California Congressional District 1

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    Audrey Denney

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    Doug La Malfa

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Guns: Describe federal gun restrictions or policies you would change.

Health care: Do you support a ““single-payer” health care system? Explain.

Immigration: How should California work with the Trump administration on immigration?

Taxes: Explain why the federal income tax overhaul enacted by Congress is a good thing or bad thing for Californians.

Marijuana: Do you favor decriminalizing marijuana under federal law? Explain.

Entitlement programs: What changes are needed to Medicare and Social Security?

Age 36
Birthplace (city) Visalia
Residence (city) Chico
Campaign address P.O. Box 5174
Chico, CA 95927
Campaign telephone (530) 592-0756
Education Master's of agriculture education, CSU Chico, 2014; bachelor's degree, agriculture education, CSU Chico, 2007.
Experience Senior designer of worldwide agriculture learning, Vivayic; former instructor, CSU Chico; board member, Cristosal human rights group.
Gun violence and the loss of life associated with it is tragic. I grew up on a family farm where we responsibly used firearms on a regular basis to protect our livestock and crops. I am committed to common-sense gun control reform while ensuring farmers, ranchers, and sportsmen still have access to the firearms they need. This includes: Universal background checks, and keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, other violent criminals and the severely mentally ill by expanding Extreme Risk Protective Orders (called Gun Violence Restraining Order in California).
I believe health care is a human right - not a privilege. It is enshrined as such as in article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Medicare is a Godsend to our seniors, and is an example of how we can provide this basic right to all our citizens. I will work to guarantee universal, high-quality health care through single-payer/Medicare for All while prioritizing improving the Affordable Care Act to immediately assist those suffering the burden of excessive health care costs.
I will work for comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform that protects DACA recipients, includes a pathway to citizenship, fixes the visa backlog, and protects family reunification. I also want to prioritize working to improve conditions in Latin America by supporting the institution-building work of the State Department.
The Republican tax bill overhauls the nation’s tax system to favor corporations and the wealthiest among us. It is wildly irresponsible to cut taxes when the current taxes aren’t even enough to fund the government. This bill will add $1.5 trillion to the deficit over the next 10 years. A significant number of residents are likely to see a tax hike because of new caps to popular deductions - like state and local tax credits, mortgages and charitable deductions.
The FDA is exploring the use of a cannabis-based drug as a treatment for epilepsy, and yet cannabis is still listed as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning it has no medical benefit. I believe that cannabis should be de-scheduled federally. Additionally, our prison system and law enforcement officials are overburdened. The criminalization of marijuana has helped to create this problem. Many states have taken leadership roles in decriminalizing or even legalizing marijuana. Early results indicate we need to explore this as a nation.
Social Security is the most successful anti-poverty program we have ever had. Social Security reflects our shared belief that every American should be able to retire with dignity after decades of hard work. That no American should face poverty because he or she is disabled, or when a loved one dies. Social Security offices are closing across the nation and are understaffed. I would work to defend Social Security from the threats of privatization, work to ensure the offices can stay open to serve seniors, and fight to make sure the wealthiest pay their fair share so the program can be sustainable. Over 3 million Americans would fall into poverty without Medicaid. Republican policies continue to shrink health care access and drive up health care costs for working families. I would fight to restore the individual mandate, stabilizing insurance markets, and advocate for Medicaid expansion for all states so people don’t die because they don’t have health insurance.
Age 60
Birthplace (city) Oroville
Residence (city) Richvale
Campaign telephone (530) 712-3675
Campaign email
Education Bachelor's degree, ag/business, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, 1982.
Experience Fourth-generation rice farmer; lifelong resident of Northern California; past member, California Assembly and Senate.
I firmly believe in the individual right to keep and bear arms. I am proud to have co-sponsored the national concealed-carry reciprocity act that would allow those who are licensed in one state to carry concealed in every state. I do not believe we need further restrictions; we need to enforce the laws already on the books.
No, single-payer means government-run health care, plain and simple. Anything run exclusively by the government costs more and delivers lower quality. Both nationally and in California, the cost to run such a program would be staggering. Estimates say it would cost $400 billion for California alone and nationally costs would exceed $2.8 trillion a year. The taxes to cover the inferior health care would be crushing. Improving access means more options that are truly affordable. Much more emphasis to lower costs by decreasing frivolous lawsuits, defensive medicine in fear of lawsuits, regulations and paperwork that don't improve care or safety and more options that consumers actually like. None of those items are fixed by centrally planned, government-run health care.
California should join with the federal government and embrace LEGAL immigration and oppose illegal immigration. A reasonable program for agriculture is needed and there are ideas already working their way through Congress. California should rescind the dangerous sanctuary state law immediately. The state should work with the federal government to remove criminals and secure the border so that we have control over who enters and how long they stay. We should welcome legal immigration, not illegal immigration.
For my district in Northern California, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a huge success. Businesses are expanding and making investments, including hiring new employees. People of all income brackets are seeing a real tax cut and taking home more each month. I am in strong support of cutting taxes, allowing Northern Californians and all Americans to keep more of what they earn and save.
No. I see no reason to change existing laws on marijuana. The state legalization of the drug has led to more societal problems including pollution, tax avoidance, crime and violence. I don’t believe that further decriminalization will change that outcome and will likely make it worse. The continued studies of Colorado’s legalization show increased usage among teens and young adults, increases in property crime, and increases in drug-related vehicle accidents. There is no data to show that further decriminalization won’t further exacerbate the problem.
A promise has been made and the promise should be kept. Those approaching retirement and in retirement have made plans and depend on Medicare and Social Security. Many in younger generations, however, feel like they are paying into the system and will never get their money back. We have long-term problems including low rates of return, and the decreasing numbers of those paying compared to the number of people receiving payments. The system will need changes to continue long-term. Limited means testing, individual accounts and increasing age requirements need to be explored. All of those changes would apply to those who are younger and can plan to adapt to the changes, and not to those already in or nearing the program.