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Canyon County Commissioner - District 3

Incumbent: Craig HansonTerm: Two years2017 salary: $83,601Canyon County is Idaho’s second largest county.Population: 207,4782017 budget: $79.7 millionCandidates on video:Pam White

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    Pam White

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Biographical Information

Why are you running for office? What in your background qualifies you for the job of commissioner?

What are the three most important issues facing your county?

What is the best solution for addressing crowding at the Canyon County Jail?

Do you approve of the steps the Legislature took this session to bolster public defense in Idaho counties? If not, what would the right approach have been?

Are you in favor of giving companies tax breaks like the one commissioners granted Forage Genetics to boost the local economy? Why or why not?

What is your view of transportation issues in Canyon County? What would you tell the state about needs in the county? What would you do to improve commute times between Boise and Canyon County?

What kind of relationship should county commissioners have with the sheriff? What, if anything, would you do to improve the current relationship?

Have you been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, a misdemeanor or felony or had a withheld judgment? If so, what, when and where?

Have you or a company you owned filed bankruptcy? If so, when and where?

Age 66
Education Spokane FallsCC, AA; Oral Roberts University; Barclay College Paralegal Certification; Real Estate License (inactive); Insurance License, Financial Planning and Investments
Prior political experience Nampa City Councilwoman, 9yrs.
Civic involvement Past member Nampa Lions Club; Woman's Century Club; Nampa Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Chair 2007-08; St. Alphonsus Hospital Nampa Board of Directors, Chair 2015-16; Vice-Chair, St. Alphonse's Hospital Nampa Quality Care Committee;
Years living in Idaho 21 years
Family If all together there are about 70 of us in this valley!
I am qualified, capable and excited to serve the citizens of Canyon County. With nine years of service as a City Councilwoman and 3 1/2 years Planning & Zoning Commission, I have 12 1/2 years experience in land planning decisions, budgeting, economic development strategies as well as public safety Union negotiations. I have a background in banking, having worked in management at Home Federal Bank. I worked in marketing and promotions for a large multi-family development company for six years. I have been involved in community service for over 25 years.
1. Identifying a sustainable solution to the woefully inadequate Canyon County Jail dilemma. Adding on to the current facility is an unsustainably bad idea! 2. Protecting the citizens hard earned dollars with budget decisions that are thoroughly vetted and fiscally sound. 3. Smart and orderly growth through strategically planned land use decisions, while protecting the agricultural heritage so vital to Canyon County.
There is the immediate solution which relies heavily on the behavior choices of the inmate. And of course there is the long term solution of saving the money and constructing a new efficient facility. There have been many options discussed regarding this critical situation. Releasing those with a lessor offense is being done. This can work provided these individuals keep their end of the probation agreement and they are required to cut ties with former gangs,accomplices or neighborhoods which played a direct part in the commitment of their crime. Multiple offenses ,to be considered for release, gives me pause, because it sometimes means that there is either a total disregard for our laws or the compelling behaviors are unchecked in the absence of mandatory programs designed to rehabilitate. Then to add to the situation, they are broke. So job assistance needs a role. My family had a business that worked with the parole office to employ paroled individuals. There were successes and there were big failures. Any solution, must always keep the safety of citizens first.
Yes, the need was recognized and the decision to appropriate $5 million to be divided among the counties was a start. The state has a constitutional obligation to provide public defense and this obligation has mostly been passed to the counties. Canyon County has a public defense office.
I support the use of legislatively approved incentive options brought forward by the State Dept. of Commerce. These measures have guidelines and boundaries. They have rigorous requirements that new businesses must agree to in order to receive incentive consideration. Above average wages,benefits and the number of new jobs available over the course of a specified time are some of the guideline requirements. It is a fiercely competitive process to win in the new business recruitment process. Idaho must be in the game with recruitment packages. If I had favor to grant, I would favor the County's existing businesses. Our existing businesses could receive favor through some restructuring of tax policies at the state level.
Anyone who has driven the freeway from the Middleton exit to the Nampa Franklin exit knows the view of that drive is dismal at best and dangerous at worst. I believe the state is 100% aware of the needs because Chambers of Commerce of Canyon County have been beating that drum for years. Mayors and City Council members have been like dripping faucets on this very issue. Citizens are angry and visitors, tourists, and long haul drivers complain. But, if there is anything positive, it is that Idaho and Canyon County roadways in particular, are no different than most all of our country"s roadways. Improvements are needed between Nampa and the Middleton exit, not Boise and not Meridian. I would continue to seek for ITD to continue the application process in seeking grants. I would encourage County leadership, our cities and Highway Depts. to contribute how they could, whether letters, dollars, or petitions to keep our needs in front of the decision makers.
It should be professional and respectful. The Sheriff is elected by the same constituents that elect the Commissioners. The Sheriff has a very large responsibility under tremendous civil rights scrutiny. Commissioners have a huge fiduciary responsibility through the budget decision process. The citizens deserve respectful dialogue and a transparent decision making process. The Sheriff should not tell Commissioners how to do their jobs and the Commissioners should not tell the Sheriff how to do his. Instead, work together to develop and maintain open lines of communication. Working together makes progress easier.