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Ada County Commissioner - District 3

Incumbent: Republican Dave CaseTerm: Two yearsSalary: $102,364Ada County is Idaho’s largest county.Population: 434,211 2017 budget: $231.4 million

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    Dave Case

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Biographical Information

Why are you running for office? What is the most important issue facing the county? What in your background qualifies you for the job of commissioner?

Should Ada County continue to give financial support in future budgets to the Housing First partnership that has emerged among the city of Boise, the local housing authority, Idaho Housing and Finance Association and other partners?

What should commissioners do to improve transportation in and around Ada County?

Do you approve of the steps the Legislature took this session to bolster public defense in Idaho counties? If not, what would the right approach have been?

Would you support an effort to reduce landfill usage by establishing a composting program in Ada County? Why or why not?

What is your view of the relationship between Ada County and other local governments with which it works? How can those relationships be improved?

With an end to horse racing at the Idaho Expo, what is the best use and/or future of the large county complex in Garden City?

Have you been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, a misdemeanor or felony or had a withheld judgment? If so, what, when and where?

Have you or a company you owned filed bankruptcy? If so, when and where?

Age 58
Education Bachelor of Arts, Boise State University, Licensed Real Estate Agent with GRE Designation.
Prior political experience Ada County Commissioner 2012 to Present, ACHD Commissioner 2010-2012, Kuna School Board Trustee 4 years, Kuna Planning and Zoning Commissioner 4 years.
Civic involvement St. Alphonsus Foundation Board of Directors Member, Idaho State University Meridian Advisory Council on Health Science Education, Idaho Food Bank Volunteer, Boise State University Alumni Association, Youth Basketball Coach 8 years, Youth Basketball League Director 2 years, Kuna Optimist Football Coach 5 years, Kuna Optimist Football Board of Directors 4 years.
Years living in Idaho 55
Family Lynette (Wife), Mikyla (Daughter), Zach & Brittany (Son and Daughter in Law).
I am running for Re-Election to continue to protect the rights and interests of Ada County citizens. They need a Commissioner who is accessible and transparent to continue to be their voice. I love serving the citizens of Ada County.

The Budget is always important in order to balance the services provided to the public vs the available money to accomplish this. I strive to keep financial stability as this current administration has worked hard these past few years to finally establish a stabilized budget.

I have served as your Ada County Commissioner since May 2012 to the present. I am proud to work for Ada County Citizens and I appreciate they have entrusted me with this position.
Ada County is involved in assisting our homeless population through a variety of programs. Public Defenders services are provided for indigent citizens to assist with legal issues and a Court Assistance Program is provided to assist in their civil legal matters. Ada County provides an Indigent Services program for medical assistance with hospital, doctors, prescription bills and rent assistance. The County provides monetary assistance with drug addiction treatment through our contribution in the Allumbaugh House program. The County provides guardian assistance for our vulnerable elderly population. Ada County is mandated by the Idaho State Constitution to pay for budgeting of the Central District Health Department. When added up, we provide in the neighborhood of $21,000,000.00 towards our homeless and indigent population. While we support the desire of the City of Boise, the local housing authority and Idaho Housing and Finance Association to accomplish this endeavor; I question if this is the best use of PROPERTY TAX MONEY from our tax paying citizens.
The Commissioners are involved extensively in the COMPASS program that oversees the transportation issues within the Region. I currently serve as the Vice Chairman of COMPASS, along with a group of 40+ elected officials who prioritize the importance and schedule the projects within our transportation infrastructure.

The County remains in constant communication with ACHD and we participate in their five year work plan to provide input on the County's priority. We provide written input to both the Ada County Highway District and the Idaho Department of Transportation on transportation projects.
My answer is NO. I will qualify this statement by saying NO for Ada County. Ada County currently has a system in place to address the needs of our constituents. We have properly funded it and it works well for Ada County. The right approach would be for the State of Idaho to have an "Opt out" clause for the Counties who are properly providing this service so that they could continue as they have. If the State wants to oversee this process then they should pay for these services and not put it on the backs of PROPERTY TAX PAYERS here in Ada County.
I would support an effort to establish the right type of a composting program.The concern is in the details of such a project. The areas of concern are the content of what is exactly being composted. What odors will be produced from the compost? Where will the program be located? There are numerous details to be ironed out before one can just absolutely say yes. However, in general I support composting.
I feel we have a good working relationship with other local governments. There are issues that arise between government agencies where we will not always agree. My goal has always been to work hard at resolving these problem areas and being honest in my dealings. I value the ability to work cooperatively for the betterment of the citizens I serve.
This question is somewhat premature. The current facility is leased so until a notice of cancellation is received from the company operating the race track we have a contractual obligation with this company. We have assigned the task of seeking potential future uses to the Director of Expo Idaho and the Western Idaho Fair Board to bring forth some ideas. Prior to making a final decision we will engage the public in open public meetings to gather their suggestions on what they would like to see happen. I would suggest putting a Request for Proposals forward to also gather the business communities ideas. Once this has been completed then a decision will be made. This area should remain a place where all members of our community can enjoy.