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    Philip (Marty) Lelli, Jr. Longshoreman, Port of Tacoma - Foreman

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    Debra Perry Mayor, City of Milton

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As tax revenues and other funds have shrunk, local cities and towns have cut services such as planning departments and municipal golf courses, and they have examined cutting or contracting out core services such as public safety. What parts of your city or town should be examined for cost savings?

Explain how suburban growth is affecting your community and what you would do as a council member to curb the negative effects of growth, or harness the positive effects.

Local cities and towns must work with other agencies such as neighboring cities, school and fire districts, the health department and transit agencies. What is the most important partnership for your community right now, and why?

State and federal mandates have a trickle-down effect on local governments. An example is Initiative 502, which legalized recreational use of marijuana. What should your city or town do to control the effects of that new law or other mandates from on high?

Campaign Phone (253) 944-1580
Age 58
Occupation Longshoreman, Port of Tacoma - Foreman, 41 years
City/Community of Residence Milton
Education High School Graduate
Civic/Political Experience City of Milton Events Committee, ILWU Local 98 and 23 - secretary/dispatch, ILWU West Coast Negoitation committee, ILWU Executive Board, ILWU Credit Union Executive Board, Propeller Club Executive Board. Help to found St. Leo's hospitality kitchen and volunteers their monthly as well as City of Milton and Edgewood Food Banks.
Endorsements ILWU - local 23 and 98 Dick Marzano - Port of Tacoma Commissioner Connie Bacon - Port of Tacoma Commissioner 30th District Democrates 27th District Democrates Pierce County Labor Council Pierce County Central Committee National Writers Union - 1981 Dan Sexton - Tacoma Civil Service Board Anita Latch - Tacoma Civil Service Board Carolyn Edmonds - Washington State Representative
Incumbent? (Y/N) N
To be fiscally prudent we would determine the essential functions and adjust from the top down. The current trend is to outsource or eliminate our city's services, such as the municipal court, volunteer fire department, and senior services. Was this necessary when the current administration has been using city resources to look into premium health care for the mayor and council?
Through careful and thoughtful planning, with the involvement of our citizens.
The partnership between our citizens and city government. Government's first and foremost job is to serve the its citizens.
We need to start a realistic drug awareness programs for our youth so they may make informed decisions when faced with the choice. As well as provide information for city staff and citizens, enabling them to make appropriate decisions as this unprecedented issue presents itself.
Campaign Phone (253) 691-1095
Age 54
Occupation Mayor of Milton
City/Community of Residence Milton
Education Art Institude of Seattle; several years of banking, business and real estate education.
Civic/Political Experience Lion's Club (President), Parks Board, Economic Development Board, Planning Commission, Events Committee, City Council, Mayor, Pierce County Regional Council, Puget Sound Regional Council, Pierce County Cities and Towns (Vice Chair), Suburban Cities Association, Business Recycling Project Committee, Steering Committee for Low Income Housing, Chamber of Commerce
Endorsements State Representative Linda Kochmar, Past State Representative Katrina Asay, Councilmembers Robert Whalen, Bart Taylor, and Lois Zaroudny, and many local businesses.
Incumbent? (Y/N) Y
In 2010, building had come to a halt. We reorganized and negotiated an agreement with Fife, saving $70-80,000 per year to date. In 2011, we reduced our budget overrun by $300,000, and I reorganized one department for an annual savings of $67,000. We will continue to analyze every contract and empty position for both savings and efficiency, while maintaining public safety as our #1 priority.
The mandated Urban Growth Act can be challenging to a 106-year-old city that is largely built out. These challenges led us to look at the business districts on the outskirts of our city, where mixed use and high density would have positive effects and be welcome. Our job is to plan the infrastructure to accommodate that growth, while protecting the character of the city we call home.
We have several partnerships with cities and agencies, providing huge savings, efficiencies, and services to our citizens that we could not otherwise afford. East Pierce Fire District, supported by over 70% of the voting public, is a great example of that, as are the various agreements we have with neighboring cities and agencies for things like 911 dispatch, jail, and municipal court services.
My duty as Mayor is to uphold the laws of Washington state - the laws put in place by the people's vote. If a viable business of any kind meets both state and city requirements, it shall be welcomed as any other business to do business in the proper designated zone set by Council for the well-being of everyone concerned.