Arizona Senate, District 10

Arizona's 30 state senators each represent a unique district of voters. Republicans have held the majority in recent years, although most recently by only a handful of votes.The job pays $24,000 a year, plus mileage and per-diem during session.

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    David Bradley

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Why are you the best person for the job?

Do you support the teacher pay-raise plan passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Doug Ducey? Why or why not?

State funding for Arizona schools remains below pre-recession levels. How should the state address funding for its schools in next year’s budget? How would you pay for any increases?

Does Arizona do enough to require accountability and transparency for charter schools?

Would you support stricter gun laws, including raising the minimum age to 21 for all gun purchases, banning bump stocks and universal background checks on gun sales between private parties?

What should Arizona do to prevent mass shootings in schools?

As a legislator, would you be inclined to support additional tax cuts for individuals or businesses? If so, which taxes would you like to see reduced?

Should recreational marijuana use be legalized in Arizona? Why or why not?

Has Arizona taken the right approach by increasing restrictions on abortion providers and clinics? Why or why not?

What should Arizona be doing to prepare for a potential water-shortage declaration on the Colorado River?

Would you support a statewide law that bans discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in public accommodations, such as restaurants and other businesses? Why or why not?

Would you support a statewide law to allow business owners and others to deny services to customers based on religious beliefs? Why or why not?

In terms of the economy, how can the Legislature best encourage sustainable growth that benefits people of all income levels?

Do you support further expanding the Empowerment Scholarship Account program, which provides state funding for private-school education?

What is your position on Proposition 305, the ballot measure that would repeal the Legislature’s 2017 expansion of the voucher program?

What role should Arizona play in helping the federal government secure the border with Mexico?

Has the Legislature done enough to address concerns about sexual harassment among its membership?

Is there an issue not mentioned about that you feel hasn’t received enough attention at the Capitol? How would you address it?

What is the greatest threat to Arizona’s future, and how would you address it?

Last spring, lawmakers – at the direction of the governor’s office – opted to not authorize the state’s expenditure of $56 million in federal aid for child-care costs for the working poor. Should the state accept the $56 million? Why or why not?

Family members who take in their relative’s children when the kids are removed from their parents’ home get a sliver of the money paid to foster parents, about $45 a month, compared to $650. What responsibility, if any, does the state have to these family members? Should they be paid the same as foster parents?

Age 67
Family Wife Debbie, four children, eight grandchildren
Twitter @bradley4AZ
Campaign Phone (520) 429-3062
This is my final run at legislative office. I have had the privilege of serving for 14 years and hope to finish off my career at the same place I started, working for the children of this state. During my tenure the state has grown in population and need and the legislature has consistently not kept up with that growth. My hope is that we can set the course to meet the needs of the state for generations to come by investing in our schools, our infrastructure and ensuring that our environment is protected and preserved. The state's work is never done and it will always require a legislature that is vigilant and diligent in utilizing its resources to provide for its current citizens and for the millions who will follow.
Yes, I supported the plan although with reservation in regard to the funding source. I believe it is naïve to assume that the growth in the economy alone will rise to meet the needs of the educational system.
I would prefer a mixture of sources; reducing the corporate income tax rates, a .4 sales tax increase, and a personal income tax increase. Evaluating the efficacy and utility of current tax deductions, exemptions and credits should be a high priority of the next legislature and governor's administration.
No, financial accountability is a problem. Charter schools are public schools and as such should be as accountable as any public district school is. The ends do not justify the means, even if a Charter School is high performing it should still be accountable to the public as to where its resources are going and who is benefiting from its contracting practices.
Yes, I would raise the minimum age for purchase, ban bump stocks and require universal background checks on all gun sales. The issue is responsibility. If you own a gun you are responsible for it use and it misuse.
There is no simple solution. It requires providing resources in schools such as school counselors and nursing staff. It involves schools engaging their communities and bringing in services as is appropriate. Schools should be given resources to improve their security as they see fit from both a technological perspective as well as personnel. Anti-bullying programs and resources must be provided to identify children who are struggling and who are becoming increasingly isolated and distraught. Teachers need training to help identify children more quickly who are beginning to isolate, who are constantly angry and agitated and who are making veiled or subtle threats to their peers or adults in the educational system. As noted in the question above, gun ownership is not simply a right it is a responsibility. Keeping guns from the depressed, agitated, isolated adolescent is goal we should all share.
Tax reform is a central issue across the board which touches all issues. Our tax codes dates back decades and was designed to meet the needs of the economy at that time. We need comprehensive reform to review and evaluate the usefulness of current tax deductions, exemptions and credits. We have to look at the TPT and evaluate how to expand the base and subsequently lower rates so that sales tax does not inadvertently hurt the poor anymore than it currently does. We have look at our income tax structure both on the corporate and personal income side and determine how we can fairly implement change that does not simultaneously stifle growth and the entrepreneurial spirit of investors.
I believe it should be legalized but do not believe that it should be widely promoted. It is ludicrous that individuals are convicted and sentenced as a function of their use of marijuana. I am not in favor of the broad commercialization of marijuana and would treat it much the same way we treat cigarettes.
No, this is an argument that will not likely progress until we can agree on some common ground of preventing unwanted and unplanned pregnancies. We should focus on the common ground of preventing the need for abortion. The restrictions on abortion services are primarily directed at the poor for whom little to no support is provided by the proponents of the restrictions. The poor have neither choice nor a life to fall back on without comprehensive support. A women has the right to do with her body as she sees fit.
The choices are conserve, collect and recycle. The state needs to invest in all three strategies in order to delay the need for a water-shortage declaration.
Yes, we should be so far beyond this even being a question. It is simple common decency.
No, I have consistently voted against those attempts. Again it is a function of common decency. It is a plural nation and as long as people are not harming one another they should be left to live their lives as they see fit and should be entitled to the services that commerce provides.
The state government must be the catalyst for business growth and opportunity. It should view business as a partner by providing adequate transportation, superior schools, ensuring that the environment is as healthy as possible. The state's growth is inevitable and that growth should be planned by government and the private sector together to ensure that those who follow us have the resources available to them to grow and sustain a healthy economy.
No. The issue is accountability. The ESA program as designed is woefully inadequate in regard to accountability. Those schools that accept ESA funds should be as accountable as the public school system is required to be.
I am hoping that people vote against the proposition and therefore repeal the legislature's planned expansion.
The border should be an economic development zone and not a war zone. The state's economy needs people to staff its agriculture and construction needs, not to mention the growing crisis in the delivery of basic heath care services. The state should function as an employment screener directing people who cross the boarder to those parts of the state and the country that need their skills.
Barely so, the legislature has to strive to be more open and sensitive to the needs of the public and the membership. Their can no tolerance of sexual harassment.
I would like people to focus on the notion of providing services in schools that assist children, and families for that matter, to be able to keep education as a high priority throughout the lifespan. I think we under utilize our school facilities and would like to promote the notion of community schools to provide services, particularly in those schools that are located in impoverished areas. Keeping children in school, providing them with decent healthcare, and ensuring that their families have access to the services they need to stay gainfully employed should be a high priority for the legislature.
Lack of comprehensive planning for inevitable growth is the greatest threat to Arizona's future. There are millions of people coming to Arizona in the coming decades. We need to plan for their arrival and invest in the infrastructure to ensure that they have fulfilling and productive lives. I would address this at multiple levels by convening people from our universities, the private sector, the non profit and faith communities and our government including elected and public servants to formulate multi-layered plans for what we want Arizona to look like 25 and 50 years from now. Their goals should be to craft plans that anticipate the needs of the many who will follow and lay out and promote strategies that will result in a vibrant economy, a world class educational system, the best transportation modalities and the conservation of our many natural resources.
Yes the state should accept the $56 Million. There is absolutely no acceptable reason to reject the money. It comes with no strings attached no matching. It helps individuals/families to return to the workforce and eventually get off of benefits.
Yes, or at least a reasonably close amount. It ultimately saves the state money to keep the child in the relative placement and reduces the need for case management and other supportive services that cost far more than the foster placement itself.
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