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Idaho Senate District 8

Incumbent: Republican Steve Thayn Term: Two yearsSalary: $16,684Note: William Sifford is running as a write-in.Candidates on video:Kirsten RichardsonSteve Thayn

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Biographical Information

Name your three priorities for Idaho. Do you support current policy on them? if not, describe your alternate plan. How would you pay for your proposals that have costs associated with them?

How should Idaho address the health care needs of the 78,000 residents in the so-called gap population? Do you support Medicaid expansion in some form? Some other proposal? Please address funding for the option you prefer.

What is the state's obligation to public schools? Is Idaho spending enough on buildings, teachers and operations? How can Idaho improve its go-on rate for students leaving high school?

What is your position on the relationship between the federal government, the states and local governments? Is the state right or wrong to hinder or pre-empt action on the local level? Should the state work to take more ownership or control of federal lands in Idaho?

Name three actions taken by the Legislature this past session that you opposed. Name three you supported or would support. Explain.

What is the proper role of a part-time citizen Legislature? Do you think Idaho’s current system works? Does the Legislature function well or do you see need for changes or improvements?

Do you support your party’s presidential nominee? Explain. Include in your answer who you plan to vote for and why.

Have you been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, a misdemeanor or felony or had a withheld judgment? If so, what, when and where?

Have you or a company you owned filed bankruptcy? If so, when and where?

Age 63
Education Honor graduate in three years of high school.
Prior political experience 2006--Candidate for State House, 2008-Candidate for State Senate, 2010--Candidate for State Senate, 2012--Candidate for State Senate, 2014--Candidate for State Senate, 2016--Candidate for State Senate.
Civic involvement I sing in "No Greater Love" Easter pageant (8 years), also Living Christmas Tree (8 years). Pro-Life and moral activist in Idaho (14 years).
Years living in Idaho 14
Family Eight children, 19 grandchildren.
1. I would introduce a bill for 'Personhood at Fertilization' to stop pre-born baby murder. No funds needed. 2. I will promote legislation to transfer federal lands to the state government according to Article 1, Section 8, Line 17 of the US Constitution. Some short-term funding needed to start- then revenues from rents, sales,etc. from these state lands will create a surplus. 3. I will promote an amendment to the Idaho Constitution to end public schools. The 10th summary point of the Communist Manifesto is " free education for all children in public school". Public education is 60-some percent of Idaho's budget, phasing out socialized education will bring great tax savings. Idaho would prosper.
There is no constitutional provision for public health care. I am for the phasing out of all government programs regarding health, education, welfare, recreation, and retirement. What are we, anyway, democratic socialists, or Communists?

There would be no funding needed for reduction in government spending.
On-line and home computer education is the future for success. We can prosper if we reduce taxation for education, lower gov't spending, and thus, create more businesses and jobs. Idaho, and all states, spend too much on education. The "go-on" rate is always lower in rural, farm and ranch states, the student has the option of employment on the family farm.
I am for local control as much as possible. Idaho should seek to have all federal lands transferred to state control. States should ignore federal court rulings when the court exceeds its constitutional jurisdiction. The federal judicial and executive branches exceed their constitutional jurisdiction usually without state protest. This exceeding of constitutional jurisdiction is an impeachable offense.
IN OPPOSITION: 1. I oppose the increase in education spending of $279.6 million. 2. I oppose the 6.6 percent increase in general fund spending. 3. I oppose "Right to Try" regarding experimental drugs, Idaho should not involve itself in deciding efficacy of drugs. 4. I would have opposed the abortion regulation bills- you cannot regulate murder, which abortion is. Idaho needs to stop all baby murder- not regulate it- regulation implies consent to these murders. APPROVALS: A. I approve of ultrasound information given to mothers before they murder their babies. B. I approve of the use of Bibles in schools. C. I would support banning Islamic Sharia law in Idaho.
Legislators should 'never' use their influence to get personal gain from their legislative service. Idaho's system is stacked against minor political parties. A new party must get about 20,000 voters to sign a petition so as to have ballot position, 2,000 would be more realistic. The people of Idaho need to wake up and stop the one party RINO monopoly.
I support Scott Copeland, of the Constitution Party. He follows the Party platform and is a sincere Christian.
Never been in any criminal trouble.
No bankruptcy.
Age 70
Education Boise State University B.S. degree Environmental Health Major
Prior political experience Worked in Loss Control for the Idaho Counties Risk Management Program, the Property, Casualty Liability provider for public entities. Provided assistance to local municipal and county elected officials reviewing Property, Casualty, and Liability exposures. Completed training to elected officials on subjects concerning compliance with federal regulation preventing exposure to lawsuits. Conducted on-site surveys of public facilities and county roads. Fulfilled required training to city and county government employees to comply with state and federal regulations.
Civic involvement Past Ski Patrol Mountain Host at Bogus Basin. Volunteered for Special Olympics at Bogus Basin.
Years living in Idaho I've been an Idaho resident for 31 yrs. Moved to Idaho from Kansas in April 1985.
Family Married with 3 adult children not living at home.
I am opposed to current gas and oil exploration laws passed by the current legislature and supported by my opponent. The current laws violate personal property rights in favor of oil and gas, lay the legal groundwork for acidizing and fracking which leads to greater earthquake risk, water and air pollution, burdens the Idaho taxpayers for repairs of roads, infrastructure, pollution clean up, destroys existing business and disallows local elected officials viable alternatives to fulfill their fiduciary duties to citizens. Repeal the current law as unconstitutional and put in place taxpayer protection and local authority protections. Access to public lands. Enforceable laws should be in place, in support of a current Idaho Supreme court ruling, to prevent foreign and domestic billionaires from buying private lands and blocking access to public lands. Fill the Medicaid Gap. The current legislature has done nothing.. Refusing federal dollars to expand Medicaid is refusing to accept our own tax dollars from the federal government. It hurts our economy and our people. This funding into our economy creates jobs, people receive basic care and is morally the right thing to do.
I will vote for expanding Medicaid to our 78,000 uninsured residents. I would accept the federal funding that is being offered and that is so far being refused. Leaving residents uninsured is morally corrupt. In the long run prevention of illness and injury saves everyone money and misery. Over time tax loopholes for the super rich has taken a toll on our general fund. Tax loopholes for the super rich need to be closed and everyone pay their fair share of tax is the way this should be funded. The state must act in accordance with our Constitution to aggressively demand our federal government to close tax loopholes for the rich, make people of all income brackets pay at the same rate for Social Security. Congress has been robbing the Social Security System of billions of dollars that is not theirs to take and the State government must insist the Federal government repay that money to the Social Security fund to keep it solvent.
The State of Idaho has a fiduciary duty to provide a safe, healthy atmosphere conducive to learning and problem solving. All children and adults who seek an education whether it be pre-school, elementary school, junior high, high school, college or vocational training must have access to facilities, means and materials that will place them in a competitive position in the job market. Money for education has long been an issue in Idaho, prior to the economic collapse in 2008 it was an issue. While inspecting schools with the Idaho Counties Risk Management Program I found many schools with inadequate buildings in need of repairs or complete replacement. I saw buildings with leaky roofs and ceiling with falling plaster. Teachers buying their own supplies for the classrooms. I do not agree with this type of funding for many reasons. If we are going to attract business to our state we can't have inadequate school buildings and operation supply shortages. Our number one resource in our nation and in our state is our people. A person with access to a good education becomes a happy productive tax paying citizen who makes good choices.
Two things must be understood. One, Good governance starts from the bottom and goes up. Second, the struggle is no longer between Democrats and Republicans it is between the Super Rich Corporations and the working class. A common ground and level playing field must be sought for both. Idaho and the Republican controlled legislature and the Federal Congress are both wrongfully circumventing states and citizens rights. Trickle down economics and trickle down governance leads to income inequality and a facist style government. In Idaho recent legislation concerning gas and oil is the best example. State legislators passed a bill pertinent to gas and oil which binds the hands of cities and counties from passing ordinances that protect citizens health, safety, property, privacy and taxes from gas drilling, fracking, Another prime example is Obama's Fast Tracking of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which restricts states rights for protections of its citizens from investors,both foreign and domestic, who are able to sue state and local governments in a tribunal outside of the jurisdiction of our state and federal court system violating the law of the land, the U.S. Constitution.
I oppose all legislation associated with the gas and oil industry which circumvents property rights, dilutes local and county governments authority. It doesn't: provide oversight of drilling and fracking operations, make industry liable for site cleanup of hazardous materials, provide adequate severance tax to fund state administration and oversight of their operations. Taxpayers foot the bill. I would want those associated bills repealed with tighter restrictions on this industry. Their track record has brought environmental and infrastructure damage wherever they have operated. I support an expanded Medicare program and accepting federal dollars for this expansion. The present legislature did not. We must press the Federal Government to provide single payer health care for all citizens. I oppose HJR 5. The legislature now reviews all administrative rules without constitutional authority. Giving the legislature this authority in the constitution violates the separation of powers and gives an arrogant legislature far too much power. This legislature has already shown disrespect for local and county governments authority and disregard for our citizens.
The part time legislature should determine the tax source, amount of taxation per source and allocation of those taxes per the state Constitution. Duties of the legislature include creation of legislation and determination for the promulgation of bills passed per the state constitution. Moral and ethical values must be given equal weight with economic considerations assuring legislation is passed which is for the common good in line with llife, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and without harm or infringement of constitutional rights to the general public. I do not believe the current legislature nor administration has adhered to the principles of good governance. There are many examples of legislation which have been passed and in the case of Medicaid expansion has not been passed which has been harmful and negligent for many citizens and the economy. With Gas and oil exploration legislation I believe the legislature has allowed an industry free reign in this state in violation of the state constitution, deleterious to state resources, local governments, and all state citizens with no lasting benefit to the aforementioned. Many of the deleterious effects will be permanent.
In my 48 years of voting, in which I have voted many times for the lesser of two evils, I cannot decide between either of the two major party candidates. I will not be voting for either of the major party candidates. I will be voting third party as a choice of conscience. When I walk away from the voting booth it will be with a clear conscience. I will not be voting for any candidate which supports the TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership, fracking or not supporting reinstatement of Glass Steagal or single payer health care. "Rigged" is a documentary produced by Jeff Hayes and Film Director Bobby Sheehan in which I was invited to participate can be seen at The local, county, state and federal congressional level I strongly support the new people. I do not agree with all the issues of all the new people but they are not professional politicians and most of them agree with me on the fracking legislation, the lack of passing Medicaid expansion, and access to public lands and do not sale public lands, public lands are the assets of the taxpayer and not available to liquidation by this legislature or Congress. Do Not Sale Public Lands, They will be lost forever.
Yes Personal Bankruptcy Boise Idaho Late 1990's
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