools through bringing billions of dollars into our state general fund. These billions would come from a fairer taxation of corporations in Arizona.
This candidate has not responded to the survey.
This candidate has not responded to the survey.
Age 65
Family Spouse
Twitter @FannKfann
Campaign Phone (928) 308-3995
As a small business owner, former Mayor and 8 years in the legislature I have the experience and knowledge to represent all of our constituents on the issues which are most important to them. I have sponsored and successfully passed over 75 bills which have been recognized by 35 legislative awards ranging from no texting for teenagers, worker’s compensation and unemployment reforms, reducing the size of government, and supporting our local Cities, Towns and Counties. With my background and years of experience, I have served on the following committees as either a chairman or committee member: Senate - Appropriations; Transportation; Finance and Insurance; Natural Resources. House - Transportation; Insurance; Municipal Government; Agriculture and Water. If re-elected, I will continue to serve and move Arizona forward while finding solutions for water, infrastructure, immigration, and other important issues.
Yes. It is important that we continue to restore funding to all K-12 education and higher ed. Bringing our teacher’s and staff’s salaries up to acceptable levels is a good first start in addition to the monies we added to the classroom funds.
While we can certainly improve education funding, it is important to note we are still coming out of a long and lengthy recession. It will take some time to gradually bring the funding back to pre-recession levels as our economy continues to improve. We have already extended the Prop 301 funding, passed the Prop 123 funding as well as adding another $650 million dollars to education funding over the next 3 years. Because of our booming economy, we have these monies available to pay for these increases.
I believe we can do a better job by making sure there is basic accountability to our taxpayers to ensure the monies are being properly applied to education and the welfare of the students. I do not support adding burdoning regulations which would hinder the great job our charter schools are doing in Arizona. I would like to see less beauracracy in our Public School system which will untie our teacher’s hands and allow them to actually teach and not be burdened with unnecessary paperwork and regulations.
No . I am an avid supporter of our 2nd amendment rights.
We actually had a good school safety bill prepared and ready to pass the legislature this year which would add additional monies for school safety officers; more school councilors and overall improvement to the safety of our public institutions. Unfortunately politics got in the way and we will have to re-introduce the bill next session.
Not all tax cuts are good or bad but rather should be evaluated on an individual basis. When tax cuts can increase our economic development and create jobs, that might be something to consider. If there is a tax cut which is only to benefit a small few but to the detriment of many, then that should be seriously evaluated. We currently have some tax exemptions on the books which should be looked at for re-evaluation which could help with the education funding shortage.
NO. As a small business owner I have seen the effects and damage marijuana and other drugs are having on our workforce. Increased accidents; safety issues; increased absences from work are only a few of the bad effects marijuana and drugs are having. Working on highway construction projects, our companies require pre-employment drug testing to comply with federal and states laws. We are unable to fill the vacancies due to a shortage of workers who can pass a drug test and/or actually still have their drivers license due to past DUI’s.
Yes. I am a pro-life candidate. I do not support abortion except in the cases of rape, incest or the life of the mother. With the choices available to prevent pregnancies and the ability to take responsibility to prevent pregnancies, abortion should not be a form of birth control after the fact.
I have been involved with Arizona water issues for the past 25 years which has afforded me the opportunity to work closely with the experts in hydrology. While we continue to negotiate with federal, tribal and states water rights, I believe it’s important we continue to preserve and protect our exsisting water resources. I have introduced bills which support and encourage better water harvesting on macro and micro levels as well as desalination processes.
No one should ever be discriminated against for any reason. We are all human beings and we all deserve the respect of one another. If there is a law introduced, it would be extremely important to ensure it would not create unintended consequences whereby in an effort to protect some , it would not create a discrimation on others.
Yes but again, it would be important to ensure the law is written to avoid unintended consequences which would allow for illegal discrimination. It is important we protect our true religious freedoms without discriminating.
Reduce the amount of regulation and beauracracy which is hindering our small and large business owners. For every regulation passed it means one less job or raise for their employees. Sustainable growth also means ensuring we have adequate water supplies, infrastructure and smart growth planning which can be addressed at the legislative level.
I am a supporter of ESA’s and giving parents the choice to send their children to the best schools possible. I also believe the choice of private and charter schools should not be at the “expense” of public schools which is why I support the Governor’s 20x20x20 plan and to restore education funding for all schools.
I voted yes and was a proponent of the 30,000 student cap which we put on the bill. Again, parental choice is a must but we need to make sure the funding level is there for all schools.
Arizona should do whatever we can to help the federal government secure our border. I am in favor of building the wall, whether it be physical, virtual or other methods. We cannot have a secure and safe country if we do not protect our borders. We cannot truly help those in need if we cannot determine who is safe to enter our country and who is not.
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Since the day I arrived at the Capitol I have advocated for Arizona to have a “business plan”. I believe we need to look to the future to decide where we want Arizona to be in 20 or 30 years and then outline a legislative plan to get there. This should include water resources, infrastructure, growth as a statewide issue, our tax structure, healthy forest and a pletheria of many other issues.
Water resources and border security for all the reasons listed above.
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This candidate has not responded to the survey.