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The 5th Congressional District is a compact, solidly Republican, East Valley district that encompasses much of Mesa, Gilbert and portions of Chandler.Congressional representatives make $174,000 annually and serve two-year terms.

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What makes you the best person for the job?

How would you evaluate President Donald Trump’s priorities and performance so far?

Border security, especially a wall of some sort, and immigration reforms, in particular for those who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, have received a lot of attention. Would you require addressing either of these matters as a precondition to working on the other? Explain.

The national debt now tops $20 trillion. Can you give examples of the kinds of specific changes you are advocating to significantly address this issue?

f you are elected to the next Congress, who would you like to represent your party for top leadership in 2019? (Speaker, Majority Leader, Minority Leader) Explain.

Do you think the nation’s health care system should move closer to offering Medicare for all or back to what existed just before the Affordable Care Act? Explain.

Do you think human-caused climate change is a real and significant issue? What, if anything, should be done about it?

Do you think the Mueller investigation is a political witch hunt or a serious examination of election security and the rule of law? Explain.

Has the president properly imposed tariffs to protect U.S. jobs and national security? Explain.

What, if anything, should be done to address school security and gun violence more broadly? Explain.

What are some of the biggest contributing factors to the U.S. economy’s performance over the past year? What would you do to keep or change this?

On balance, do you think NAFTA has helped or hurt Arizona? Explain

Can you identify a significant policy area where you have broken with most in your party? Explain.

How much, if at all, does personal character and reputation matter for seeking public office?

What living politician do you consider your biggest role model? Explain.

Age 61
Family Married to my beautiful wife of 37 years. We have six children and four grandchildren.
I am the only candidate in this race with a proven voting record. While many candidates make campaign promises they won’t keep, my voting record proves that I keep my promises. Between my service in the United States Congress and the Arizona State Legislature, the voters in our district know where I stand. I believe that our representatives must be one of us to represent us. I have lived in this district for over 30 years. I have worked here, raised my family here, and been active in our community throughout that time.
From day one, President Trump’s “America First” policy has served to guide our Nation’s priorities and we continue to see tremendous progress as a result. In his first budget submitted to Congress, the president made his top two priorities perfectly clear: the security and prosperity of the American people.

Since then, we have set to work rebuilding our military and our economy. Today, our military is stronger than ever before and our law enforcement officers are being given the tools they need to keep us safe.

The economy continues to boom with unemployment rates at near-record lows and consumer confidence ratings at historical highs. Moreover, millions of Americans are benefitting from massive tax cuts and are keeping more of their hard-earned money as a result. Each of these accomplishments is remarkable by any standard. Fortunately for us, they now constitute the new normal.
The last presidential election made it clear that the American people want our borders secured and they want it now. I am leading legislation that provides funding and regulatory relief in order to build a border wall.

We have heard today’s arguments for amnesty and open borders before. We had the same debate in the 1980’s when our leaders attempted to solve the problem of illegal immigration by offering amnesty in exchange for increased border security and interior enforcement. The proponents of amnesty and open borders got what they wanted and reneged on their part of that deal.

To simply discard the lessons learned from previous attempts to address this issue, would be repeating the mistakes of the past. We cannot allow that happen. Good faith can be restored only by funding, starting, and completing the wall before other action is taken.
I agree with top national security advisors like Admiral Michael Mullen and Secretary James Mattis when they say that the greatest national security threat we face is our national debt. Our Nation has no future if we do not get our debt under control.

I recently introduced a bill with 36 cosponsors addressing the need for Congress to return to balanced budgets to address this threat.

In each of the last 2 months, we have received record federal tax revenue but have watched our deficit grow because our spending increases outpace our growth in tax revenue. Counter intuitional, when we stimulate the economy by reducing taxes and regulations, that increase in activities has a concomitant positive impact on tax revenue.
As I meet with my constituents to discuss today’s most pressing issues, it is clear that many of them know what needs to be done to get our country back on track. So, the question is: Why aren’t those things happening?

I believe that many of the challenges we face are simply the result of a failure of leadership. If our constituents know what needs to be done, but their leaders will not stand and fight for the principles they were elected to represent, then what hope do we have of solving our Nation’s problems?

In order to effectively deal with these challenges, we must have strong, dedicated, principled leadership that is unwavering in the face of the tremendous pressure that is often brought to bear in Washington, D.C. I believe that proven leaders like Congressman Jim Jordan and Congressman Mark Meadows have demonstrated their ability to maintain these essential leadership qualities under pressure and I would support their election to leadership positions.
A single-payer system is no solution. Even California and New York have pulled the plug on these extreme and unwieldly proposals. Health care costs have skyrocketed under Obamacare. These costs have been crushing consumers and government budgets alike.

Not only do these costs reduce access to quality health care, but the same factors that increase costs may jeopardize the quality of that care altogether. The more government-imposed barriers and market distortions we place between a physician and patient, the worse off we are.

Physicians are dedicated and skilled, and I believe that they know how to care for their patients better than any politician or bureaucrat. The sooner the doctor/patient relationship begins to look more like a personal relationship and less like the result of a system, the better off we’ll be. Physicians want to help their patients and I say we let them.
Proposals abound on the extent that government should intervene, and if so, in what manner, when we consider the discussion of anthropologic climate change. Too many of the suggested proposals penalize the United States while allowing developing nations to accelerate their economic progress with no accountability for their respective emissions. This is unfair and harmful to the United States.

When the United States engages in these discussions, it must make sure that American interests are primary. Those states that are the largest polluters should be responsible for their actions.
The public has watched the train-wreck of the Mueller investigation for over a year. Not a week goes by without a new revelation of bias at the highest levels of law enforcement. The leader of the Clinton hard-drive investigation was fiercely loyal to her; resulting in no prosecution. He left to lead the Russian election investigation and paraded his bias there before moving to the Mueller team.

The Clinton Presidential Campaign and Democratic National Committee paid for a discredited dossier relied on by the FBI and DOJ to obtain a warrant to spy on Americans contrary to federal law.

Investigators were coordinating with media. The Mueller team has been forced to replace numerous biased members because of their political hostility and consequently professional prejudice against the President.

The only upside to this investigation is the revelation of how difficult it is for representatives to hold accountable out-of-control bureaucrats and the political establishment’s elite.
The basic premise of the principle of free trade is fairness. Regrettably, some countries have been less interested in promoting fairness in the global marketplace and have pursued policies that would unfairly disadvantage their competitors. While the United States maintained well over 12,000 tariffs under the previous administration, it failed to adapt quickly enough to the changing conditions on the world’s economic stage.

Recently, President Trump stated that we support free trade, but it needs to be fair. Faced with the realities of bad actors and massive trade deficits, the president must use all of the tools at his disposal to deal with the current realities faced by the American worker.

The United States can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to the trade imbalances that have been allowed to persist for so long. President Trump campaigned on righting these wrongs and the American worker elected him to do just that.
A common characteristic of the tragedies befalling our schools has been a failure to intervene when ample warning signs were present. We must ensure that our laws are being properly administered.

As we search for ways to reduce criminal violence, it is important to realize that the law can only go so far. To be an effective advocate for change on this issue, we must work together in good faith to solve this problem holistically.

A disturbing trend among some who campaign against “gun violence” is the increase in their desire to institute sweeping restrictions on the ownership and carry of firearms. This is a mistake. The Second Amendment, state law, and subsequent court cases are very clear: the right of the citizens to keep and bear arms is a constitutionally protected right.

The law-abiding will follow the law, criminals will not. If we are to get serious about this issue as a society, we must acknowledge these facts and incorporate them in our pursuit of meaningful solutions.
The three biggest contributing factors to the success of our economy over the last year were:

1. The economic optimism that followed after the last election; 2. The promise and delivery of the historic tax cuts; and 3. The sustained efforts to review and eliminate job-killing regulations.

While these have yielded increased prosperity, confidence, and optimism in the American economy, we are not done yet. We will continue to listen closely to the workers and job-creators who have been ignored for too long by Washington, D.C. As we do so, we will be better equipped to ensure that they are given the tools they need to do what they do best.
When meeting with Arizona business owners who trade under NAFTA, the biggest complaint is that our neighbors to the South do not necessarily compete under the same regulatory scheme as American businesses. In our trade relationships we must make adjustments to assure that Arizona businesses are treated equitably.

Arizonans have worked hard to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace and in many ways, have succeeded. Today’s debate surrounding NAFTA is a healthy one, and it is critical that we continue to examine how the United States can increase its competitiveness on the global stage.

While future trade arrangements with Mexico and Canada will likely look a lot like NAFTA, it is my hope that improvements might be made to better serve American businesses and American workers. This has long been a key part of the president’s agenda and I am optimistic about the negotiations going forward.
Today, there is no doubt that the most important issue we face is our national debt. As I said before, our country has no future if we do not get our debt under control.

While a number of politicians have put this issue at the forefront of their campaigns, the unfortunate fact is that many continue to push for spending policies that are entirely unsustainable. When members of my party choose to advance those policies that go against the party platform and the promises we have made, my commitment to my constituents and sound fiscal principles forces me to vote against those measures.

Our national debt is a national security threat. Among other things, my constituents elected me to be a voice for fiscal sanity and a vote for responsible policy. I will never forget that and I will keep my promises to my constituents.
It is critical to consider the personal character and reputation of a candidate who is seeking public office but equally important is the candidate’s ability to do the job he was sent to do.

One measure of a candidate is how well he has kept his promises to the voters. Trust is built upon a series of kept promises.
Age 59
Family Two sisters and a brother. Numerous cousins, nephews, nieces, the family I have and the family I choose and my rescue dogs.
Twitter @joangreeneaz
Campaign Phone (480) 253-8752
The skills and proven strategies I have used in my business of 31 years, will be the skills I use to not only be a successful Congresswoman but to put us back on the path for prosperity and security for everyone. 1) I have the Business experience to grow the economy. 2) I know what our kitchen table problems are and I will provide realistic solutions. We must strive for a better government that helps and not hurts our Community. 3) I have the foresight to know our problems of today will not be the problems of tomorrow. We must be proactive and not reactive as we prepare for our future. 4) I work for and with the people of Congressional District 5, not for the donors or an industry. 5) I believe in more listening than talking. The people in Congressional District 5 have the solutions to their problems and they are starved for someone to listen to them and implement their ideas. They want and deserve a Congresswoman who will be transparent and accessible.
I believe President Trump is lacking the leadership and guidance our Country needs. The President is supposed to bring our Nation together and build a stronger coalition with our allies, instead his goal is to divide.

Our President, like every President before him, has the potential to protect our American workers and families, and improve on what past President's have done. He has the opportunity to establish his own postive legacy but instead he has chosen to go the opposite direction.

As a business person, I know we must put away the hammer and bring out the velvet glove. We must negotiate for postive outcomes for everyone.
Border security and immigration are two separate issues that must be addressed separately. Americans never wanted a wall to divide us from Mexico, who is our neighbor, our friend and a part of our economy. We need to have a strong border and this can be accomplished with more people and technology. We must have a border patrol who treat people with respect and humanely.

We must enforce our immigration laws for those who come into our country legally and overstay their Visas. We must not grant dual citizenship to women who come from Russia with the sole purpose to have their babies to gain USA citizenship.

Dreamers who have been here since children must be given citizenship. They have contributed to our community, provided jobs, they grow our economy and they are our neighbors and friends.
To start we must rescind the corporate welfare that added 1.5 trillion dollars to our debt.

We can cut fraud by reinstating the Recovery Audit Contractor program, to recover improper Medicare payments. Citizens Against Government Waste estimated that the government could save $24 billion over five years by restarting the program.

Update the Social Security death records. There are 6.5 million active Social Security numbers that belong to people who are at least 112 years old and likely deceased. This puts the government at risk of fraud and waste.

Every government department needs to be audited to remove the waste and fraud including the people who perpetrate the approval of the fraud.

Governement contracts must go to those who are qualified not to the buddies of the decision maker
I do not have an opinion since we do not know who will be vying for the positions.
Health care system should move closer to Medicare for all. We are the only country where a person can go bankrupt because of an unexpected health issue, both small and large. We can follow the model of other countries where the government covers the basic medical needs and people can buy supplemental coverage for things like prescription drugs, dental care and eyeglasses.
Human-caused climate change is real and significant. We need to divest from fossil fuels and invest in renewables. Protect our mangroves and commit to forest restoration which helps store the carbon. Consider water an asset and have in place a water source protection. We must also help the people who will be displaced from their jobs when their industry is reduced or goes away, with stressing economic development grants and job re-training.
17 indictments and 5 guilty pleas to date, says loud and clear it is not a witch hunt. We must elect people who do not obstruct the law for partisan reasons and obey the rule of law. Nobody is above the law.
The President has not properly imposed tariffs to protect U.S. jobs. We are now in a trade war and every day U.S. companies are going to different countries to manufacture their products, to avoid the tariffs from those who were once our trading allies. Farmers, companies who use steal or aluminum, my own industry to name a few industries will suffer because of higher prices.The people who will be hurt are our workers and families who do not have the advantage of winning $10 million dollars.
I am a big supporter of the 2A but I also know we can have responsible common sense gun reform at the same time. 97% of the people, which include gun owners, want to raise the age to purchase a handgun to 21 years old, ban bump stocks that enable semi-automatic weapons to fire more rapidly, require handgun purchasers to obtain a license prior to purchase and mandate a “Red Flag” Law.

The U.S. House approved a school safety bill that focused exclusively on school security and mental health policies, including money to train school officials and first responders, increasing school security and providing money to develop programs to deal with possible threats.
We need to improve our support for small businesses. Our country's biggest asset is our workforce and we must continue to support and invest in our people.

Arizona has 553,779 small businesses which account for one million jobs or 44.5% of the private workforce. I would encourage large companies and the federal government to hire small businesses, expand the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, increase grants for research and development and improve loan programs for women and minority owned businesses.

NAFTA has helped Arizona. Two-hundred-thirty thousand jobs in Arizona are at risk and impact the exports of commodities. That being said, we must protect our American workers and not outsource to the lowest bidder. When we produce in America and pay livable wages, our economy will flourish. When companies hire they must pay a livable wage with health benefits when they meet the employee hire criteria. This will help provide fair trade between Canada and Mexico.
It matters 100% to me the personal character and reputation for seeking and retaining public office. Right now we have elected officials who are turning a blind eye to sex abuse, corruption, voting for the benefit of their donors and not for the good of their constituents. They obstruct justice and waste tax payer money on not doing the job they should be doing which is to improve our economy, our community and our families. Elected officials spend more time in front of the TV cameras than they do talking one-on-one with their constituents. We must have our elected officials be transparent, accountable and accessible to the voters.
My biggest role model is my Father and not a politician.

These are just a few of the people who helped our Country that I appreciate: Jimmy Carter's humanitarian work after he left office. Barak Obama's for improving and protecting our families lives, inspiration and encouragment to bring our Country together to name just a few items. Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal to restore prosperity to Americans. Ronald Reagan who appointed Sandra Day O’Connor to the Supreme Court, who became the first female Supreme Court Justice. In 1945 Harry Truman proposed a “universal” national health insurance program.

Many politicians have contributed to the overall positive fabric of our Country.