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Idaho Senate District 11

Incumbent: Republican Patti Anne LodgeTerm: Two yearsSalary: $16,684

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    Patricia Day Hartwell

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    Patti Anne Lodge

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Biographical Information

Name your three priorities for Idaho. Do you support current policy on them? if not, describe your alternate plan. How would you pay for your proposals that have costs associated with them?

How should Idaho address the health care needs of the 78,000 residents in the so-called gap population? Do you support Medicaid expansion in some form? Some other proposal? Please address funding for the option you prefer.

What is the state's obligation to public schools? Is Idaho spending enough on buildings, teachers and operations? How can Idaho improve its go-on rate for students leaving high school?

What is your position on the relationship between the federal government, the states and local governments? Is the state right or wrong to hinder or pre-empt action on the local level? Should the state work to take more ownership or control of federal lands in Idaho?

Name three actions taken by the Legislature this past session that you opposed. Name three you supported or would support. Explain.

What is the proper role of a part-time citizen Legislature? Do you think Idaho’s current system works? Does the Legislature function well or do you see need for changes or improvements?

Do you support your party’s presidential nominee? Explain. Include in your answer who you plan to vote for and why.

Have you been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, a misdemeanor or felony or had a withheld judgment? If so, what, when and where?

Have you or a company you owned filed bankruptcy? If so, when and where?

Age 47
Education University of Idaho, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (1997)
Prior political experience Previous campaigns and various political organizations, including leadership positions
Civic involvement Religious and volunteer organizations, including leadership positions
Years living in Idaho 26
Family Married, 10 children, 2 grandchildren
I have one goal in mind, and that is to secure the liberty of the citizens of Idaho. To do that I believe we need to take the following steps:

1. Replace the state constitution with one modeled after the federal constitution. Just as the federal constitution is a contract between sovereign states, the Idaho constitution should form a contract between sovereign counties, respecting the limited role of government at the state level.

2. Repeal all existing Idaho code that does not conform to the proper role of government, which is almost all of it. Most state agencies would need to be disbanded or transitioned to the private sector. In its place, enact legislation that appropriately punishes crime, properly defined as the violation of another’s rights.

3. Enforce the U.S. constitution and nullify any non-conforming actions and policy of the federal government. Additionally, to restore state sovereignty and representation, the state needs to seek repeal of the 14th, 16th, and 17th amendments.

My proposal would eliminate most taxes and free up the economy; however, the citizens of Idaho should know that it would come at the cost of increased individual responsibility.
The debate is being framed in such a way as to suggest that the government needs to do something to provide health insurance to some missed segment of society. The wrong questions are being asked. The only reason this so-called gap population exists is due to bad policy resulting in government control over the health care and health insurance industries. Why are we not questioning the very existence of Medicaid and Idaho’s implementation of the “Affordable” Care Act? Why are we not questioning the insane amount of regulations placed on the industry?

Medicaid and the “Affordable” Care Act represent socialistic welfare programs– the redistribution of wealth by the force of government. The problem that needs to be solved is not with the gap population, but with the programs that affect the rest of society. We need to repeal all state code related to the regulation of health care and insurance, and nullify the related unconstitutional federal mandates.

The poor can be cared for without the inefficient and demeaning programs dictated by the force of the state. Paying taxes is not a charitable act.
Public education, the 10th plank of the Communist Manifesto, is the largest welfare program and social control operation in the state. I don’t have the individual right to demand that my neighbor pay for my child’s education under the threat of his life. Similarly, I don’t have the individual right to dictate what my neighbor teaches his child under the threat of his life. And yet, that is exactly what is happening in the name of public education by the state. Government is force, and educational policy implementing public schools is no exception.

We need to remove government control and funding of education by eliminating the mandate to establish “free” schools in the state constitution, repealing existing code related to education, transitioning public schools to the private sector, and nullifying federal control and funding of education.

Spending is not indicative of educational quality, and the poor would be better educated without being homogenized and force fed a humanistic philosophy destructive to liberty by a government program that appeals to the lowest common denominator.
I believe that counties should be sovereign entities rather than subdivisions of the state, and that concept could apply to even more localized geographical boundaries. The powers granted to counties and the state should be defined and restricted to their proper role, much like the federal government was designed to be.

The federal government was created by a compact between sovereign states which restricts federal ownership of land within states to “Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings”. Any land ownership outside of this is unconstitutional and should be nullified by the state.

However, the move to put federal land under state control is short sighted. Government control over lands can be just as problematic at the state level as it is at the federal level. Just as the constitution defines appropriate land ownership for the federal government, we need to restrict state ownership of land in the state constitution. Then, all federal and state lands in excess of these particular use cases should be transferred to private ownership.
Other than adjourning, I pretty much opposed everything the legislature did this past session, including the decision to comply with the REAL ID Act. This past session was spent preparing 831 new pieces of legislation, introducing 557 bills, and passing 379 of them. New laws establish or maintain control over a seemingly innumerable array of facets involving our lives and livelihood.

Few bills received media attention, but of those, many will point to ones like “constitutional carry”, “anti-abortion” measures, urban renewal reform, and permitting Bibles in public schools as worthy of support. However, the “constitutional carry” bill is yet another instance of the state usurping our natural right to bear arms (flagrantly proclaimed in the Idaho constitution), “allowing” us to bear arms under certain conditions; the “anti-abortion” bills simply continue to authorize abortion after creating more hoops to jump through; urban renewal was reformed, not eliminated; and the Bible could already be used in the public schools– not that it matters, since controlling education by the force of government is wrong even if you may personally agree with the curriculum.
The overwhelming amount of legislation being considered in a 75 day period (averaging more than 11 pieces of legislation per day) seems to be a perfectly reasonable work load for our part-time legislature. If those legislators kept up the same rate all year in a full-time scenario, they could put thorough at least 1844 new bills per year. Considering all those who favor big government, it is a wonder we don’t see more of a call for full-time government nannies.

In all seriousness, however, the Idaho legislature is a mess. The vast majority of our new laws were passed unanimously or with very minor opposition. Very few fell along party lines, and even fewer caught the attention of the media. The legislature operates as a rubber stamp for bureaucrats in the administration and this voting pattern continues year after year.

Big government seems to be the goal of all, with an agenda to implement socialism, fascism, and communism. Party lines are meaningless. The idea that there are “good guys” in the legislature falls flat on its face if you look at full voting records rather than handpicked scales designed to further the perception of conservative versus liberal mentalities.
I am running as an independent, so this question is irrelevant. Most of the presidential candidates, including both major party candidates, have not demonstrated a desire to be constrained by the constitution. I will (as I have always done) vote in the general election for presidential electors that support a candidate who might actually fulfill their oath of office to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States".
Age 72
Education B.A. in Law and Justice Central Washington University, attended College of Idaho 2 yrs, grad. Kuna High School
Prior political experience Committee for Constitutional Victim’s Rights Amendment State Treasurer and Region VII Chair – successful in first campaign with 82% statewide vote, worked for domestic violence and rape victim right’s including establishment of the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence.
Civic involvement 4-H Leader 15 years, Citizen of the Year City of Idaho Falls 1990 , Soroptomist of the Year, founding member of the Idaho Falls NAACP. I received the Outstanding Victims Services Practitioner Award in 1999 for the State for Idaho.
Years living in Idaho I am a native. I have lived here all but 9 years of my life. Having lived in North Idaho, Eastern Idaho, and Western Idaho and camped and traveled extensively throughout Idaho, my knowledge of the State is pretty thorough.
Family I married my husband, John Hartwell 49 years ago. My mother, Dorothy Day of Kuna, was born in Wilder and grew up there. My father, Robert S. Day, was a life long dairy farmer and raised registered Jerseys. My Grandmother, Cora Stephens, lived in Canyon County from 1923 to 1986. Her husband George Stephens was a Democrat Representative in Canyon County. I lived in Caldwell from 1965 to 1967. My husband and I have two children and 3 grandchildren. We moved to Caldwell in 2012. We have 20 acres in Sunnyslope where we have a small flock of sheep.
Expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. The 78,000 people in the gap desperately need health care coverage and that was foolishly denied by this past session of the legislature. Health experts say that denial has led to loss of life and permanent and on-going damage to people’s health. I visited with many small business people and working poor who had enormous health bills and were having trouble keeping their heads above water. This is a great shame on us. We are turning down federal dollars that we have no trouble accepting for highways, education, and other programs. This would save the State a lot of money as well. as is the right thing to do. Let's join the majority of the states and accept Medicaid expansion.

Education, including continuing increases in teacher’s salaries, reducing college costs, working for more vocational programs. We will pay for it with money from the general fund and not wasting money on frivolous lawsuits and as we continue to reduce incarceration. I have received the endorsement of the Idaho Education Association.

Raising the minimum wage. Ease it in over time based on the Oregon model. This would increase productivity and improve the economy
I support Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. We ask for other federal aid. Let’s get it for health care. It is costing us a lot in loss of life and damage to people’s health. We are losing out on our share of federal funds. We are paying for a huge bill for indigent funds and local hospitals say they are eating some of these bills as well.
By our Idaho Constitution, we are to provide “ a general uniform and thorough system of public free common schools.” We are up to 2009 funding level but that doesn't account for the increase in students.

We need to prioritize increases in educational funding. The funding to aid an early reading program this session was important. I think financial aid to students for college and training vocational training will provide the greatest incentive for post high school studies. The legislature should have a study committee on tuition free community colleges. I don’t like hearing of kids paying fees and various charges, public school is to be FREE. I am also concerned about school drop out rates and helping people get their GEDs.

Solid funding will improve the "go-on" rate. Students going to all types of schools vocational as well as scholastic schools should have the opportunity for financial aid or economic assistance to get their education. The U of I gave 4,000 new scholarships this August but that is just a small start. For Idaho to compete, we have to keep all of this moving forward with teachers, students, operations and not putting the students in debt they can not repay.
The Republicans seem afraid of the federal government when we need to be working in partnership with them. In reality, we do work with them on many issues. I think the state is wrong to pre-empt the city and county voters without hearings or open input. They don't even listen to the Attorney General. I don’t think the state can afford to take on ownership of federal lands. We are just now going to cooperate with the Real ID Act so people can board airplanes. We have to work in partnership with the EPA, the BLM, the Forest Service and other agencies.
I was opposed to not closing the gap but having already said that I'll pick three new ones. I didn’t like dropping the concealed carry permit in Idaho cities. This was ridiculous. I didn’t like disallowing local control on minimum wage and plastic bags; there should have been hearings around the State on this at the least. And I will put in an action not taken, nothing on bridges and roads. Highway 55 is in pretty bad these days and the traffic jam on I-84 is bad.

I supported the education funding bills; the anti-stalking bill was excellent as was the new law on processing of sexual assault evidence kits.
The part-time citizen Legislature works as it was designed but its effectiveness has been pre-empted by one party dominance. The failure of the system is in the imbalance in both parties representation so there is no competition. We have to have improvement. This election hinges on having a huge turnout of people coming out and voting for two party representation. The one party domination seems to squelch ideas. We can change the way things happen in the Capital.
Yes, she is very experienced. She wasn't my first choice but I have always respected her service to our country and to women and minorities. She fought hard for health care as First Lady. As Senator, she had a good record for working with both Republicans and Democrats. I will proudly vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton.
I have never been charged or convicted of any crime.
Age 77
Education BA in History and Education Marylhurst University. Graduate credits at C of I, BSU, NNU, U of I. I believe education is a lifelong endeavor.
Prior political experience I began working in Canyon County on campaigns when I was 14 years old. I have worked and served in the Republican party as State Finance Chairman, County Chairman, Idaho State Federation of Women's President and State Senator. I have been a delegate to two national conventions and served on the National Platform and Rules Committee, and the National Federation's Board of Directors. I have chaired numerous committees and I serve in leadership positions in the Idaho Senate..
Civic involvement Throughout the years I have been involved in numerous community activities. Our parents taught us that we receive more when we give back to others. You can find on my website a long list of community involvement from church activities, scout programs, high school rodeo and Caldwell Night Rodeo, youth sports and activities. I am members of both the Caldwell and Nampa Chambers, If I was asked I more than likely took the challenge. It is important to be involved in the community to get to know the people, Now most of my community activities are serving on boards and commissions including Juvenile Justice, Drug Court, and Idaho Criminal Justice Commission. I am also a member of Our Lady of the Valley Parish.
Years living in Idaho My family came to Idaho when I was 4 years my Dad could get an education and play football at the College of Idaho.
Family Husband: Edward, Children: Mary-Jeanne' and Jeremy, Edward, Anne- Marie and Michael: Five Grandchildren including 23 month old twins.
My priorities work together to improve the lives of our citizens. Public safety which includes safe roads and bridges and Justice Reinvestment will help keep our families safe on the roads and in the community.The Karcher Road and connection is congested and the interstate must be widened to eliminate accidents in that area. Justice Reinvestment saves taxpayer dollars and changes lives. Economic development and good paying jobs here in Canyon County are most important so our families do not have to travel hours a day to jobs. This gives them the opportunity to be involved in the lives of their children, volunteer in their churches and the community. .Also, the education of our youth whether it be public, charter, home or private is a priority.. Parents must be actively involved in the lives of their children as the first and best teachers of good citizenship. I also want to join hundreds of others to save the 1.6 billion dollar horse industry in Idaho.and build it into the premier area in the Northwest bringing jobs and recreation to those who treasure and enjoy horse related occupations and work opportunities. Finding waste,abuse, inefficiencies and duplication of tax dollars
I really like the medical savings account concept. It has been reported that around 70% of the "gap population is between the ages of 18 and 40, not married, not disabled and have no children. Many work part time,or at seasonal jobs. They are better educated than in the past and have had at least 7 jobs by age 30. Most jobs last around 6 months. Providing health insurance and other entitlements encourages them to not seek long term employment and depend on others. I am also concerned for the thousands of families who are paying insurance premiums near $1500.00 a month with a $6500 dollar deductible on each person in the family. Obamacare has not reduced costs but increased costs throughout the medical system. We must get back to a patient centered medical system where people take preventative measures for good health. Our primary health centers such as the Terry Reilly Health clinics are providing exceptional care on a reduced cost basis. Unlimited expansion of any taxpayer funded program does not create responsible accountable citizens. We should care for those who cannot care for themselves and encourage others to seek their full life potential not depending on others.
Article IX, section 1 of the Idaho Constitution states "it shall be the duty of the legislature of Idaho, to establish and maintain a general, uniform and through system of public, free common schools." This is the top priority of the legislature because it is Constitutionally mandated. We spend 48.3% of our budget on public schools and 13.9% on other education including higher education. School facilities can be used more effectively for community education projects and pro technical classes in the evenings and summer months. Good teachers are very valuable and are not compensated for their expertise and teaching abilities. It is not a profession for the weak hearted. It is a very demanding and is one of the most important jobs as our children are prepared for a future in the technical world and as good citizens. Operating funds are post 2009 levels with the teacher career ladder funded separately. Not every student should go on to higher education. Some are entrepreneurs and create businesses. It is now popular to take a "gap year" off to explore interests, go on missions or to work for a time. The Go-On statistics do not take these choices into consideration.
The relationship should be all three working together to keep our nation protected, free, strong and the economy vibrant. I believe we need less rules and regulations from the national level which is far removed from the people-- such as the BLM, EPA, and Fish and Wildlife. Examples of mismanagement close to District 11 include the limitation of recreational purposes on Lake Lowell and BLM grazing operations in the Qwyhees. In Idaho we must have uniformity of laws. Minimum wage should be statewide. There are help wanted signs everywhere. If a person is doing a good job their wages will increase quickly because employers want good workers. MInimum wages should be for beginning employees so they can get work experience. We should not try to take back large tracks of land immediately because we would have to raise taxes to support maintaining the lands. What they could earn in revenue is not enough to fight the fires like this summer's Pioneer fire. We should work closer to home and gain title to Lake Lowell right here in Canyon County so we can manage it for water storage, recreation and wildlife. Then we might begin the process of acquiring ownership of some federal lands.
Most of the legislation I opposed did not become law through the committee process.. Many needed more study, rewording and work on the fiscal note. I research each bill for it's fiscal costs to the taxpayers. Many increase costs to the taxpayers and promote new entitlement programs. I opposed efforts to lower school funding levels because a good education system is the basis for economic development, jobs for our citizens and the future of our children. I opposed expansion of Medicaid in SB.1204 and S1205. I opposed legislation legalizing dangerous drugs. I opposed taking public safety dollars from the State Police Budget. I oppose income tax increases. I supported the Constitutional Gun Carry Bill. I supported Professional Technical Education to increase our workforce. I support increased education on the dangers of prescription drugs, especially pain killers. This is one of our biggest health problems as youth playing sports are injured and given pain killing drugs. I support the Gospel of Life. Those most vulnerable must be protected. I support highway and bridge maintenance and repair. I support finding ways to build the economic impact of our horse industry.
.A good legislature is part of a representative democracy based on three principal legislative functions: balancing the power, representing constituents and making laws. I believe a part time legislature is best for the State of Idaho because it is more cost effective and closer to the citizens. Citizens in Idaho have access to their legislators because they live and work among the people. Idaho legislators take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the State of Idaho and the Constitution of the United States. Most legislation that comes to the legislature is very complex and demands a great amount of research and discussion. A concern I have is that too many laws are passed when "education not legislation" is the answer to a problem. Some legislators think there has to be a law for every problem brought forth. It costs over $2300.00 for an issue to become a bill. We do not need to pass more rules and regulations on the lives of Idaho Citizens. To improve the system, I would like more hours in the day. My positions as chairman of Judiciary and Rules and vice chair of the Leadership Committee, State Affairs are benefits to the citizens of District 11. I have no personal agenda.
I support the Republican presidental nominee who was selected by citizens throughout the United States. He was not my first or second, third or fourth choice, but he is our nominee. I also support Gov. Mike Pence. I have personally met him on a few occasions. I believe the persons Mr. Trump has suggested for the United States Supreme Court would be fine Constitutional Justices. The nominees to the Supreme Court are a top priority for me.