California Assembly District 3

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    Sonia Aery

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    James Gallagher

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Health care: Do you support a “single-payer” health care system? Explain.

Housing: Do you agree with rent control? Explain. What should government do to solve the housing shortage?

Gas tax: Do you support the gasoline tax and other transportation fee increases to fix roads? If not, how should the state pay for road repairs?

High-speed rail: What should the state do next with the program?

Climate: Explain what efforts, if any, the state should make to combat global warming.

Criminal justice: Explain why you agree or disagree with changes California has made to lower the prison population by setting different sentences for some crimes and changing parole rules.

Birthplace (city) Chico
Residence (city) Chico
Campaign telephone (530) 444-9005
Education Bachelor's degree, community & regional development, UC Davis; master's, city & regional planning, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.
Experience Housing advocate, 10 years; insurance agency owner, 3 years.
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Age 39
Birthplace (city) Yuba City
Residence (city) Yuba City
Campaign telephone (530) 420-5066
Education Law degree, UC Davis, 2007; bachelor's degree, political science, UC Berkeley, 2003.
Experience California State Assemblyman, 2014-present; Sutter County Supervisor, 2008-14.
No. It will cost taxpayers $400 billion dollars per year. To put this into perspective, the entire state budget – including roads, schools, universities, prisons and more – is around $125 billion annually.
I do not support rent control. The housing shortage and high cost of housing is largely influenced by restrictive zoning codes, a tortuous planning process, high government fees and other government regulations.
No. I co-authored a plan that would have helped fix our roads without raising taxes. Assembly Democrats did not even allow a vote on the proposal. Don't buy the lie. We can absolutely fix our roads without raising taxes. It's a matter of priorities.
High-speed rail is a disaster. California should not waste one more penny pursuing this failed project. Instead, let's invest in our existing roads, bridges and highways.
We are already a leader on climate change - at great cost to jobs and the economy. Other states and countries should enact their own reforms before California does anything else.
I 100% disagree. Policies like Prop. 47, Prop. 57 and AB 109 are releasing dangerous criminals back into our communities. This makes our communities and our children less safe.