Proposition 11

Proposition 11 -- Private ambulances What it does: The measure would continue the longstanding practice of private ambulance companies requiring workers to be on call during rest and meal breaks. A 2016 court decision said such practices were illegal under California workplace rules. The measure also seeks to head off litigation that has been brought over the rules, but it is unclear whether the existing lawsuits would be negated. It also would require the companies to give employees specific training and provide mental health services.How much it costs: The Legislative Analyst’s Office estimates companies would avoid paying more than $100 million a year by not providing off-duty meal breaks that would be required if the court decision were enforced. That savings could ultimately be passed on to local governments that contract with the companies.

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  • No - Against the Measure

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Statements for and against the measure:

Supporters: American Medical Response.

What they say: The measure would protect public safety by allowing companies to continue the longstanding practice of having paramedics remain on-call during their work breaks in case of an emergency.
Opponents: Opponents have not formed a campaign committee to raise money, nor filed an official ballot statement.