California Assembly District 5

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    Frank Bigelow

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    Carla J. Neal

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Health care: Do you support a “single-payer” health care system? Explain.

Housing: Do you agree with rent control? Explain. What should government do to solve the housing shortage?

Gas tax: Do you support the gasoline tax and other transportation fee increases to fix roads? If not, how should the state pay for road repairs?

High-speed rail: What should the state do next with the program?

Climate: Explain what efforts, if any, the state should make to combat global warming.

Criminal justice: Explain why you agree or disagree with changes California has made to lower the prison population by setting different sentences for some crimes and changing parole rules.

Age 65
Birthplace (city) Fresno
Residence (city) O'Neals
Campaign telephone (559) 348-3372
Campaign email
Education Sierra High School graduate
Experience Rancher & owner of Bigelow Farms; senior vice president, Ponderosa Telephone Co.; Madera County Board of Supervisors, 1998-2012; state assemblyman, 5th Assembly District, 2012-present.
A government-run health care system would result in hardworking Californians facing tax increases that they simply cannot afford. A $400 billion price tag for a single-payer health care system is burdensome for California’s middle class.
Rent control is the wrong solution for California's housing crisis and does not address the real problem. We need to encourage new affordable housing construction for our middle-class families, seniors and veterans.
The gas tax should be repealed. California has a budget surplus that could be used to fix our crumbling infrastructure. Californians do not need to be taxed to fix our roads when we already pay some of the highest taxes in the nation.
High-speed rail has far exceeded its original cost estimates and the project is running behind schedule. We need to use voter-approved bonds to fix existing rail systems. California voters agree: today's high-speed rail is not what they asked for.
California already has the strictest climate goals of any state in the nation. California needs to allow businesses throughout California to adjust to meet these stringent requirements and stop implementing new regulations on our business community.
California has become weak on crime and the dangerous changes Sacramento has made to our criminal justice system put communities at risk. Victims, their families and our communities are vulnerable when dangerous criminals are released early.
Age 55
Birthplace (city) Columbus, Ohio
Residence (city) Madera
Campaign telephone (559) 514-1601
Education Master's in environmental law & policy, Vermont Law School; master's in education, Fresno State; bachelor's degree, political science, San Jose State; two California teaching credentials.
Experience Public education teacher, K-community college levels, 25 years; trustee, Golden Valley Unified School District Board; reading instructor, Fresno City College; mobile notary public business; entrepreneur.
Yes, because I care, I support a "single-payer" health care system, Healthy California Act, SB 562, and supplemental bills for statewide implementation of an equal, comprehensive, affordable and accessible health care plan for all Californians.
Yes, I agree with rent control and would like to help repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act, which limits cities' ability to expand rent control. Cities and counties need more help with solutions for sustainable, affordable housing and to end homelessness.
Yes, the 12-cent gas tax, enacted last November, is a sound investment for our common good. Our roads and bridges will be safer and less congested. It may help to reduce MPG and tire replacement when roads are designed more efficiently and smoother.
Yes, I support high-speed rail and we need to be better at building this type of public transportation. While expensive, HS rail will last 100-plus years, longer than most roads, and pay for itself over time. Cheaper to pay for now than later.
Yes, I will expand efforts to address climate change with more clean renewable energy, electric cars and infrastructure, like bike lanes, and provide legislation for more staffing of CalFire to manage healthy forests and to protect life and property.
We have been incarcerating more people than any other nation. Nonviolent inmates were moved to county jails closer to their family, for a better chance at rehabilitation. I support Community Restorative Justice.