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Sixty lawmakers, two from each legislative district, comprise the House of Representatives. The chamber has been under GOP control since the mid-1960s. The partisan divide is currently 35 Republicans and 25 Democrats. The job pays $24,000 a year, plus mileage and per-diem during session.

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Why are you the best person for the job?

Do you support the teacher pay-raise plan passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Doug Ducey? Why or why not?

State funding for Arizona schools remains below pre-recession levels. How should the state address funding for its schools in next year’s budget? How would you pay for any increases?

Does Arizona do enough to require accountability and transparency for charter schools?

Would you support stricter gun laws, including raising the minimum age to 21 for all gun purchases, banning bump stocks and universal background checks on gun sales between private parties?

What should Arizona do to prevent mass shootings in schools?

As a legislator, would you be inclined to support additional tax cuts for individuals or businesses? If so, which taxes would you like to see reduced?

Should recreational marijuana use be legalized in Arizona? Why or why not?

Has Arizona taken the right approach by increasing restrictions on abortion providers and clinics? Why or why not?

What should Arizona be doing to prepare for a potential water-shortage declaration on the Colorado River?

Would you support a statewide law that bans discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in public accommodations, such as restaurants and other businesses? Why or why not?

Would you support a statewide law to allow business owners and others to deny services to customers based on religious beliefs? Why or why not?

In terms of the economy, how can the Legislature best encourage sustainable growth that benefits people of all income levels?

Do you support further expanding the Empowerment Scholarship Account program, which provides state funding for private-school education?

What is your position on Proposition 305, the ballot measure that would repeal the Legislature’s 2017 expansion of the voucher program?

What role should Arizona play in helping the federal government secure the border with Mexico?

Has the Legislature done enough to address concerns about sexual harassment among its membership?

Is there an issue not mentioned about that you feel hasn’t received enough attention at the Capitol? How would you address it?

What is the greatest threat to Arizona’s future, and how would you address it?

Last spring, lawmakers – at the direction of the governor’s office – opted to not authorize the state’s expenditure of $56 million in federal aid for child-care costs for the working poor. Should the state accept the $56 million? Why or why not?

Family members who take in their relative’s children when the kids are removed from their parents’ home get a sliver of the money paid to foster parents, about $45 a month, compared to $650. What responsibility, if any, does the state have to these family members? Should they be paid the same as foster parents?

Age 53
Family Eileen Dunn. Wife Kirk Dunn -Sierra Timothy Dunn
Education B.S. Agronomy. University of Arizona Yuma High School.
Work history Owner Tim Dunn Farms. Owner Dunn Grain Co/ Dunn plant Genetics Owner 4 sport clips haircuts franchises
Twitter @ElectDunn
Previous public office N/a
Campaign Phone (928) 344-3866
I believe I am best for the job because of my ability and willingness to work on issues that need to be addressed in our state. I listen to stakeholders in helping to determine my decisions. I can stick to my conservative principles and see the best outcome based solution for my constituents.
Yes I supported the investment in education that was passed. By the amount of open teacher positions it was apparent Arizona schools in general are not paying enough to attract teachers. The plan of investment will show Arizona is committed to address the shortfall in past funding to attract new teachers.
Funding for district additional assistance will be increased to continue to provide to the school boards budgets. The Arizona budget projects account for this.
Charter schools provided needed education services for teaching public education students in a for profit school. We can do a better job of accountability with the goal of improving the student experience and classroom education.
I would not be supportive of these stricter gun laws. The thought of bump stock elimination is the one item that most agree could be eliminated including me.
It varies by size of school and location in the state. We need a school resource officer and multiple when appropriate in every school understanding some schools are too small for this. When a student is determined to need behavioral examination most rural portions of the state have no facilities to hold them for several days for this. The laws dictate they go back to their custodian and administration has no control. As in the Parkland shooting everyone knew when it happened he would do it. We need to address this.

We need to conform the Arizona tax code with the new Trump tax cuts so they will be applicable to Arizona tax payers at the beginning of the session. The state economy is one of the highest in the country. We need to continue growth we have enjoyed while evaluating all current businesses tax credits, maintaining those with merit and sun setting those that no longer contribute to the overall economy of the state. Additional preferences may be proposed out of that evaluation. In the meantime, the Arizona Department of Revenue has several items of potential over collection in segments that need to be addressed and clarified.
No The ability for work force and law enforcement to control and enforce under the influence use is not available in real time today.
We should continue to work for no public federal funding of abortion. Arizona can place their emphasis on pregnancy prevention education and family guidance.
Arizonians are starting to realize we each have a responsibility in the solution. Arizona is using less water per person than in previous decades but with an 18 year drought this is not good enough. The use of new technology and the change in mindset that we need to live like we are in a drought will help bridge this gap. There is a collaborative effort going on in agreeing on Arizona’s plan in the required participation in the seven state lower basin Drought Contingency Plan. Formulating a plan that does not pit Agriculture against urban growth but best bolsters our economy and builds on our future must be a priority. Looking to the allotments on the Colorado River should not be the first option.
No We have current law that is sufficient.
No Supreme court recently ruled on this.
A robust economy starts with small business. If we continue to eliminate or stream line business regulations that stifle growth while we sustain our environment each Arizonian can prosper through investment in local workers. We have an economy that will sustain if we maintain our probusiness stance.
I support the legislation that was passed in the previous session.
305 I support a yes vote. I would like the legislature to have the ability at the request of the voters to change current law that would not be available under a referendum.

Securing the border is a federal requirement except in applying the National Guard. I support the use of the National Guard on the border. As long as the state of Arizona remains a state of law it should not encourage sanctuary cities. Tolerance invites abusive of the border like we have seen with the Children. Arizona employers need and value legal immigrants that work and fuel our economy.
It appears They have followed the rules of the house that have been left aside for a period of time.
there are details of maintaining hurf funds and other rural issues that will need to be addressed in the next session.
Except for water and its beneficial use we must remember were Arizona is. We are not the East coast or the West coast and we need to embrace our strengths as a state and not allow Arizona to try and become something it can not because of our geography.
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This candidate has not responded to the survey.
Age 54
Family Married 31 Years 4 children 3 grand children
Education AA Phoenix College 1985 Gateway College Harvard Executive Education State & Local Govt.
Work history My husband and I have owned Osborne Jewelers for 27 Years
Previous public office Goodyear City Council Member Vice Mayor 2007 - 2018
Campaign Phone (602) 859-1511
I have the most experience, knowledge and wisdom for the position of Representative, in Legislative District 13.My family came to Arizona in the 1880's and my love for this state runs deep and true. My experience as a mother, business owner, council member, current and past board member for many organizations, gives me insight on the issues facing our lives and state. I currently am a board member for the Abrazo West Hospital, have spent the last two years as our city representative on the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association, have been the Chair of Homelessness for Maricopa County Association of Government, was the Vice President of the Homeless Youth Connection, was on the board of the YMCA, Southwest Valley Chamber, have mentored hundreds of teenagers, and have worked hard for the City of Goodyear and our citizens.
I do support the Governor's 20 x 2020 plan, however, I do believe there are more discussions to be had and making sure the plan and future plans, have sustainable funding imperative. Not only is education critical for our children's success, but the desired workforce and economic future we will count on, makes education a driver that has the greatest of importance.
Arizona's responsibilities need to be budgeted with ongoing revenues for ongoing expenditures. What are the true costs of said items? First and foremost our state needs to go through Tax Reform.
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This candidate has not responded to the survey.
Help with collaborations between School Resource Officers, teachers, and counselors.
Tax reform needs to occur in our state. As we look at the full picture of our tax system and codes, I will always be hopeful for areas of positive change.
Absolutely not
I do not believe in Abortion.
We need to solidify our Drought Contingency Plan, conserve, and look into the future for new sources of water - such as desalinization.
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As a business owner, I am sensitive and respect the feelings of different viewpoints. However, I believe we run into a slippery slope of discrimination when we start to come up with ways to deny services. I do feel that on the flip side, there should also be protections given to businesses when faced with frivolous law suits.
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This item will be up to the people of Arizona to decide.
I will honor what the citizens of Arizona decide.
Being collaborative with Mexico and our federal government is vitally important to our state. We can help guide our federal government where there is lacking border enforcement, identifying where technology comes best into play, communicating the benefits of trade between Mexico and Arizona, continue the push to get thoughtful Immigration reform complete, and have strong communications on addressing, drug enforcement, smuggling, and sex trafficking.
Sexual harassment was brought to a head this past legislative year and I understand policies were put into place. Once elected, I will look over those policies and decide if they are strong enough and thorough enough to not allow any kind of harassment. I expect our elected's to act like Statesmen and Stateswomen.
We need to start planning for the declining funding that has been the Federal Match for Medicaid, I am happy to see that this year more people were able to remove themselves from the programs and have employment to better their lives. The best way to lower the amount of people on our health programs, is to keep them gainfully employed.
Water & Education
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This candidate has not responded to the survey.
Age 68
Family Married to Theresa for 38 years. Two adult children James and Rachel. Both are married. James is a business owner here in Arizona. Rachel is living in Japan where her husband is an executive for an international firm. They have three children, Ryan lives here in Arizona. Asher is an engineering student at UConn, and Michaela is attending a high school in Albany New York.
Education B.S. Physical Education, University of Illinois at Chicago Circle
Work history 2004-2012: Science Teacher, La Jolla Comm. H.S.; 2003: Univ of Phoenix, Enrollment Counselor; 2002-2003: Substitute Teacher, Peoria School District; 2001-2002, Biology Teacher, Millennium H.S.; 1989-2001: Vice-president Medical Technical Placements, Chicago, IL; 1989-1999: U.S. Naval Reserves, Commander, Retired; 1977-1989 U.S. Navy, Lieutenant Commander.
Previous public office None
I will represent the citizens of my district, not special interests, lobbyists, or deep pocketed and dark money groups. I will listen to the voters of Legislative District 13 and vote in the legislature to satisfy their demands. As demonstrated in the past decade representatives in the legislature have been more concerned in satisfying leadership more interested their own advancement than that of our citizen’s needs. When those who represent us fail to institute laws that the majority of its citizens demand then it is time to make changes and elect people who will find solutions and institute laws for the prosperity of all Arizonians.
No, it is not sustainable. We need comprehensive tax reform with dedicated allocations to state education K-12 and higher education.
Tax reform. Corporate tax breaks are a target to me and tax loop holes for special interests. Arizona has been cutting taxes for four decades. The result is what we have today. Our institutions struggle yearly to keep up with the demands of a growing population with dynamic social, health, technological, and economical changes. Stop cutting taxes to get the votes. Deal with the reality. Get innovative.
Absolutely not. If an institution is receiving public funds then that institution is obligated to adhere to all laws and regulations as their public counterparts.
I will support and defend the second amendment. I also believe in a democracy where ideas are brought forward, discussed, and voted upon by the citizenry. Here in Arizona, our democratic process is broken. Majority of our citizens want sensible gun control. I do not support “a gun for all solutions” mentality. I will support a ban on bump stocks and any device capable to turn any semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon. We need to institute universal background checks. Close the gun show loopholes. A ban on large capacity magazines. Ban the further sale of any assault rifle that fires a caliber greater than a .22L round. Raising the age to purchase a gun would elevate the seriousness to the public conscious of youth gun ownership. I support this idea. A stipulation for the young to purchase with the consent of parents should also be considered. Here the parents would also be responsible for the children’s safety and actions.
This is where we talk about our institutions being unable to accomplish their missions because of lack of funding. Schools require additional professional resource personnel who can identify the warning signs of students who may be troubled enough to commit these acts of violence. Programs to help these students must be developed and initiated. Strategies and tactics must be developed to identify troubled students through social media, police reports, and student body programs.
Eventually yes. I believe that we need to observe a while longer the process the states are going through that have legalized marijuana. Federal laws must be changed. Prior to legalizing marijuana, we need to ensure we have the infrastructure setup to handle the demands of such a social change.
No person, group, or government has the ethical right to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body. I will not support any law that places undo obstacles or burdens upon a woman that has to make life changing decisions for herself. She should be free of political pressures from outside groups. She should be free to consult with her medical and support people who she trusts to make the decision that is right for her wellbeing.

Hopefully we already have a plan. It should entail priorities for water allocations, conservation actions, public awareness announcements. In the long term we need to look at technological breakthroughs in water conservation. Possibility is that we need to think outside the box and look at water from the gulf or pacific to be desalinized and piped to us.
Yes. They are Americans and residents and deserve all the freedoms that the rest of us have in accordance to the constitution. They are our brothers, our sisters, uncles, aunts, fathers, mothers, our cousins, our doctors, our artists, our veterans, they are people, and they deserve our recognition of that fact.
No. When you open your doors to the public domain in the United States I believe you are obliged to accept the ideals of the U.S. Constitution and conduct your business in the spirit of freedom and justice for all.
A better education system directed and run by educators. Develop and encourage home grown small businesses. Grow a more diversified industry base, preferably from within the state. Continue to improve on transportation infrastructure. Encourage raising the wages of workers throughout the state.
No expansion of any quantity.
A supportive role when necessary. We have enough problems handling interior fallout from the border crossings. Our borders are the responsibility of the federal government. When you compare today’s numbers of crossings and apprehensions to the past we are doing well. Thank you, to the Border Patrol and Homeland Security personnel.
I am not aware of the actions that the legislature has taken. As a retired naval officer, I would not engage in such actions, nor would I ever encourage or condone any form of sexual harassment.
School safety. Form a commission with the goal to develop plans and strategies to prevent acts of violence against schools.
Climate change and drought.
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