Proposition 4

Proposition 4 -- Children’s hospital bondsWhat it does:The measure authorizes $1.5 billion in bonds for expansions, renovations and equipment at children’s hospitals. Eight nonprofit hospitals would get 75 percent of the money, while five children’s hospitals at the University of California would get 18 percent. The other 10 percent would go to 150 eligible nonprofits that treat children with chronic conditions. How much it costs:The Legislative Analyst’s Office says the bonds would cost an average of $80 million a year over the next 35 years, or $2.9 billion in principal and interest.

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Statements for and against the measure:

Supporters: California Children’s Hospital Association; California’s eight nonprofit children’s hospitals; California Medical Association.

What they say: The 13 children’s hospitals provide critical care to children 2 million times a year, and the money would provide more capacity so more kids could be treated. Research continues to find medical breakthroughs for kids’ health, which increases demand for children’s hospitals.

Gary Wesley, an attorney and frequent opponent of ballot measures

What they say:

More bond sales could create the need to raise taxes.

Improving the entire health care system is a bigger priority.