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For the council race, Candy Brooks, Peter Bucher, Paul Dorothy, Michael Farley, Karen Filina Wilson, Barton Hacker, Seth Kraut, Eddie Pauline, Jennifer Rhoads and Michael Troper are running against incumbents Doug Foust, Bonnie Michael and Doug Smith.Read more:Nov. 5 ballot chock-full of candidates for Worthington council, school board

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There are 13 candidates running for city council. Why are you the best-qualified candidate?

What is the greatest challenge/need facing Worthington and, if elected, how would you address it?

If elected, which city services/departments would you like to see expanded or changed and why?

What else would you like to say to voters?

Age 69
Education BA in Journalism, Ohio State University
Experience 35 years as newspaper reporter/editor covering Worthington city government
Family married, mother of one son, grandmother of 4
Campaign email candybrooks50@gmail.com
I am the candidate most rooted in the community, most committed to maintaining the historical charm and values for which Worthington is known.

For 35 years, from 1980 to 2015, I was a reporter covering Worthington. I have attended hundreds of meetings of Worthington City Council, nearly as many Municipal Planning Commission meetings, and wrote extensively and with depth about city issues. I probably know more about Worthington's government than any other person. Recently retired, I have the time and the passion to use my extensive knowledge to help Worthington move into the future.

I am concerned that Worthington City Council has lost its resident-centered responsiveness to the community. I saw this happen as many long-time council members and city staff retired at nearly the same time. Sadly, a whole culture was left behind. As a council member, I will lead council and city staff back into those days when council listened to its bosses -- the residents.
As a landlocked city, Worthington cannot grow geographically. To continue to prosper, it must grow internally, with redevelopment focused on attracting business; providing new housing, especially for its aging population; and being responsible caretakers of this world.

Without continually expanding our tax base by attracting new business, we will not be able to continue to provide the money for Worthington's cherished community services, from police and fire, to parks and recreation, to clean and maintained streets.

Growth, however, must never be at the cost of maintaining Worthington's values. It is our history, our dedication to family neighborhoods, green space, churches, and education that makes Worthington all that it is. We are not Dublin or Westerville, nor do we aspire to be.
Worthington is doing a great job serving its residents. As I talk to voters, I hear few complaints.

The only expansion I favor at this moment is of parkland. We have wonderful parks, but we could use more. The pending development of the 40-plus acres at the United Methodist Children's Home (UMCH) offers the city an opportunity to not only develop a gem of a community park, but also to right a long-term wrong. The west half of the city, from High Street to the Olentangy River, has long been "under parked." East of High Street are nine parks, 62 acres; west of the Olentangy are five parks, 60 acres. In the area west of High Street, between the south city limits and West Wilson Bridge Road, is less than one acre of small playgrounds near the river. Those of us who live in that area deserve better, and the community as a whole deserves a new park for the future.

I am concerned about the plight of another city play area, the pools. City Council must make sure we don't lose Swiminc.
These are unprecedented times in Worthington. Never have I seen so much interest in city government, reflected in the high interest in this election, both by candidates (13) and organizations. We must move into the future, but as we do, we must honor and continue all that makes Worthington a wonderful place to live and work. We are a community proud of its history, and dedicated to making it the center of our future; we are a community of families, of diversity, of safe streets, beautiful parks, schools, libraries, and churches. As you make your choice of city council candidates this November, make sure you pull the lever for those who understand and are truly dedicated to protecting our past as we meld it into our future.
Age 29
Education Worthington Kilbourne High School The Ohio State University - BS in Environmental Policy
Experience Public, private, non-profit, and small business experience with the Ohio House of Representatives (staff), the Ohio Environmental Council, and Worthington Restorations Co.
Family Married, Wife - Rachel
Campaign website http://www.peterdbucher.com
Campaign email peter@peterdbucher.com
I am the best qualified to serve on City Council because I have spent my career developing public policies and working with public budgets that protect and benefit people. Additionally, my public, private, non-profit, and small business experience equips me to address economic challenges in Worthington. Lastly, I was born and raised in the Worthington area and I'm a graduate of the Worthington School District so I know what matters to Worthington families.
I believe Worthington needs more leadership to proactively involve the community in major decisions like development projects. When faced with how to best utilize our limited space, we are obligated to seek what benefits the city long-term and proactively seek community input. This can be done through public forums, door-to-door outreach in the affected area, and online outreach. Our city has an unfortunate track record of being reactionary to development decisions and not achieving community buy-in and we have to break this cycle to put Worthington on the right track.
Service and Engineering - If elected, I would work to maintain excellent city services that raise the quality of life in our community.

Planning & Building - I would work with the department to better establish where we can build affordable housing for seniors and others in Worthington to allow people to age in place.

Economic Development - I would like to better work with this department to support our business community and recruit new and exciting businesses that can add value to our Worthington.

Sustainability - I would like to create a commission or a department around sustainability to expand our work in this area by developing a sustainability plan to set Worthington on the right track for the foreseeable future and to incorporate sustainability criteria into future development proposals.

With this election, our city's future could go in several directions. I have a track record of collaborating with diverse stakeholders, community members, and bringing people together to find solutions that can put Worthington on the right track. I believe my skill set can be used to empower the people of Worthington to have a true seat at the table for not only development projects, but all city decisions. I would bring new energy and new ideas to City Council that would benefit the citizens and businesses.
Age 52
Education PhD/MS Civil Engineering-Michigan State, BS Civil Engineering-The Ohio State University.
Experience My proven background in planning/designing/managing infrastructure projects gives me the skill set to equitably cultivate public involvement, skillfully find compromise and transparently communicate how the process will impact our citizens.
Family I live in Worthington with my wife, Rachael Dorothy, and my step-son, Aleks Aleksic, a senior at TWHS.
Campaign email VotePaulDorothy@gmail.com
I understand the importance of listening to your concerns and ensuring that they are considered and addressed. My background in planning and managing infrastructure projects enables me to have a deeper understanding of all the impacts that need to be considered before making decisions and how to manage our existing infrastructure in the most cost effective manner while providing the quality of life we in Worthington have come to expect.

I believe that our elected officials should be accountable to the people. As such, I will fight to make sure that citizen’s concerns are equitably heard and, when Council says they will get back to you on about an issue, a responsible party and a due date are assigned to ensure that it actually happens. As a member of Council I will improve the transparency of decision making, the accountability of our elected officials and the number and quality of opportunities for citizen input.
We must strive to make Worthington a place where all are welcome, where we can build our families and our lives together, where we can put down roots and make meaningful connections, and where we can stay and enjoy those lifelong friendships in later life. As we face the future needs of our community together, we must not forget that our municipal infrastructure and services underpin the health, safety and security of our community.

I have a deep understanding of the needs/challenges of managing, maintaining and renewing municipal infrastructure and service programs. My proven background in planning, engineering and management gives me the skill set necessary to directly address our communities needs and ensures that I know how to equitably cultivate public involvement, skillfully find compromise and transparently communicate impacts to our citizens. I have a proven track record of being able to negotiate this difficult, but ultimately rewarding, path to community success.
Parks & Recreation: Parks are vitally important to establishing and maintaining the quality of life in a community. Our recently completed Park Master Plan clearly identifies that under our current funding levels we cannot renew our existing infrastructure. This must change to preserve these critical resources for the future.

Service & Engineering: As Worthington renews its transportation infrastructure it must do so with a focus on promoting sustainable transportation. This means improving opportunities for walking, cycling, transit, carpooling, car sharing and green vehicles. Encouraging the use of more sustainable transportation reduces traffic congestion, air pollution and greenhouse gasses while increasing physical activity, social interaction, healthy lifestyles and quality of life. Finally, we must accelerate the renewal of our city owned water mains, many of which are well past their anticipated service life. Clean, safe drinking water is a necessity of life.
Income tax represents the largest source (73%) of general fund revenue. We must attract quality employers to Worthington and keep our existing employers to ensure financial stability. Only with a clearly articulated and consistently applied policy toward development can Worthington position itself within the region to attract the best employers to choose Worthington as home. I believe that ensuring a stable financial future for Worthington is critical to the future success of not only our community as a whole, but the individual residents and businesses who call it home.

I believe that our elected officials should be accountable to the people. As such, I will fight to make sure that citizen’s concerns are equitably heard and, when Council says they will get back to you on about an issue, that it actually happens. As your Councilmember I will improve the transparency of decision making, the accountability of officials and the number/quality of opportunities for citizen input.
Age 42
Education LLM Business Law & Juris Doctor Capital University Law School Master of Public Administration Ohio Univ BA U of Akron
Experience I have over two decades serving in nonprofit and government positions. I have served in all three branches of state government. I am an adjunct professor of law. I am a volunteer youth coach. I am a husband and a proud dad!
Family Wife: Erin is an 8th grade social studies teacher Son Liam is in 7th grade Daughter Nora is in 4th grade.
Campaign email mdfarley78@gmail.com
I am an experienced public administrator with a genuine passion and excitement for public service. I have served two decades in government and nonprofit leadership—serving in all three branches of state government. Most importantly, I am experienced in public-problem solving. I am a listener who strives to build consensus among differing opinions. My pragmatic leadership style encourages diverse voices and inclusive sharing of ideas in the best interest of our community. I work well with people that do not necessary share my views.

I have helped developed budgets with legislative bodies during good and bad times. I will work to bring our community together to face the future with enthusiasm, optimism, and a sense of purpose. We will not look for those things that divide us--but will find ways to celebrate our diversity of opinion. I will work every day to make Worthington a place my kids can raise their families.
The national economy is in the longest period of recovery since World War II. Eventually, the economy will slow, stall, or reverse. The City of Worthington budget is very sensitive to such economic slowdowns. More than 70 percent of city revenues come from income tax. City expenses have steadily risen over the past several years. Revenues have not kept pace with the departure of Anthem. I will inject a heightened-sense of budget discipline with a focus on maintaining high level services. We will also need to increase revenues by seeking strategic and smart development in Worthington. Our future investments must be keyed to how they position Worthington for the future. We have many opportunities for community-engaged development to position our city for many years to come. Franklin County grows at about 14,400 every every year. Worthington has about 15,500 citizens and we are landlocked. We must innovate our government to remain relevant and vital in central Ohio.
First, I want to focus on maintaining current services at high levels of excellence. Once we are assured we can maintain these services, I want to look at quality of life issues that continue to make Worthington a desired place to live, work, and raise a family. We will find ways to smartly and efficiently work to use resources to make Worthington more bike and walker friendly. We will invest in ways that sustain Worthington for generations to come. This necessarily requires investment in smart development projects in our community. We will do all of this in collaboration and the insistence on community engagement.
Often, candidates look to win elections by promising to spend money on major projects. Worse yet, candidates seek to find ways we are different or ways that we can be divided—instead of finding ways of uniting our community. This happens at all levels of government and should be resisted. I am running because I am exceedingly optimistic about the future of OUR community. I offer my skills, passion, commitment to listen to diverse voices, and my desire to build consensus. I will respect views about our City that are different than mine and will treat those with different opinions with respect. I pledge to be honest with you at all times--particularly when the truth is not popular. If elected, my standard will always be that I want to look my family in the face and they will know I served with integrity and in the best interest of our community. I am beholden only to that principle. I hope I can count on you vote and support in the coming weeks.
Age 64
Education MBA – Cleveland State; BBA - Ohio State; CEBS Cert Employee Benefit Specialist; SPHR Sr Prof’l HR; OH Lic Life & Health
Experience 59 year resident, Worthington born; 40 yrs Bus Mgmt Exp: 20 years private/20 years public, incl 9 yrs managing State (OPERS) plan, 4 yrs School Employees (SERS); 6 years County Commissioners Assoc of Ohio, 36-county health insurance pool
Family Spouse Nancy Daniels Foust, 36 years, two adult children both graduated TWHS
Campaign email doufou43@gmail.com
I bring the experience of a 40+ year career in business with the perspective of a life-long Worthington resident. I have reported to Boards of Directors for 20 years. Having been on both sides of the table, I understand how the process of informing and consensus-building works.

I led the call for a Visioning process in my campaign four years ago, and we are now on our way to truly knowing the will of the residents. Some were reluctant to let go of the old Comprehensive Plan despite not being a true “consensus document”. A broader sampling of the population is required and soon we will have it!

In 4 years on Council I have worked to heal relationships and trust with the community. I have found and fostered common ground among fellow Council members and encouraged compromise for the good of the business community and residents alike. In a spirit of cooperation, I am partnering with a slate comprised of Doug Smith and Karen Wilson (The Trio) in a shared vision for the future.
A sound, growing business community is “priority one”, and getting in front of that is our greatest challenge. The City depends on attracting and retaining employers/businesses that create payroll and other tax streams. I believe properly supporting and partnering with City staff to encourage new business and simultaneously fostering redevelopment of dated office space ensures a sound future. I propose expanding our development efforts and staff, and am committed to accompanying staff in development calls.

The added challenge lies in doing so while honoring the expectations of those residents who chose Worthington as home. Our town has its own unique character. As leaders we need to understand there is a difference between “distinguishing ourselves from” versus “competing with” surrounding communities. I believe in balancing growth with maintaining an eye on those qualities that define Worthington and that make us such a desirable place to live, work and raise a family.
I would like to see the City continue to grow its commitment to attracting and retaining business, both as it impacts what people see at the street level (e.g. retail) and how larger employers view us as a place to conduct their business. A downtown full of vitality and an inviting business district throughout the City are symbiotic. I believe in supporting the Old Worthington Partnership as well as providing better support to those businesses outside the immediate downtown district. Understanding the broad appeal beyond the village green and making the entire city inviting through maintaining superior city services is essential to retaining current employers as well as securing new ones.

We also must make sure our decisions support our excellent schools, providing a sound tax base and ensuring our growth is within the constraints on an already full school system.
I grew up here, called Worthington home through my years as a student, a boy scout and a young man starting my first job. My wife (also a WHS Grad) and I always knew we wanted to raise our children in the same neighborhoods and schools we attended. With lifelong friendships we are deeply rooted in this community and we love it. In short, I get it. I understand and care for Worthington like no other candidate. Much has changed, but the constants that define us remain: inviting communities, social conscience, family-oriented spaces and activities, and blending the best of the past with an eye toward making changes that promise a bright future, these are the things that make us special.

In a time when groups have formed to champion one cause or another, my commitment is to provide a voice to all. Our city belongs first to the residents who chose Worthington and invested themselves and their families in this community.

On Nov 5 vote “The Trio” – Karen Doug & Doug – we will work for YOU.
Age 49
Education BA - Emory University; Masters of Public Policy - Georgetown University; Juris Doctorate - The Ohio State University
Experience President - Associated Builders and Contractors; President - REALTOR Association Sioux Falls, SD; Government Affairs Director - Ohio Hotel Association
Family Partner - Sarah Hansen; Children - Harold Hacker (14), Finn Henry (14), Marin Henry (16)
Campaign website http://bartonhacker.com
Campaign email barton.hacker@gmail.com
I am the right candidate to lead our community because:

I bring nearly 20-years of professional executive-level experience to City Council and have led four trade associations in three different industries through difficult situations. I represented the hotel industry during the 9/11 terrorist attacks; REALTORS during the sub-prime mortgage loan crisis; and the construction industry during a period of severe workforce shortages.

My leadership has been recognized through attainment of my Certified Association Executive certificate.

I have served numerous boards of directors, including Worthington's Care After School and Leadership Worthington.

I have been entrusted to coach my third season of eighth grade girl's basketball - none of the players are my own children.

I have a strong background in alternative dispute resolution, including facilitation, negotiation, and mediation.
According to budget forecasts, Worthington will draw down its reserves by an estimated $1.2 million between now and 2023; more if a tenant for the former Anthem HQ building is not found by the end of this year. We can not indefinitely spend more money than we collect, and since 73% of city revenue comes from income tax receipts, we must prioritize responsible business development as a source of tax revenue to ensure that existing services are not affected. This starts by prioritizing budget line-items for economic development and travel and tourism, both of which have been cut significantly in 2019. It also requires us to address the current adversarial environment that exists between City Council and our local business community to remove barriers to business success.
We need to expand our business development services to attract more opportunities to Worthington.
Worthington has great schools, safe and walkable neighborhoods, exemplary services, and historic charm. These are the foundational elements that make our community such a wonderful place to live, work, and play. It's why my parents chose Worthington when they moved to Central Ohio and where memories of my youth were made.

Now I'm creating new memories with my own family - pizza dinners, walks around the farmer's market, summer days at the community pool, Friday night football, and little league sports. All are possible because Worthington continues to be the same as its always been, a family-friendly community. We should protect and nurture this for the next generation of families that choose to make Worthington their home.

This necessitates strong leadership, candor, and open dialogue. Together, we can protect what we love about Worthington while looking toward the future.
Education BS Computer Information Science - Ohio State University - 1997 MBA - Ohio State University - 2007
Experience Software Engineer and technical leader at numerous companies large and small Past Board Chair 1st UU Church of Columbus
Family Rachel, wife and dog trainer Molly, age 6, 1st Grade at Worthington Estates Lucas, age 4, School for Young Children
Campaign website http://www.sethkraut.com
Campaign email info@sethkraut.com
I have an unusual combination of skills. I am a Software Engineer, which brings with it an analytical approach and a willingness to balance tradeoffs. I have an MBA with honors from Ohio State that I received while working full time, which provides a good understanding of business issues and concepts. I am on the Board at the 1st Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus, and I was Board Chair last year. The church governance model is very similar to the city council model of city governance, and the skills I learned will apply directly to City Council.

I am a long time Worthington resident who graduated from Thomas Worthington High School. My wife and I are raising our two young children here. We are heavily involved in the community. I am running because our family cares deeply about Worthington.

My temperament is calm and thoughtful. I am patient in the face of disagreement and willing to listen to dissenting viewpoints. I believe in working together to solve difficult problems.
Worthington is currently struggling with business development issues. We have a number of properties that are being developed slowly or not at all. Residents have concerns about how new development will affect their neighborhoods, and they don’t feel heard by City Council. Meanwhile, Worthington is running a deficit in an excellent economy.

There is a lack of agreement as to what Worthington should become. Without a clear vision of what we have to gain, we are only concerned about what we might lose. The turbulence we're experiencing is a symptom of lack of clarity.

There is a visioning process in progress, that is an excellent starting point. I will take those results and work to make them real. For residents, I will sell a vision of what Worthington can become. We can keep those things that make Worthington special, while allowing smart development that supports our city. We can move Worthington forward together.
Worthington has consistently high quality city services. We have great parks and an award winning library. During snowstorms, I notice the exact moment I cross from Worthington to Columbus.

There are areas for improvement in services. The water system in Colonial Hills needs upgraded as there are excessive breakages each year. There is a composting service that is being piloted, that I would like to see expanded. Childcare hours at the recreation center should be expanded. Mostly, we need to maintain our finances, so that we can continue to offer high levels of service.

Business development needs to be a focus. We need to evaluate our economic development programs and be sure they are supporting our economy.
My promise to voters is that I will listen to all sides and thoughtfully consider issues. Where there is disagreement I will work to find alternative solutions that will work for all involved. When I take a vote, I will explain the tradeoffs I considered, and why I believe the decision is the best for Worthington. At the end of the day, I will evaluate any decision based on what is best for the people of Worthington.
Age 66
Education Juris Doctor Degree; Bachelor & Masters’ Degrees in Parks & Recreation, minors in Public Admin & Creative Arts
Experience Council 24 years. President of Council - 6 years. Worked with local, regional, and state park & recreation departments. Now practicing attorney in Worthington since 1991, focusing on probate, real estate and adoption law.
Family Divorced. Two children, Catherine and Carolyn and 4 wonderful grandchildren.
Campaign website http://BonnieMichael.com
Twitter #Bonnie Michael for Worthington City Council.
I am an experienced, proven, and dedicated civic leader with 24 years on Worthington City Council, with 12 years in leadership roles. I have a unique background in public administration, parks and recreation, creative arts, and law. I involve residents and businesses in city decision making and effectively facilitate meeting individual and community needs. My unique background and legal knowledge support my ability to handle diverse topics, challenging issues, and craft sensible, resourceful, and sustainable decisions. In Council leadership I have effectively built partnerships, secured varied funding sources, spearheaded transportation projects, advocated for healthy environmental policies and sustainability programs, and effectively guided city planning. I am actively involved in the community, maintain a legal practice, and am the 2016 recipient of Leadership Worthington’s Leadership for a Lifetime Award.
Promoting economic, social, & environmental sustainability in our community is key to maintaining vibrancy in our community. Since 70% of the City’s revenue is from income tax, vibrant economic development programs are essential to protecting the City’s fiscal health. Also critical to fiscal stability are securing venture grants, state/federal funding, and local and regional collaborations, which together provide consistent delivery of Worthington’s outstanding City services and ensures Worthington maintains safe walk-able neighborhoods, thriving businesses, historic charm, green spaces, and strong partnerships with schools. Many residents recognize the need for age friendly housing for seniors downsizing as well as for young single persons and families wanting to live here. The capital budget must address restoring aging infrastructure, reducing energy production, seeking multi-modal transportation, and funding Master Plan recommendations for parks, bicycles, and pedestrian pathways.
Worthington re-structured departments a few years ago: Service & Engineering Departments were combined while Planning & Building and Economic Development became separate departments. These changes have proven extremely effective. The City is in the process of transitioning our Police, Fire & EMS Dispatch Center to a regional center, which will be cost effective and provide residents the highest quality of dispatching services. And, the City currently is appropriately staffed. With the recent loss of income tax from the move and closure of Anthem and the Holiday Inn, the 2020 budget may require use of the cash balance/rainy day funds to continue City services at no additional cost to residents. This is not the time, to look at more expansions in services or departments. Once additional funds become available, the City could focus additional funds toward economic development and infrastructure needs, such as streets, sewers, sidewalks, parks, and bike/pedestrian improvements
A program I’m particularly proud of is Live Government, which I developed and personally conduct for Worthington schools, having reached over 14,000 elementary students. This program brings civic government awareness and has inspired many civic minded individuals who are now active in the community. Regional collaboration is important to the future of our City. To that end I have represented Worthington on the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission and am Vice Chair of the Central Ohio Mayor Manager Assoc. I enthusiastically reach out to residents, local businesses leaders and community organization volunteers and act on addressing their needs and concerns. I attend countless local meetings where I champion collaboration and introduce connections. I bring to the table the most experience, the voice of reason to ensure sound finances, excellent amenities, and a strong commitment to preserve the character of this community, while insuring a sustained vibrancy
Age 40
Education BS in Geology, BA in Political Science, The Ohio State University | MBA, Franklin University
Experience I am a business and economic development professional who has led the development and implementation of comprehensive new programs and initiatives in diverse industries. I serve on a variety of local non-profit boards and commissions.
Family I am married to Lindsey Pauline and we have three children: Edward, Charles and Estella.
Campaign website http://www.eddiepauline.com
Campaign email eddie@eddiepauline.com
Twitter @eddiepauline
I care passionately about our city, understand the fundamentals of our government, and strive to be a constructive, active community volunteer. In my professional role at The Ohio State University where I lead economic development work, I’ve learned how to collaborate to grow businesses, navigate complex problems, and find innovative answers to benefit the greater good. I bring unique experience from my roles at startup companies, large corporations, and in higher education. Growing up in the Cleveland area, my time in Seattle and in New York City, and now living in Central Ohio for the last decade has broadened and enlightened my perspective on many issues facing our community.
Embracing change. I recognize change is difficult and during dynamic periods of change like we are now facing in Central Ohio, we need thoughtful collaborative leadership in local government to help guide us through that change. Many of our peer and neighboring cities have realized this and are headed toward a prosperous future. Instead of resisting change, pretending we don’t have to adapt to change, or vilifying people with different viewpoints, I want to create an environment here where people feel confident and aligned about our future. We have some divisiveness in our city now and some of our current counclimembers are perpetuating that divisiveness. This is unacceptable. I will be a leader who will work collaboratively to ensure our basic needs as a city are met, proactively work with people and organizations who want to invest in our community and work to convene and build consensus among community stakeholders who are looking for leadership during these dynamic times.
We must drive more support toward our economic development efforts. Our income tax base is eroding-expenses are projected to be higher than income. We will have to tap into our rainy day fund to maintain city operations. We can enhance our income tax base by bringing more jobs to the city and keeping jobs in the city by developing desirable commercial real estate inventory, creating an economic development plan, leveraging creative incentives, and proactively support business retention, expansion and attraction efforts. New jobs, new companies, thoughtfully placed in appropriate locations, generate the income taxes that will replenish our revenues and help us co-create a more sustainable, stable future-and help us deliver things people want like vibrancy downtown, better sidewalks, street lighting, parks, a nicer pool, etc. Our Economic Development director cannot do this alone. Elected leaders must be engaged in the process with him to compete effectively in this competitive space.
Every day I work to bring opportunities to people and organizations. I understand and respect the balance between economic growth and community character because of my professional work. I understand the needs of the community because of my community involvement. I’m driven to make a difference because I have a young family who I want to have a meaningful experience in their community. I have extensive relationships in public and private sectors that can help us enhance Worthington by building public-private partnerships. I’m a leader who will work collaboratively to build trust with constituents, be accessible, and make a positive difference.
Age 49
Education BA, The Ohio State University; JD, St. Louis University
Experience President, Ohio Women's Bar Association; Board Member, Columbus Children's Theater; Woman of the Year, National Industry Publication
Family Two children, Allison and Adam.
Twitter @RhoadsForCouncil
I understand the frustration residents have with council. Our council isn't listening. My campaign is about putting residents' first, rather than developers. I offer clear positions on the issues. I support the many residents who want to see office and park development, but not apartment construction, at UMCH. We added hundreds of apartments in the past several years on Wilson Bridge and Route 161. Yet they generate little or no income tax revenue. I represent the parents concerned about overcrowding in our schools who do not want their neighborhood redistricted, which the superintendent said would be a near certainty if council approves rezoning UMCH. I will address other problems council has ignored. I support Worthington Pool's proposed renovation. And I support our police department cracking down a rash of criminal activity in our neighborhoods and at local businesses. We need new leadership in Worthington.
We have a lack of decision making by council today. Eight years ago, UMCH became available for development. But our city council can't make a decision, even though residents have been clear about their position (yes to office, yes to parks, no to apartments). Nearly four years have passed since Worthington Pools announced its need to renovate so it could remain financially viable, but city council convened no meetings to address the problem. Now, having sat on their hands, $1 million in state funding is in jeopardy. Residents are talking about city leaders who are getting arrested. Residents are talking about overcrowding in schools. How is this acceptable? We need new leadership in Worthington.
Revenue growth should be a priority for Worthington, yet not all development is created equal. It is widely accepted in economic development circles that offices generate income tax, while apartments do not. The more offices we can develop along Wilson Bridge, High Street and Huntley Road, the better our revenue will be. And with stronger revenue, the city should invest in the basics that residents expect: a modern, clean and safe outdoor pool that is financially viable to last another 50 years, upgraded shelter houses in neighborhoods like Colonial Hills, maintaining our existing playgrounds, etc. The city should review its current staff in the wake of several expensive blunders such as a $1.3 million repair of the community center roof, $300,000 window repair and other surprise expenses that were the result of poor workmanship and oversight. The city needs to fix its oldest facilities before taking on new projects such as a $3 million upgrade at McCord Park.
It seems to me there are two side running for council this year. Real estate developers and their friends/associates are funding at least two candidates for council. And on the other side is a slate of three candidates opposing that group. I am not part of either of those groups, but my positions are clear. I am going to put residents first. This means we should encourage office development at UMCH, and possibly a park area, but not several hundred apartments. It just doesn't make economic sense for anyone except the developers. And it isn't zoned for apartments today. It is zoned for parks and schools. You don't have to take my word on the revenue issue. You can research how city income tax works. It does not generally apply to residents in apartments or houses. We get zero income tax from that, yet revenue from income tax is 73% of our city budget. We need a city council who actually understands how tax revenue is generated. We need new leadership for Worthington.
Age 37
Education MBA, Ashland University B.A., Capital University
Experience Eight years on Worthington City Council Worked for state and federal government. Manage projects for local governments.
Family Wife and three kids (ages 9, 5, 1)
Campaign website http://DougSmithOhio.com
YouTube Video
Having served on city council for eight years, I have built the trust of the residents. I believe we are in an era where this trust matters. I spend hours researching the intricate web of policies and history on important issues. Then I communicate the information to the public through regular outreach emails, website journals, and town hall meetings. I have an intimate knowledge of all things Worthington.

Additionally, I have a young family and I care deeply about our aging residents. Worthington is going through a turn over where many young families are moving in, and many long-term residents are aging. I believe I am right person to help Worthington through this change so young families and aging residents can intertwine and thrive.
As long-time residents age and new families move in, the city needs to:1. maintain a family-friendly character, and2. facilitate opportunities for senior housing and aging in place.We can do both of these through authentic engagement with residents and thoughtful planning with responsible developers.
Worthington has a robust staff for a city our size. It would be nice – not detrimental – to find help with grant writing for programs and projects. Many grants and public dollars exists for services and items Worthington needs, but we only have the personnel bandwidth to submit for a limited number of grants.

Additionally, if we are to truly devote energy to seniors aging in Worthington, it would be ideal to devote more personnel to manage these services and programs.
In the past year, I have led efforts to provide 100 percent renewable energy to all residents participating in the electric aggregation program. I developed the residential composting program, and I authored the community visioning process. I hope I have earned your trust and your vote. Thank you for your support.
Age 56
Education MBA in Finance, The Ohio State University; BA in Mathematics and Russian, Bucknell University
Experience I have 25 years finance experience in state, county, K-12, higher education and non-profit organizations. I am an Ohio Department of Education licensed school treasurer.
Family My wife Merry and I have been married 29 years. Our son Sam is 23 and our daughter Bella is 19.
Campaign website http://www.votetroper.com
Campaign email mtroper@wowway.com
I previously served a four-year term on Worthington City Council and have the strongest government finance background of any candidate. I have an MBA in Finance from The Ohio State University and a BA in Mathematics and Russian from Bucknell University. I have 25 years finance experience in state, county, K-12, higher education and non-profit organizations. I am an Ohio Department of Education licensed school treasurer. I am very fiscally conservative and will keep an eye on city expenditures. Worthington needs businesses to keep our income tax strong to provide our excellent services and amenities.
The greatest challenge facing Worthington is maintaining our services and amenities without raising taxes. The development department needs support from city staff and council to ensure it has the tools necessary to attract businesses to Worthington.
Worthington has excellent services and amenities. I walk frequently in Worthington and while our downtown is excellent, we need to develop High Street north of North St. to make it a more walkable environment. I want to see businesses closer to High St. as is seen in Clintonville. I want Worthington to earn the “Walk Friendly Community” designation. I want to see wider sidewalks in Worthington.

Swiminc, the non-profit that runs Worthington pools, needs a significant contribution from the city for its master plan to rebuild the facilities. I believe that the city should make an investment in Worthington Pools as the facility is outdated.
My family and I have lived in Worthington for 23 years. We are in our third house in Worthington. I served a four year term on City Council and would like to return to ensure the city spends taxpayer funds wisely.

There is a group of residents who would like the city to purchase the United Methodist Children’s Home and build a park there. I do not believe that this is a good use of city funds and would not want the city to purchase the property if it becomes available for sale (which at this time I believe it is not for sale). The city of Worthington needs a mix of commercial, residential and retail at this location. We need businesses to generate income tax for us to continue the outstanding services our residents receive which in turn makes Worthington one of the top communities to live and work in central Ohio.

Please vote Michael Troper for Worthington City Council on November 5th. I promise to keep any eye out for taxpayer funds. Thanks.
Age 51
Education Master Marketing Comm., Franklin U.; B.S. Journalism, major PR, minor Business; Certified Qualitative Market Researcher
Experience 4 years Independent Business Owner, 20 years Market Research Professional, 3 Years Marketing Communications and Advertising experience. 27 years Wife. 6 years Parent. 2 years School volunteer. Life-long civic-minded leader and volunteer.
Family My husband, Dave, and I have two kids. Dash is a 1st-grader and Libby is in Pre-K.
As a professional market researcher, interviewer and focus group moderator, I have a unique combination of personal qualities and professional experience to LISTEN, ACT and help BUILD UNITY among council and residents. My job for nearly 20 years is to ask questions and to LISTEN: Residents in Worthington say they feel as though the city is not listening. Professionally I take what I hear when I listen and build recommendations on which my clients ACT. And personally I strive to be a tenacious, go-getter kind of person; not passive: Whether we are talking about the pool or UMCH or something else, the city appears to residents as passive. Finally, I’ve already taken steps to help BUILD UNITY. I have obvious similarities with the women on council yet with core values specific to our local issues that connect with the “other half.” Partnering with incumbents Doug Smith and Doug Foust (The Trio) demonstrates the kind of relationship-building needed to help bridge us.
In the face of major decisions—community pool, beneficial development—current leadership has been divided, passive or ineffective. Our needs are a result of a failure to truly LISTEN to residents; a fear of taking ACTion; and a lack of communication among council members and residents. I’ve already taken steps to help BUILD UNITY. I have obvious similarities with the women on council yet with core values specific to our local issues that connect with the “other half.” Partnering with incumbents Doug Smith and Doug Foust (The Trio) demonstrates the kind of relationship-building needed to help bridge us.
My goals are not to change or expand but, rather, primarily focused on improved relationships and communication. Improvement in these areas can only benefit the community and cost us nothing. Nonetheless, I pledge to help diligently manage our city’s fiscal responsibilities, to maintain our high level of city services, and continue to fight for government transparency while always putting residents’ interests first. That said, commercial development is a very high priority for our city, as it is, of course, our main source of income. Our Economic Development Manager is an outstanding professional but in some ways a "one man show," often literally the only city representative at the table. I have stepped up to offer him support, should I be elected, to make time to attend as a way to help demonstrate that the residents of Worthington are interested in collaborating on development.
I am an average resident, parent, and professional who believes we residents know what we want and need for our own community. While I may be new to politics, that is more of a benefit than a detriment: I am beholden to virtually no one except the residents of Worthington. Here in Worthington, we are at a critical and exciting time for the future of our community. As we move forward with major decisions that will shape our city and our quality of life, I pledge to be a strong voice for residents and families.
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