November 2016 Treasure Valley Voters Guide

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Idaho House District 9 - Seat B

Incumbent: Republican Judy Boyle Term: Two yearsSalary: $16,684

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    Judy Boyle

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    Allen Schmid

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Name your three priorities for Idaho. Do you support current policy on them? if not, describe your alternate plan. How would you pay for your proposals that have costs associated with them?

How should Idaho address the health care needs of the 78,000 residents in the so-called gap population? Do you support Medicaid expansion in some form? Some other proposal? Please address funding for the option you prefer.

What is the state's obligation to public schools? Is Idaho spending enough on buildings, teachers and operations? How can Idaho improve its go-on rate for students leaving high school?

What is your position on the relationship between the federal government, the states and local governments? Is the state right or wrong to hinder or pre-empt action on the local level? Should the state work to take more ownership or control of federal lands in Idaho?

Name three actions taken by the Legislature this past session that you opposed. Name three you supported or would support. Explain.

What is the proper role of a part-time citizen Legislature? Do you think Idaho’s current system works? Does the Legislature function well or do you see need for changes or improvements?

Do you support your party’s presidential nominee? Explain. Include in your answer who you plan to vote for and why.

Have you been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, a misdemeanor or felony or had a withheld judgment? If so, what, when and where?

Have you or a company you owned filed bankruptcy? If so, when and where?

Age 66
Education two years of college & additional classes
Prior political experience state representative natural resource staff Congressman Chenoweth WA county P&Z
Civic involvement 4-H leader church volunteer St Luke's Volunteer county Farm Bureau officer Republican party numerous local committees
Years living in Idaho 40 years
Family grown son, daughter & 2 grandsons
1) Uphold the US & Idaho Constitutions to keep government in its proper role 2)protect Idaho sovereignty, citizens, businesses, private property, & water rights from government over-reach 3) continue to advocate for strengthening rural economies & communities

I supported the House bill which provided $10 million for two years from the Tobacco Settlement Fund to the Community Health Centers to care for the gap population plus $400,000 to document the number helped and success of the program. Unfortunately, the Senate added Medicaid Expansion to this bill so the House did not consent. When Idaho asks for a waiver, we must first agree to accept Medicaid expansion. The federal government is in control. This forces adults onto Medicaid where they must sign over their assets to the government. State government should never force that on citizens. The joint legislative interim committee is studying various programs to provide those in the gap with a suite of choices while using existing state funding and without Medicaid expansion.
Over sixty percent of the state budget is spent on education. This year we restored the operational funds to districts at the 2009 level which was the highest level in history, We passed the second year of the five year career ladder funding for teacher salaries. In order for students to have an increased go-on rate, we first must address their success at the elementary level. We with moved this forward with two reading bills which seek to ensure students are reading at grade level before they leave the third grade. We also appropriated additional money for college scholarships and provided several new opportunities for additional scholarships and technical specialists two year programs.
The states created the federal government - not the other way around. Federalism is a balance between federal and state powers which each must seek to keep in balance. The state also created local government with a balance of powers. When local government actions harm business and the economy, it is the state's job to step in. Businesses and consumers will keep a balance through the free market and choice - such as the plastic bag issue. Business should not be forced to only offer one type of container. Consumers will let their wishes be known to the individual business. Idaho should control the land within our borders just as all the states east of the Mississippi River are able to do. Idaho state lands have been successfully managed for over a century and are proof it can be done here. There is an immense amount of wealth in Idaho's federal lands which should remain in Idaho to benefit Idahoans. The state can manage for recreation, mining, grazing, timber, and access. When land is properly managed these is economic prosperity and less chance of raging wildfire destroying watersheds, property, and wildlife. The land does not need to be sold to accomplish these purposes.
I supported our innovation school bill to allow more local control with waivers from state law and rules. This bill passed and is signed into law,

I supported the bill prohibiting the sale of unborn aborted baby parts. Society should never allow trafficking in human body parts, especially from an innocent baby. Life is precious and should never be cheapened by such a sale. This bill passed and is signed into law.

I supported permitless carry which we have been working toward for many years. Law-abiding Idahoans should have the right to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. There are still places which citizens are prohibited from carrying like courthouses, jails, and schools. Private property owners still have the right to not allow guns on their property. This bill passed and is signed into law.

I opposed the Senate version of Medicaid expansion as explained above. I also opposed some of the appropriation bills as they were either too much of an increase or contained policy language which had not been approved by the germane committees. Appropriations are supposed to pay for the policies adopted by the committees and policy should not be set through the funding bills.
The proper role of a part-time citizen legislature is to stand in defense of our citizens and their rights, provide for their protection, have a light hand on regulating business, provide maximum freedom and opportunity, encourage self-reliance, have a balanced budget without long-term debt, be a check on the federal government and the other two branches of Idaho government. Having staff to assist with answering constituent calls, letters, requests for assistance would be helpful. In the House, the legislators do it all and with 44,000 constituents there sometimes isn't enough hours in the day to reach everyone in addition to committee and floor time. We are always open to constituent suggestions on how to improve the system, ideas for law changes, rules which need more review.
I am a Republican and I support the Republican nominee, especially considering the track record of the Democrat nominee. America has had one Clinton Presidency whose policies gravely harmed rural communities and industries. Many forget that it was actually the Republican Congress who forced the budget to be balanced during the early Clinton/Gore years. Congress shut down the government on several occasions to prove they meant business. We were on track to eliminate the then $9 trillion debt until 9/11 occurred. Trump is certainly not of the political establishment and has made mistakes in the past, as has every human. However, he is a businessman who understands economics and free markets. America has been taken down the wrong road by the establishment Democrats and Republicans. We must try a different style and approach for the sake of our children and grandchildren's future.
Age 62
Education New Plymouth High School, U. S Air Force Academy (BS), St. Mary's University (MS)
Prior political experience Payette County Conservation District for 10 years. Have served as Vice Chairman.
Civic involvement Pilgrim Cove Foundation Board. Have served as President.
Years living in Idaho 30
Family My wife is Debbie, a teacher. I have two daughters, Marie and Christine, and a son, John.
My main goal is to make Idaho an even better place to live. To do that we need to make sure Idaho breadwinners can get a good job, that our children can get a quality education, and that Idahoans can afford to go to the doctor or hospital without going bankrupt. And, no, we are not doing enough on any of these issues. But if we focus on solutions instead of just saying “no” to everything, maybe our kids and grandkids can afford to stay in Idaho instead of having to move elsewhere. As for paying for existing programs or adding new ones without raising taxes, the obvious answer is increased business. If we bring in more business or expand existing businesses, then revenues to the state go up, whether from business profits or individual wages. So, no, you don’t have to raise taxes to do the things we need to do to make Idaho even better.
Over 30 states have been able to solve this problem, but it has been four years now and Idaho has not come up with a solution. My opponent’s stated reason is that she does not want to take federal money to solve the problem because it would increase federal control over our health care. But under our current system, the cost of providing services to the uninsured falls on the counties, backed up by the state. It is certainly more expensive than taking federal money. People shouldn’t have to go bankrupt or die when they get sick just because my opponent says “no.”
My opponent brags that since the Great Recession, Idaho has now restored funding for schools to 2009 levels. But in 2009 Idaho was ranked fiftieth out of the fifty states in school funding. It is now 2016 and we are still ranked fiftieth. The failure of the state to provide adequate funding just shifts the burden to local school districts. That means local taxes either go up or schools are forced to take drastic action, like four-day school weeks. We cannot expect to increase the go-on rate, or any other measurement, unless we are willing to provide schools with the money they need to their job.
The simple fact is Idaho cannot afford to take control of federal land in Idaho. The cost of fighting fires alone would bankrupt the state. The only way Idaho could afford to do it is to either make the federal government pay for firefighting or sell off some of the land. The first is unlikely and the second unacceptable. The other big concern is whether shifting control to the state would cut off access to those areas for hunting, fishing and other activities.
It all comes down to jobs, education and health care. We need more emphasis on economic development, better schools and adequate health care.
The Idaho legislature, its nature and makeup, is established by the state Constitution. That is unlikely to change. But I do believe that having a citizen legislature results in better government than one of career politicians. The true test of the legislature, however, is how well it represents the people of Idaho and, for an individual legislator, the people of their district. The most important part of that is the power of the vote. If you don’t like what your Representative is doing, vote them out.
When I joined the U. S. Air Force, I took an oath to uphold the Constitution and laws of the United States. Every member of the legislature takes a similar oath, which also includes the Constitution and laws of the State of Idaho. In accordance with that oath, I will support the President, no matter his or her party.