California Assembly District 4

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    Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

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Health care: Do you support a “single-payer” health care system? Explain.

Housing: Do you agree with rent control? Explain. What should government do to solve the housing shortage?

Gas tax: Do you support the gasoline tax and other transportation fee increases to fix roads? If not, how should the state pay for road repairs?

High-speed rail: What should the state do next with the program?

Climate: Explain what efforts, if any, the state should make to combat global warming.

Criminal justice: Explain why you agree or disagree with changes California has made to lower the prison population by setting different sentences for some crimes and changing parole rules.

Age 65
Birthplace (city) San Luis Obispo
Residence (city) Winters
Campaign address P.O. Box 1173, Winters CA
Campaign telephone (530) 505-1665
Education Bachelor's degree, accounting, San Jose State, 1985.
Experience Assemblymember, CA District 4, 2016-present; first woman mayor, City of Winters; former chair, Yolo Housing Commission; former Board of Directors member, Sacramento Council of Governments; former vice chair, Yolo County Water Commission.
I support universal health care and am working with health advocates, stakeholders and labor to ensure every Californian, regardless of status or location, is insured and has access to health care. I've also authored legislation to rein in costs.
Yes - but how that works varies from big cities to rural areas. We passed bond and fee-based financing and reformed local planning and zoning laws. As chair of Local Govt. Committee, we're looking at measures to increase affordable housing statewide.
Our roads, bridges and infrastructure needs have been put off for too long. The gas tax was a way to fill many of these unmet needs, including important projects in my district. But we do need to rethink how to fund infrastructure in the future.
There is no doubt that CA needs better transportation solutions, and HSR holds such promise. But like many I have concerns about cost overruns and mismanagement, and I fear until those issues are addressed, this project will never reach completion.
Climate change is perhaps the greatest challenge we face as a state, a country and a planet. I have and will support all reasonable efforts to reduce carbon emissions and help leave our grandchildren and great-grandchildren with a livable planet.
Our penal system makes us safer when it focuses on rehabilitation, not just punishment. I supported bills to allow greater judicial discretion in sentencing and also incentivize young offenders to join rehabilitation programs.