Proposition 3

Proposition 3 -- Water bondsWhat it does: Authorizes $8.9 billion in bonds for water projects, including drinking water improvements ($3 billion), fisheries ($2.9 billion), habitat protection (940 million), water conveyance ($855 million), groundwater sustainability ($685 million), dams and dam repairs, including Oroville ($472 million).How much it costs: The Legislative Analyst’s Office estimates the state would pay $430 million a year for 40 years to cover the bonds and interest – $17.2 billion in all for $8.9 billion in bonds.

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  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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Statements for and against the measure:

Supporters: Ducks Unlimited; variety of water, conservation, wildlife and agricultural advocacy groups; Gerald Meral, former Resources Agency secretary who organized the measure.

What they say: The projects funded by the bonds would protect California’s water supply. The money would provide benefits for fish and wildlife habitat, farms, cities and recreation. Repairing Oroville Dam and building more storage would provide safety and more water.
Opponents: Taxpayers’ groups.

What they say: The state has authorized $29 billion in water bonds since 1996 with little to show for it. The bonds are very expensive and would likely lead to higher taxes. None of the money would go to build new dams.