Sacramento Measure K: City charter changes

Measure K would amend the Sacramento City Charter in two ways. It would make the city auditor a position appointed by the City Council, and it would change how the council schedules all of its meetings. Meetings would be scheduled annually by resolution. The measure would also repeal a section of city code that would move some job functions from the office of the independent budget analyst to the city auditor. Yes: For the measureArgument in favor: The measure would create an independent and strong city auditor that will guarantee fiscal accountability and oversight for public spending. The auditor will protect taxpayers from waste, fraud and abuse.Supporters: Steve Hansen, vice mayor of Sacramento; Rick Jennings, council member; Claudia Bonsignore, president of League of Women Voters of Sacramento; Angelique Ashby, council member; Nicolas Heidorn, policy & legal director of California Common CauseNo: Against the measureArgument against: The proposed changes are ill-conceived. Measure K will add nothing that is not already available to the city. There is no need to add the position to the city charter to protect its viability.Opponent: Larry Carr, council member

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  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure