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    Brittany Burback

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    Vicki Hunt

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Age 35
Family Married to my husband Brian for 6 years with two daughters, Reagan (2 years old) and Rowan (6 months).
Education Peoria High School, Arizona State University, Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law Arizona State University- Highest Pro Bono Distinction, Editor of Law Journal for Social Justice
Work history National Lawyers Guild, Hispanic National Bar Association, ACLU Member. Worked for Honeywell managing international, multimillion dollar contracts. I worked for a Tribe managing various contracts. Recently opened a law firm with my brother with the goal of running for City Council in mind.
Previous public office N/A
Campaign Phone (623) 969-3434
I grew up in Peoria and want to protect Peoria’s history. However, I also want to see Old Town develop into a place for residents to enjoy with their families. I am disappointed with the lack of communication from our elected officials. I believe everyone in the community should feel represented and a part of any change to their neighborhoods. I believe my experience as an attorney will also help in securing better contracts with City partners, and more efficient use of taxpayer dollars.
I have lived in Arizona for 32 years.
I have lived in the Peoria area for over 25 years.
I am 33 years old
I bring a fresh perspective on the issues facing our community and value Peoria’s unique history and culture. I will host monthly district meetings throughout the Acacia district where we can address the needs of our community. As an attorney, I will ensure that city contracts are fair and tax-payer efficient. I live, work, and am raising my family in Peoria. I am invested in Peoria’s future.
Growth needs support meaning services, infrastructure, and long-term planning. We cannot place band-aids on areas that experience rapid growth. We need a comprehensive 3, 5, and 10-year plan that considers all of our Peoria residents. Not just those in new developments.
I want to create incentives for businesses in Old Town Peoria and attract new businesses, such as a shared workspace or hub, more restaurants, and venues to be with our families close to home. I also want to protect the historic buildings in our Old Town Peoria as we have already lost too many. It is my goal to preserve our culture and history as one of the first settlements in Arizona
What one person sees as a problem, a forward-thinking person sees as an opportunity. Peoria has the opportunity to create a comprehensive plan for all its growth - complimenting it with public services and essential infrastructure. My feeling, and many of those I have spoken with, is the City needs to consider all the vacant office buildings, empty storefronts, and deserted lots in and around Old Town Peoria. Those of us in the Acacia district, our neighborhoods, and our business community, must be included in a comprehensive plan for growth in Peoria. I will facilitate those opportunities.
Age 77
Family Married for 24 years with three adult children and four grandchildren.
Education Bachelor’s Degree in English at Grand Canyon College, and then graduated from Chapman University Summa Cum Laude with a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. Additional study at Breadloaf School of English in Vermont and Oxford University in England.
Work history After a long career in education with our local Peoria High School, I have proudly served 11 total years of the Peoria City Council. I also have a background in small business formerly owning and operating the Old Town Bed and Breakfast.
Previous public office I served two terms on the Peoria City Council starting in 2004. I was encouraged by many neighborhood leaders, friends, and civic leaders to return to the council in 2014. I was appointed by Governor Brewer to serve a term on the Arizona Commission on the Arts.
Campaign Phone (602) 528-3694
It has been a privilege to call Peoria home for the past 20 years. I truly love this city. It has been my honor to work with the people of the Acacia District to build a stronger community – together. In addition, I have an unparalleled track record of increasing public safety, promoting community engagement, supporting neighborhood revitalization, and helping achieve big things for Old Town. I have been actively engaged in our community for a long time and am excited by the opportunity to do more.
My roots run deep in the West Valley – my mother was an Arizona native and my father was an airman at Luke Field, I was born in Glendale.
I was born in Glendale but spent my entire career teaching at Peoria High School. I have lived in Peoria for the past 20 years.
I served two terms on the Peoria City Council starting in 2004. I was encouraged by many neighborhood leaders, friends and civic leaders to return for the council again in 2014. I am also actively involved in the Peoria Historical Society, Friends of Peoria Public Library, Theater Works and the Peoria Rotary Club.
Yes, Peoria is heading in the right direction and has a council that works well together and puts Peoria’s needs first. I am proud to be part of a team that functions so effectively. We have accomplished a lot when it comes to public safety, fiscal responsibility and attracting quality development. The amount of effort, commitment and innovative ideas brought forward by this group of leaders has brought success to our communities. In the Acacia District we have seen a decrease in our crime rates, and because of efforts dedicated to paving alleys, painting fences, and removing decaying buildings, we have seen vast improvements throughout our community.
We have accomplished a lot when it comes to public safety, fiscal responsibility and attracting quality development. Alongside many others who believe in south Peoria’s potential, we have worked hard to revitalize our Old Town and continue efforts to build a unique arts district and enhance our neighborhoods. Promoting these forward-thinking ideas support economic development and generate valuable opportunities for potential employers.
One of my top priorities is the revitalization of Old Town Peoria. We have made great strides attracting new and unique developments. We need to continue to build on that momentum and help realize the vision of building a unique destination for families and friends to gather and enjoy all that our area has to offer. Our downtown is bursting with potential — on the cusp of celebrating its past by bringing exciting shops, restaurants and open common spaces. But my work here isn’t done. I want to serve another four years because while we have accomplished a lot, there is still more to be done.