November 2016 Treasure Valley Voters Guide

Welcome to our Voter Guide for November's local races, bonds and levies, as well as the presidential election. Compare candidates' views on the issues side by side and create your own ballot, which you can then print or email.

Election Day:

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...Please note: Candidates' responses have not been edited except for libel.

Magistrate judges

Magistrate judges aren't decided through traditional races. Rather, every four years voters must decide whether to retain a magistrate or not. A majority of voters must vote "yes" for a magistrate to keep his or her seat on the bench.Most ballots this fall will include at least a handful of magistrate retention elections. Candidates listed here are on ballots in Canyon (3rd Judicial District) or Ada (4th Judicial District) counties.Magistrate judges generally decline to participate in this voter guide, citing their interpretation of what's allowed by the Idaho code of judicial conduct.Simply pick a candidate to proceed with your ballot.

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  • Christopher Bieter

  • Andrew Ellis

  • Laurie Fortier

  • Theresa Gardunia

  • William Harrigfeld

  • John Hawley Jr.

  • Joanne Kibodeaux

  • Frank Kotyk

  • Jerold Lee

  • Cathleen MacGregor Irby

  • David Manweiler

  • Dayo Onanubosi

  • Michael Oths

  • James Schiller

  • Diane Walker

  • Thomas Watkins